Xiao Huang turned around and looked at Nie Li, who was full of gloomy cold. Nie Li was too scared to look up and then quickly said, "Miss, I’m not hungry."

When she finished, she hurried out. She still didn’t want to stay as a unlucky person. Although Xiao Shi was too good for his own lady, he was not so good for others.
Nie Li quickly retired and Su Wan and Xiao Huang were left in the room.
Su Wan gave Xiao Huang a dissatisfied look. "Look, you scared my pear face white."
Xiao Huang ignored her holding chopsticks and went to the table to eat.
But when he moved his chopsticks, Su Wan called out "Don’t move".
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Xiao Huang’s face was bitter and his face was full of sorrow. "Ladies, don’t be so cruel. Do you really want me to go to the dark to chew steamed bread?"
Su wan’s eyebrows were closed, and she looked thoughtful and dignified. "Stop it. Will this dish be okay?"
Previously, she had no intention to make a noise with Xiao Huang, which made her think a little more.
There are traps everywhere in this palace, so she’d better be careful.
Yan Hui Wang Xiao Qing can still live in Yongshou Palace. The emperor took her into the palace and took Xiao Qing into the palace to make her uneasy and kind. She must be careful everywhere.
In the bedroom, Xiao Huang looked serious at Su Wan, but God couldn’t say how cold you were. He stopped and looked at the food on the table and then put chopsticks in his hand.
"Ladies, you can’t say that this dish is poisonous, can you?"
"I don’t know if there is poison, but I always feel that something is wrong. It is impossible for the emperor to take me into the palace and Xiao Qing into the palace. So it is better to be careful."
After she finished speaking, she pulled out a silver hairpin from her head and tried it on the table food. Finally, she found that the silver hairpin was not poisonous.
Xiao Huang breathed a sigh of relief and said slowly, "It seems that they don’t have poison in the food?"
Su Wan shook his head with respect. "It’s not necessarily that some poisons can’t be tested by silver hairpin, so it’s better to be careful."
She looked at Xiao Huang and said, "Why don’t you send someone to find a cat and dog to try?"
Xiao Huang saw that Su Wan was so disrespectful that he immediately called Yu Ge outside and ordered Yu Ge to find the cat at once.
There are cats in this palace, and he knows it.
Yu Ge should flicker and walk away, but two people in the bedroom are so hungry that they can’t touch the table for a while. Two people look at the table and the food looks particularly ugly, especially Xiao Huang’s whole body is covered with bloody storms.
The whole bedroom is full of chill, which makes people feel cold all over.
Outside the bedroom, Yu Ge quickly hugged a cat. Su Wan and Xiao Huang quickly gave the cat everything on the table, and then waited for a while to find that there was no response. It seemed that they were really making a fuss.
However, as soon as this idea fell, I found that something was wrong with the cat, not that it was poisoned, but that the cat became anxious and walked back and forth in the bedroom, and finally rushed out of the window like crazy.
Yu Ge and Xiao Huang looked at the cat that ran away with a look of disappointment.
Su Wan has already seen clearly what happened to the cat.
It’s in heat after eating a dish containing obsequious medicine.
Su wan’s face was suddenly ugly and horribly gloomy, and her fingers were afraid to beat the table hard
"Xiao Qing, how dare he do this? This damn bastard. From then on, he and I are sworn enemies."
At this moment, Su Wan and Xiao Qing vowed to be in the same boat, and even at least they could not coexist peacefully.
And Xiao Huang also knows what happened. His face is uglier than Su Wan’s. His eyes are covered with blood. "I’ll kill him."
Su Wan stretched out his hand and stopped him and said, "Hui Wang Xiao Qing is not Xiang Wang Xiao Lei. There must be many lovely people around him. Don’t make a move."
Su Wan paused and said, "Xiao Qing hates it, but the most hateful thing is the emperor. If I guess correctly, this medicine is that the emperor gave Xiao Qing this charm medicine and gave you poison before. It’s very powerful. It’s a charm medicine. You see, cats don’t eat much, but they are crazy. What if people eat it?"
Su wan said she couldn’t go, and her heart was already angry, and her eyes were full of rage.
"Where do you think the emperor got these things?"
Although there are some palace secret medicines in the palace, even the palace secret medicines are not so bad. Even the palace secret medicines can’t beat Su Wan, but these medicines are narrowly stumped. She said that there is a person behind the emperor who is proficient in all kinds of poisons. This person is probably a young Chinese.
Xiao Huang pursed his sexy lips without saying a word, clenched his big hands and the veins stood out all over it, which easily showed his rage at the moment.
Su Wan said to himself, "I think there is a person hidden around the emperor. This person should be a master of poison in Qingxiao, where people can have these unpredictable poisons."
As soon as Su Wan’s words fell, Xiao Huang sank his mouth. "I know who is hiding around him? Yan Guoshi, a mysterious figure, has won the favor of the emperor and inexplicably became a Buddhist. I suspect that he came from the emperor’s hands, which are proficient in poison. It seems that all Chinese medicines are from his hands. "
"Yan Guoshi?"
Su Wan’s eyes are dim. Does this mean another enemy? However, one more person is the most hateful, that is, the emperor, and she will never make him happy.
Sue wan shook hands sharply and thumped the table again.
On one side, Xiao Huang was furious. Seeing that she hit the table, she immediately reached out and pulled her hand and gently rubbed it for a few times. With dissatisfaction, she said, "If others make you angry, you will punish yourself and punish others."
He said that at the end of the day, there was a sly light in his eyes, and he couldn’t laugh at it.
"Together, we beat these monsters to death."



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