"Well, you practice yourself. I can slowly realize this skill of flying against the wind. Don’t forget that I now have the insight of Yuan Dao. This thing should be difficult for me." Ye Han was busy and nodded and smiled at the same time.

Fox left his pie mouth, stopped talking and never got up, so he continued to close his eyes. Once again, because of what he had said in advance, Ye Han dared not say much. After waiting for a few days, there will be results, and he himself must take advantage of this time to understand this skill of flying against the wind.
Nai sighed Ye Han also slowly sat in the original cultivation place and then held hands in the jade symbol and instantly sank into the jade symbol, looking for the little fox to stay in the wind and fly in the wind.
Soon, he has found Yuan Ji’s mind tactic, memorized it from the bottom of his heart, and then put the jade symbol back in Yu Pei’s eyes, closed his hands and squared his legs slowly, ready to borrow Yuan Dao’s perception, and gradually put this heart tactic into full play before he can formally practice.
According to the heart tactic, Ye Han slowly borrowed the star cold tactic to stimulate the vitality of the body. According to the heart tactic, he hid the flow route for a big Sunday, and then changed a way to continue to stimulate the vitality and ran along another route for a Sunday. I got a preliminary understanding of this skill here.
With this general mastery, Ye Han feels that this so-called flying against the wind is either to lighten one’s own body and then to float in the middle without using the meta-wing. To master this meta-skill at a deeper level, one can get rid of the fate of only floating, and one’s own will controls one’s body shape and fly in the sky.
Naturally, this kind of flying wing is much different from the original one, which can put some body and mind, but this kind of flying wing against the wind can’t have any mistakes. If you are not careful, it is very likely to fall during the flight and cause great harm.
Of course, this is less for the initial practitioner of the flying skill against the wind. If this skill is cultivated to a higher level and mastered to a deeper level, it will be comparable to the flying skill of the master of the flying skill against the wind. If this skill is cultivated to great success, even the flying skill of the master beyond the flying skill against the wind will be compared with this flying skill against the wind.
Speed is naturally the key to the skill of flying against the wind. This skill of flying against the wind has a wind speed, so it can surpass the wind speed. This is as fast as some masters of uniting the peak on some roads, and it is still not as good as these masters. If these masters can repair it, the speed will be much faster.
"Good flying skill" Even if it is a preliminary realization of the characteristics of this flying skill, Ye Han can’t help but feel a surprise at the bottom of my heart and a joy at the same time. If you really can practice this skill in the future, wouldn’t it not only be the speed advantage but also the time to escape when fighting?
It’s true that all the speed in the mainland is dominant. Practitioners, whether it’s yuan beasts or people, will have this idea. If you can fight, you can’t fight, but if you want to escape, you can avoid the enemy’s pursuit.
With this idea, Ye Han couldn’t help but feel a little excited, but after a while, he was silent and calm. He secretly told himself that he should never get too carried away when practicing, otherwise it would have a great impact on the monastery. This is not only that Fox told him that it was too cold, Ling and others also told him, but he also told himself that at this moment he realized this.
Looking up with his eyes open, he looked up at the night and looked for a star of his own life, Leng Yanxin and Ye Rou. Then he was ready to practice. At the same time, Nai shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Rou Er, it seems that the time for us to meet has not come yet. The foggy forest passed by. I really don’t know when I will have a chance to see you again!"
Sighing with a sigh, Ye Han once again abandoned all other thoughts in his heart, slowly got up and left, and then looked at it, still practicing small and medium-sized foxes. Then Nai shook his head and turned and walked towards a big tree not far away.
Ye Han came to the edge of the tree and looked at the tree in front of him. Then he looked at the little fox not far away. "It shouldn’t disturb her practice here. Let’s practice the skill of flying against the wind here!"
Heart way after Ye Han will no longer think about it, don’t think about it again, and then jump to the trunk because of the limitation of ability.
In Ye Han’s idea, if the flying skill against the wind can be practiced at a low place at the beginning, once it is too high, there may be a risk of falling to death. In this case, the tree has become his only choice. As far as he is concerned, even if he can wrestle, he will not be seriously injured
Naturally, this is not the end of his cognition. If he didn’t know that his body had been baptized in a special way before, the physical strength had exceeded the average person, then he would surely have no such confidence. You know, although this tree is not too high, it is still more dangerous for some people to repair it. From then on, although it will not be hit hard, it is also difficult for the minor injuries to be as light as possible, but people can guarantee.
Ye Han, who was stronger than ordinary people in his own flesh, didn’t worry too much, and soon climbed to the highest point of the trunk. A branch stood firm and looked into the collision. Although Ye Han had the necessary determination, he was still worried at this time, so his position was three or four feet high from the ground.
This height is naturally nothing for some high-skilled practitioners, but it is indeed a little too high for Ye Han, a practitioner of Yuan Dan. If his body is not strengthened, he will normally bear the consequences of falling from this height.
"Fight!" Hesitate repeatedly, although Ye Han still has many worries, but in order to get his wish, he can learn to fly on the wind as soon as possible to override the practitioner who is higher than himself. He feels that it is worthwhile to sacrifice a little bit. This practitioner must not exceed the realm of Yuanyi, otherwise everything will still be discussed.
With a desperate determination, Ye Han hesitated about the landing point of another big tree not far away from him, and then he took a deep breath to get rid of all other thoughts, and his body suddenly jumped away from the branch, and then flew away like a spreading eagle towards another big tree not far away.
It’s said that Ye Han is flying at this speed and shape, that is to say, it’s all flying at best. It’s estimated that not only the road, others will laugh off their fangs, but even the little fox can wake up from the practice with a smile. There is no doubt that Ye Han failed in his first test. Just less than a blink of an eye from the branch, his body lost control and suddenly hit the ground.
A failure can’t inspire Ye Han to lose heart, but it is slightly stable. Le Er once again came to the tree with a little rest, and once again jumped at the tree only one yard from the ground, hugging the trunk and then suddenly climbing towards the tree.
Once again, I came to the previous branch, Ye Han took a deep breath and stabilized my mind. After that, my body jumped off the treetop again and flew away according to the original goal, that is, the big tree opposite.
"Bang!" There was a sound. Ye Han had not finished his body and mind and had not been released yet, but he suddenly fell from the sky again and smashed the ground. He left a deep impression on the grass far away before he got up slowly again for a long time.
"Alas" failed again. Ye Hanhao sighed lightly and then came to the two impressions that were not far apart. After glancing at them, his face suddenly showed a touch of relief and muttered, "Look at this, I have made some progress!"
Two impressions are far away from the tree, which is from Ye Han’s memory. These two impressions are near for the first time and far for the second time. Therefore, it can be seen that his performance in the second practice is better than that in the first one, whether he flies less or jumps farther.
Ye Han, who just practiced flying, said that this progress was not great, but it was enough to make him feel relieved. After all, this is an ability to jump high and low, which also proves that there are still some skills in flying against the wind. Otherwise, he is confident that he can’t jump so far.
Naturally, although this is enough to make him feel gratified, it is comforting. Compared with happiness or excitement, his comfort is very small, so this comfort can’t arouse his excitement, because he wants a much better result than the present one. Although he is gratified, he is not satisfied.
[387] 【 Yuan Dan Nine Realms 】
The cultivation of sincerity is not the speed. Although Ye Han has the heart to cultivate Dacheng as soon as possible, he knows that it is impossible. Perhaps it is not impossible but extremely extravagant. After all, nothing in this world is impossible.
It’s impossible as Ye Han thought. Nothing in this world is impossible because he firmly believes that he must have a firm heart. There is nothing in that world that can be stumped by himself. He is not ignorant of this.
With a firm heart, Ye Han did not dare to hesitate. After the night, he climbed the tree again in the same way, followed by a leap, which was most in line with the flying posture of the wind, and then climbed several times.
Time flies, and I don’t know how long it took. With Ye Han’s last fall, it was dawn. Obviously, one night just passed. This night, he didn’t know how many times he repeated the process from climbing the road to falling. These three steps have become his habit.
Ye Han is a person after all. Although his physical body has been strengthened and has reached a level beyond the secular, he still has a heart. Although failure will not bring him physical pain, that sense of frustration has made him suffer both physically and mentally.



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