Like shihan, it’s not easy to adapt to this officialdom so quickly.

Although it is said that it is possible for a guy like Shihan to have that kind of blood boiling time, in such a situation, Shihan has already done things according to some rules in officialdom in such a process.
For example, it is such a situation that Shi Han can’t finish the non-ferrous metal project at this time.
Ya, I’ve been here for such a long time, but I can’t fight the situation. Who caused this? It’s not just that your number one and number two joined forces to suppress me. Although you said that you supported my work, you didn’t give me less shoes behind my back. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that Shi Han refused to take such a project in a huff.
However, such a thing is true, such a situation, and these people still show such a mature attitude in such a thing.
The number one and number two show a mature attitude towards officialdom, that is to say, such a project is significant, so even if we want to suppress you at this time but take care of the overall situation, we will still support you to ask people for money and you will try to make such a thing happen.
Why is it so generous to be the first in command and the second in command? That’s because this kind of thing, that is, Shihan can do it for others. Then it is absolutely impossible to do this at this time. It is also a last resort to be the first in command and the second in command.
But being able to know when and what decisions to make without bringing one’s emotions into the work is a person who is familiar with the rules in officialdom, so the number one and number two are already mature officials.
And this guy Shi Han is actually a relatively mature official. Although Shi Han said that he had some opinions, he made the right choice in such a situation and in such a process.
Therefore, at this time, it is possible to see that Shihan is mature.
There are also such talents who can go further in officialdom. Although it is very difficult to say that sometimes it is not as good as what one thinks, some people will still do it in such a thing.
Speaking less, at such a time, Shi Han will not delay big things because of his own preferences.
Of course, it is difficult for ordinary officials to do this in the early days. In such a process, these people express such a meaning, that is, such an emotional influence or their childish performance, they will bring their emotions into the work.
So some officials are not very mature.
Although it is said that the word childish is used to express words at this time, such a situation is a bit incredible. After all, it means that adults should have their own judgments
However, in the officialdom, it is not difficult to choose whether it is faced with such interests or such temptations.
If you can make the right choice, it is maturity. Shi Han is such a person, but many people will be naive in the early days of officialdom
It is very normal to behave in such a thing. After all, it means to have an adaptation process. Most people need an adaptation process.
Shi Han this guy really needs to have an adaptation process, but at such a time, Shi Han’s time is short, and he can adjust his mentality in a short time to make his mentality more mature.
It’s not that all people can do this. If Shi Han can do this and make the right choice at this time, it’s a relatively normal thing at this time no matter what.
This point in such a thing shows such an attitude, that is, if you are mature in officialdom, that is to say, at this time, you have a very good grasp of such a balance, and you can adapt to such a process more.
Shi Han is very good at this time, showing that Shao Zhihuan thinks that his performance is quite good.
But at this time, Wang Haidong’s performance is really more surprising. Shihan feels that it is quite mature that he can not be tempted by himself at this time. But when a guy like Wang Haidong says these things, it is obviously more like an old bureaucrat, and Wang Haidong really didn’t do it.
In such a process, it is more interesting to tell the truth, which means that Wang Haidong did not enter the officialdom.
When Shi Han can make a correct judgment, it is because a guy like Han has entered the officialdom in such a process.
Although it is said that it is not very long for Shihan to enter the officialdom, in such a process, Shihan has actually gradually adapted to some changes in officialdom.
Therefore, this time is enough to say that Shi Han, this guy, has learned such an experience in officialdom. He is constantly maturing. He can have such a performance. One thing is that he is very talented, so Shi Han can do this, but Wang Haidong is not like this in such a process.
This guy Wang Haidong didn’t come into the officialdom. He just said that he just graduated from college, so it’s normal for Shihan to behave like this at this time, but it’s not normal for Wang Haidong to behave like this at this time.
In such a thing, Wang Haidong’s performance at such a time can say two words. Wang Haidong is a genius of being an official. He is very suitable for being an official. Otherwise, it is impossible to have such performance at such a time. At such a time, it is quite good to implement Han’s own performance, but Wang Haidong’s performance is even more eye-catching
Therefore, it is normal for Shihan to be a little unbalanced in his mind at this time.
In such a thing, Shi Han feels that he can strive to better master such a balance in officialdom, and at this time he is slowly adapting to some rules in officialdom.
At this time, he hasn’t played a big role in it for a long time. If it is said that according to Shi Han’s former brother status, then he would have done it by this time.
In such a process, a guy like Shi Han can persist until now without temper, that is to say, in such a process, Shi Han is already getting familiar with some things in officialdom.
It is because of this time that Shi Han has gradually become familiar with some things in officialdom, so he has such a choice at this time.
In such a process, it is true that no matter what happens, he is very happy that he has just entered the officialdom and can do this step. Not many people are happy that Shihan can do this himself.
After all, the fact that the rules are compromised and you don’t do things according to your own ideas is a very depressing thing.
Therefore, at this time, Shi Han feels that he can do this, which is quite a great thing, and such a thing also proves a little, that is to say, Shi Han himself is suitable for being an official, and the result proves that Shi Han is very suitable for being an official.
And this is not the fact that the number one and number two see such a process. The two of them don’t want to see Shihan mature.
Because once it is said that Shihan is mature, that is to say, this guy Shihan will be taken care of by the family to focus on training. In this case, it is even more difficult to deal with Shihan. At such a time, it is very good for Shihan to do this. It is also right for him to be focused on training at home
And shihanshi himself is very happy at this time.
But at this time, he was happy and didn’t say how long it would take. In the process, he realized that Wang Haidong was more talented than himself.
If you can do this, no matter how you say it, it is because you have already said that you have entered the officialdom. These judgments and abilities are learned from practice.
Therefore, it is normal for you to have such a judgment. After all, it means that you have made efforts, so it is very normal for you to gain something at this time. But Wang Haidong is different. This guy Wang Haidong just said that he just graduated from college. If he showed it when he entered the officialdom, it would be fine, but he did not enter the officialdom, but he was able to have such an understanding of officialdom. This is already a very serious thing.
If it is hard to say what kind of experience there is in Wang Haidong officialdom, is this experience of the Youth League Committee an officialdom experience? Actually, these are all students’ jobs.
It is actually very simple to manage students, even if it is to manage college students, it is not a very difficult thing at this time. In such a thing and such an environment, it is not that all kinds of people are difficult to manage at this time.
Although it is said that college students are also adults, there are differences between adults and adults. No matter how college students are adults, they are all simple-minded people in this process no matter how they speak.
These college students have never experienced social intrigue and cunning, so if we say that managing college students is different from managing those officials in officialdom, it is equivalent to teaching the difference between kindergartens and college students. College students sometimes behave better than kindergartens. They still have some naive places. They still know the whole society and establish their own ideal state.



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