It’s deja vu. This place has a cold horizon and a cold sunset, Zhang Wenyu and Mu Mingfeng, and I know little girls here.

The location is the seaside beach on the No.1 island of Jinshi Islands.
"Is the miracle here?" Yang night looked at the holy family floating life. "Do you really know the elder of floating life?"
Floating life nodded and smiled at Yang night and said, "This tells me a lot of details, and tells them in detail what Xia Houhe Emirates Ling doesn’t know."
Yang night was stupefied. What did Ma Bai’s floating life mean? So he roughly told the story of the baby’s belonging to himself, and then told the story of the red domain and everything he heard from the holy family floating life to Xiahou Chaojun, Guiling, scorching sun and Nanrong magic.
Everyone was shocked-then became angry.
Hatred escalated from one person to everyone.
"The miracle of the floating predecessors is the real stone islands? Where? " After telling everyone a short silence, Yang night turned to a floating life and asked in a low voice
Holy family floating life shook his head and smiled, raising my hand and pointing to "not island the bottom of the sea"
"The bottom of the sea?" Yang night surprised to stare eyes.
Is this a coincidence?
There is no doubt that it has plagued Yang night for a long time the underwater ghost town-ghost legacy refers to this sea area? Is the miracle here?
Different time differences, ghosts and miracles are strikingly similar! What secrets are hidden by the ancestors of the ghost clan, the hidden blade protoss, the alien lovers who have been dead for too long?
Is this miracle the protoss’ red practice? !
Then why did she leave a miracle? What here?
Yang night stay wait for a while along the holy family floating hope to look at the past half a day speechless head into a fine chaos.
"Floating life!" Suddenly Yang night turned around and stared at the floating life with big eyes and shouted, "You know! You must know! What the hell do you know? Why didn’t you tell me? What? Are you thinking about the hatred between the holy family and the protoss? Ghost hatred is just your paving stone! Is it your tool? ! !”
Xiahou Chaojun and the scorching sun hurried over to hold Yang Ye and tried to pull him some.
He was on the verge of collapse during this time.
Simple ghost hatred is simple. I want revenge, but now it involves so much complexity, so much domain history, so much hatred of all races
But Yang Ye, the object of all this, knows very little about it, but he doesn’t know the reason of hatred, and he doesn’t know who his ancestors were and what they experienced!
When all that finger were pointed at the domain Lord, Yang Yecai vaguely felt the seriousness of the matter.
The Lord called himself this way, which was once heard by the Lord of the Red Domain a long time ago. It was the Lord in charge of all the domains, and it was a guy who ruled the universe like a god.
And now he’s the object of his possible revenge?
I’m an orphan. I’m an adopted little punk who hasn’t studied much and has no diploma. How can you be involved in such a terrible, horrible and serious incident?
Yeah, I’m a ghost. I’m a ghost orphan! Or I’m an extraordinary product of the combination of protoss and ghost, but what do I want now? Am I a ghost family for revenge? Or the whole domain revenge?
….. one by one, one by one.
It is conceivable how much pressure Yang night has.
"Red Bi, you want to be white. You have a lot to shoulder. You need to do a lot." You are the only ghost family, and you are the only one in the whole domain. "
"Who am I? What is the only one? Is the only one chosen? Or is it the only profit? " Yang night with a smile that bitter ridicule nai since light.
"There are many things you don’t know, so you struggle." Fusheng slowly raised his hand on Yang Ye’s shoulder. "But after you see the miracle and get the emblem, you will know something you want to know. Trust me!"
"Know what?" Yang night tone is cold.
You are surrounded by Xia clan, Xiahou Chaojun, poultry clan, Emirates Ling, fire clan, scorching sun, bone clan, night attack and me. We are all your friends. You should know that these people didn’t know that they hated them at first. They can come and accompany you to this step to help you. They are helping you! "
Yang night zheng body shaking a.
"Do you have any other explanations for friendship?" Floating life staring straight at Yang night "these people and you are friendship! That’s it. Help you! Don’t you think these people are kind to you, including going to the black domain, the alien cloud clan, the blue demon chop, the Xia clan, the Xia clan, the poisonous orcs, and the Eldar baby dragon? Didn’t you come to help you without asking for anything in return even if you were in danger? "
….. The beach is quiet, windy, there are waves, and there are several statues of monks standing like sculptures.
"Because everyone takes you as a friend! Is a friend! " Floating life is already excited. "Okay, Red Bi! Speaking of which, I might as well tell you the truth The hatred of the holy family is almost gone in my heart! Revenge? Hehe, can I? How does the lonely phoenix fight the chicken? But I what here? I what here! !”
Yang night dazed don’t talk slowly raised his head and looked at.
"Because I am also a friend! Love! " Floating life shouted out "don’t you understand friendship? You saved the night attack, the scorching sun, Xiahou Chaojun and Guiling, Xia Qi’s poison and madness, Lan Yao’s chop and Bao Long! Don’t you know what these people want to help you? "
When the waves come in, they are dull, violent, impetuous and roar.
"These people don’t know their hatred before can help you! And you? What did you just do? But shouldn’t you help them when they know their hatred? Besides, you have hatred yourself! " Floating life almost shouted that this was the first time that Yang Ye had ever seen floating life so excited.
A fierce wave of waves ran to the shore and slapped the beach. After that, the frustration gradually receded and the noise was loud. At the same time, the holy family’s floating sound was also low. "Red Bi, I must tell you that it is not meaningless for us to go to the miracle now, you know? It is for you. "
"… me?" Yang night surprised stare up eyes.
Floating life also froze for a moment, but it was also a short moment after returning to normal that Yang Ye was slapped on the shoulder with one hand. "So this miracle is for you!"
After talking, the floating eyes looked around and several people turned back and continued, "We are here to talk about who found the miracle or got the emblem of God!"
"… what?" Yang night surprised way
Xiahou Chaojun and Nan Rong Phantom also listened to these words and looked at the holy family.
"It will be white if you see a miracle and get the emblem." Fu Sheng smiled. "I didn’t expect it to be today."



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