Alice is not satisfied with Zhouyi. She kissed her cheek so much that her arm hooked Zhouyi’s neck and kissed Zhouyi’s lips actively.

Zhouyi was kissed by Alice, and immediately there was chaos.
Let’s just say this is the last kiss before we leave, and maybe we won’t meet again after that.
Zhouyi thought, and Alice became active with a kiss.
It is already very warm in Hawaii, but it is still cold in spring in Hong Kong.
In the middle of the night, dark clouds covered the moon, and few people were seen in the busiest streets in Kowloon, Hong Kong. On such a cold night, people went home and hid under the covers.
But an old man and an old man on the top floor of the most luxurious five-star hotel in Kowloon are not afraid of the cold.
"Xiao Gu should arrive the day after tomorrow according to the itinerary."
After a while, the old man said to the young people behind him in a dark day that his spirit was better than that of ordinary people, and he only wore two clothes so cold that he didn’t have the slightest fear of the cold.
This old man is, of course, Lin Haifeng, head of Guoan No.1.
"Yes, but this is a death trip for Zhouyi and Chen Hu. I don’t know how they are now."
Gu Yunfeng, a young man behind Lin Haifeng, said that he had been worried about Zhouyi and Chen Hu these days. After all, according to the information they got, the combination of death and the 3k gang killers wanted to assassinate Zhouyi on a cruise ship. These two gangs were tough.
"Didn’t you get the information today? The second and third children of the death group were both killed by Zhouyi and Chen Hu. The 3k gang action group had already died, and a female killer and nine of them were mysteriously missing. It is estimated that they were also dead. Who can pose a threat to Zhouyi and Chen Hu if Zhouyi and Chen Hu die? You can rest assured. "
Lin Haifeng, the head of Guoan, said with a smile that he has always been very confident in Zhouyi and Chen Hu.
"Well, the chief hopes to see two the day after tomorrow, but we don’t have a specific number of killers sent by the 3k gang."
Gu Yunfeng nodded and said
"Xiao Gu, do you want to learn from Chen Hu?"
Lin Haifeng is know oneself belong to yun-feng gu mind touched his hu said.
"If the chief allows me, I’d like to fight Chen Hu. I haven’t met a master for many years. I want to fight him when Chen Hu defeats Liao Yi and Liao Yiwu brothers to attack together."
Gu Yunfeng bent down and replied
"Chen Hu’s martial arts is even higher than Zhouyi’s, and he is a superb master. You are not sure to defeat Chen Hu, are you?"
The national security chief Lin Haifeng asked.
"I’m not sure I can beat Chen Huyin for the first time. I didn’t expect Chen Hu’s one-back boxing to be practiced to the point of ten rings, but these days I have carefully analyzed Chen Hu’s martial arts and now I’m seventy percent sure."
Gu Yunfeng replied
"This time, I have something important to give to Zhouyi and Chen Hu. If you want to compete, you can’t get hurt," said Lin Haifeng, the head of Guoan.
"Chief White"
Gu Yunfeng nods, "I hope the chief can give me a chance to learn from Chen Hu."
"I can give you a chance, but if you lose, my face is not very good."
Lin Haifeng wanted to think and said.
"Chief, don’t worry, I won’t challenge Zhouyi if I’m not sure."
Gu Yunfeng said confidently
"The first martial arts and the second, well, I’ll let you and Chen Hu learn from each other. Who are you? Chen Hu helped Zhouyi to complete the American trip and joined the national security. This time, just consider it as joining the national security assessment. This is justified …"
Lin Haifeng, the head of Guoan, nodded and agreed to Guo Yunfeng’s request. Gu Yunfeng was in his prime of life and was one of the five masters of Guoan. Lin Haifeng also wanted to know how bad Chen Hu was through Gu Yunfeng and Chen Hu.
"Thank you, Chief"
Yun-feng gu Xie to eyes than looking forward to …
Everything must come to an end. On the second day, Zhouyi sent Alice to the cruise ship. Before Alice left, she was naturally reluctant to go to Zhouyi. When the cruise ship moved, she kept staring at Zhouyi on the deck of the harbor.
"Finally gone"
Zhouyi saw Alice’s cruise ship disappear into the vast sea of people, but she couldn’t help sighing slightly with a hint of regret.
After Alice left, Zhouyi set off for Hong Kong with Li Xia Su Nvhong and A Tian, an ultra-luxury cruise ship.
The cruise ship finally arrived in Hong Kong the next evening.
Li Xia and Su Nvhong’s holiday is over, so I also bid farewell to Zhouyi and Chen Hu and fly back to the North from Jiujiang Airport. Goodbye, Uncle Chapter 6.
Before they left, they agreed with Zhouyi Chen Hu that they would sometimes go to Hangzhou to find Zhouyi and Chen Hu to play.
After Atian arrived in Hong Kong, he went to a local Muay Thai hall and parted ways with Zhouyi Chen Hu.
Li Xia Su Nvhong Atian Zhouyi and Chen Huma drove to the most luxurious five-star hotel in Kowloon.


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