At the beginning of the grain, two large food boxes were immediately placed, and then one by one, the first-class meals came into sight, and the fragrance floated out with them.

Ning Xiaoyue couldn’t help sighing. Look at the cakes she brought. It’s heaven and earth.
"Eat and eat and continue to sweep the tower." Looking at her, Wei Yuan is light but very annoying to talk.
Glancing at him coldly, Yan Liang picked up chopsticks and the food was really delicious.
Wo Chu squatted while pouring tea, although he was young, but his craft was extraordinary.
"Alas, if the king of Weijun comes to deliver food and water every day, it seems that I won’t come over." Ning Xiaoyue sighed after drinking his own water.
"You can come and help sweep the tower." Yan Liang didn’t look at her to stop her from saying those words.
"Let me a weak woman to help you sweep the tower is not too much? Hum, I’m gone. You don’t want to call the roll, but I can’t. "Pack up your own box. Ning Xiaoyue got up and really thought about it. It’s better to be punished for sweeping the tower. At least not sitting in the punishments all day.
"By the way, help me to order more brooms from grandma Li on the fourth street. I’ll go and get them earlier." In this way, one broom will be useless every day.
"Know it well" is not willing, but they all agreed to come to NingXiaoYue to take the steps with the box.
Holding a teacup filled with water, I handed it to Yan Liang Weiyuan and glanced at the rising sun. "Sweep it quickly, the sun will get sunburned if it is blazing."
Took Yan Liang and looked up. "It’s always much better than punishments. I haven’t rested for a long time." Take a deep breath and think about it. She really hasn’t taken a vacation for a long time, even in the New Year. She is busy.
"I actually called this punishment a rest!" Wei Yuan, who shook his head, was impressed by her.
Ignore him eating cakes made at the beginning of grain. Yan Liang took one look at the child. It’s really hard to see that a boy would be so ingenious.
"Yan Liang, come quickly!" Suddenly NingXiaoYue exclaimed resounded through the sky.
Yan Liang brushed up and looked at the crowd. The crowd was also surprised by the sound of Ningxiaoyue’s voice just now. They turned around and saw Ningxiaoyue carrying a box in the long street and staring at the front motionless.
The line of sight crossed two people more than ten meters away from NingXiaoYue.
See instantaneous Yan cool eyebrow peak also screwed up a moment brisk walking in a hurry.
Got up and Weiyuan looked at Yan Liang’s hurried back and looked at two people in the distance of the strip. He slowly narrowed his eyes.
Ning Xiaoyue stopped beside Yan Liang and looked at more than ten meters of outsiders in disbelief.
NingXiaoYue also saw the ghost twist a head to look at Yan Liang "I’m not dazzled, right? That person is also "
"Yes, it’s him." Yan Liang made sure that his eyes didn’t spend. That man is An Yi.
Across the street, there is a handsome and elegant man with fair skin and a trace of melancholy and lightness in his brow, but the strangest thing is that his eyes are very pale. If you look at him holding the arm of a middle-aged man around you, you will suddenly see that his eyes are invisible.
It seems that I heard the familiar sound, and Ann smiled with a smile on her lips. Although it was shallow, it was very pure.
"Oh my god, isn’t he dead? Now incredibly intact appeared in front of a ghost "NingXiaoYue can’t believe he’s dead.
Yan Liang couldn’t believe that Anyi saw him jump off a cliff with her own eyes. How could he still be alive with his martial arts?
Holding the middle-aged man’s arm, Ann walked forward as if he could see the road ahead.
"Who’s that?" There is a questioning sound in the ear. Ning Xiaoyue looks at Weiyuan in the past.
"He is Anyi, and his brother Antai was selling smuggled salt. The punishments investigated this case. The six departments were in charge of Anyi Antai’s younger brother. The punishments recognized that he knew the situation and must have known that he had escaped from Antai’s hiding place. Yan Liang had been watching him with Anyi. Unexpectedly, Antai appeared in Hengzhou and killed several local catchers. Antai ran off the sunset cliff and jumped to atone for his brother. At that time, Yan Liang tried to catch him on the spot but didn’t catch her. He blamed himself for a long time." Ning Xiaoyue still found it hard to believe that Anyi was blind and didn
Weiyuan frowned at the two people who came together. Something was wrong.
When I got closer, I saw that Anyi’s face was really him, but unlike then, he had a scar all the way to his throat, which looked like a big wound at that time.
"Yan Catcher" can’t see, but his hearing is more sensitive. He can recognize Yan Liang’s walking sound, her breathing or her body smell.
"Ann is really you!" Hearing what he said really confirmed whether it was true or not.
"Well" nodded and Ann smiled, and her invisible eyes dyed a smile.
"How can you jump off the sunset cliff? Antai’s body,,, Antai’s body is incomplete. What’s more, you don’t have martial arts. "At that time, Anyi’s body was not found, but there was a river on the cliff. When they detoured to the sunset cliff, it happened that there was a heavy rain and the water was rushing. Even Antai’s body was incomplete, and they never found it.
At that time, Yan Anyi’s body was washed away along the swift river, and he searched for nearly five miles along the river, but there was still no trace, and then the case was closed
"I hung a tree for several days, but I couldn’t see it and dared not move. Later, Zhang Dage saved me. I have been recuperating at Zhang Dage’s home for two years." He held the middle-aged man covered in simplicity, which is what he called Zhang Dage.
"Ann was badly hurt, too?" Look at that Zhang Dage Yan Liang and frown.
"Yes, Angong’s legs, bones, waist and throat were badly injured and he almost died. He was only able to get around in bed the other day." Zhang Dage nodded with emotion.
"Then why didn’t you want to contact me?" Antai can’t, but he is different from Antai. When he comes to her, she will definitely help him.
"On the theory that my brother finally made a big mistake and killed many people, I always thought that I should die, even though my life was not enough." Holding Zhang Dage’s hand, An also sighed lightly and his brow was melancholy and thick.
"Your brother is your brother, you are the one who confirmed that you are selling illicit salt. No one will be difficult for you." At that time, they confirmed that Ann also knew something, but all the evidence later showed that he was a koo.
"Thank you for clearing my name. I really hope I can know something so that I can help you. Maybe I will catch my brother earlier, and no one will die because of him." It seems to remind me of the past. Although I can’t see anything, he is very sad
"Are you coming back to see me now?" There seems to be no other reason for him to go straight here.
"I think I’m dead, but I think you’ll probably be sorry for my’ death’ and come back. At the very least, I want to see you and let you know that I’m not dead." The light-colored pupil eyes seem to have water fluctuations, and the sound is as pure and sad as his eyebrows.
"Your ancestral home is still the deed of the house. Your name has not been confiscated with Aetna’s ill-gotten wealth. You can still go back to live." Aetna was one of the best merchants in the imperial capital, and it was for this reason that he was targeted by the Ministry because he had problems in paying taxes and income, thus finding out that his smuggling business expanded to more than 20 cities in Dayan.
When the punishments investigated Antai, he disappeared, and An Yihuang was closely monitored. At that time, Yan Liang kept watching him for twelve hours a day.
"Is he really blind?" Not far away, Weiyuan’s hands are negative, and that place keeps people away.
Ningxiaoyue gave him a look, and his face was really not so cold, which might freeze to death.


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