As soon as Zhouyi and Chen Hu entered the horse, a blonde girl dressed in black stockings and stockings came over and politely bent down and said to them that her attitude was no less than that of the five-star entertainment club.

"thank you"
Zhouyi said very gentlemanly, and Chen Hu sent their luggage to the front desk of the cruise ship with their own luggage. There were many valuables sent by Long Aohai in their luggage, but Zhouyi was not worried about losing Americans at all, and his reputation in this respect was still very good
"This is your ticket. Please don’t forget to pick up your things when you arrive at your destination."
The receptionist of the cruise ship smiled and bent down to salute Zhouyi and Chen Hu again and made a gesture of please.
Zhouyi took the ticket and Chen Hu strode into the cruise ship hall.
The hall is quite luxurious and resplendent.
"Gentlemen, is this your first time aboard our cruise ship?"
Just entering the hall, another beautiful woman dressed in clothes came over and smiled at Zhouyi and Chen Hu.
This beauty is at least 1.75 meters tall. She looks taller than Zhouyi in high heels.
"No wonder many people say that foreign women are ocean horses. If the country is like Xiao Xiao, the height of 1.7 meters is already very high among girls, but here it is much shorter than these foreign girls."
Zhou Yi thought to himself that he was still 1.75 meters tall last year. When he came to the United States, he was 1.77 meters tall. Now he is about 1.77 meters tall. He is about the same size as Chen Hu, but he is not as tall as this foreign girl in high heels.
"It’s Miss Beauty"
Zhouyi thought so in his heart, but his mouth was a gentleman’s answer.
"Then I’ll introduce you to our cruise facilities first and then take you to your room to facilitate your trip. Can you?"
Foreign girl system beauty continue to politely say
Zhouyi looked around a little and found that there were a lot of such beauties in the cruise ship lobby. The crew members of this cruise ship were specially trained, and they were very good in appearance, temperament and speech. Compared with them, the plane sister was not a class at all.
"Thank you"
Zhou Yi said that he was proficient in American English, and Chen Hu listened to her introduce the cruise facilities behind him and made a note of it.
The foreign girl’s ass is twisting in front of Zhouyi. Is it good to come to the foreign girl or has the charm of the foreign girl?
Zhou Yi and Chen Hu found that this super-luxury cruise ship is very large and equipped with restaurants, cafeterias, western restaurants, bar cruises and various fitness and entertainment facilities, such as nightclubs, kv private rooms, disco dance halls, sauna clubs, cinemas, indoor heated swimming pools, swimming pools, chess rooms, game rooms, golf rooms, billiard rooms, shopping malls, children’s parks and barbecue bars, and there is also a large casino, which is a mobile five-star hotel with a magnificent degree beyond the imagination of the world.
Familiar with the environment of a cruise ship, I sent Zhouyi and Chen Hu to their respective rooms. Chapter 69 Behind the scenes, I was killed.
"This is where cruise ships are more upscale than five-star hotels. Five-star hotels don’t have such healthy entertainment facilities []" Zhou Yijin thought when he entered the room and sat on a super-luxury big bed.
Chen Hu’s room is prepared to take a lunch break and meet again at dinner next door to Zhouyi’s room because they slept late last night.
Zhou Yigang took off his coat and prepared the words in the bed room when Ding Rinrin rang.
"Do you need anything special, sir?"
I heard a seductive sound when I picked up the words.
"Thank you. No need."
Zhouyi gave a wry smile and replied, but he didn’t dislike this sentence. It is normal that this kind of cruise ship is owned by the rich.
"That bothers you."
In the words, the woman said sorry and then hung up.
"I’m terribly sick. If I want to taste foreign girls, Alice, that’s the delivery door. I haven’t tasted it. Why do I need these to sell women?"
Zhouyi smiled wryly and was about to take off his shoes when the doorbell rang.
Zhouyi is Chen Hu came and got up and went to the door.



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