After listening to Ye Han’s repeated explanations, Yan Yang finally came over in vain and snorted at Ye Han. "If you dare to do anything to my daughter, I will not let you go first!"

"Well … this …" Ye Han smell speech suddenly froze. If you talk like this according to Yan Yang, wouldn’t he immediately vomit blood and die if he knew what happened in the ice sheet?
Think about just know my father-in-law will die before you Ye Han had to give these things to forcibly swallow back because he knew that now inflammation’s family has not yet been lifted, not to say that these times!
"Ling elder sister I said you don’t be so eager for success even if you want to find a sister don’t dress up as a man? See you dress me up … "
Just as Ye Han didn’t know how to answer the question of inflammation and yang, a familiar sound suddenly came in the Woods not far away.
Look down the sound Ye Han face suddenly revealed a bit embarrassed color busy nu way "what did you say? Am I not good enough? "
This dissimilarity, when Yan Yang’s eyes were focused on the direction of sound, suddenly his face revealed a bit of disbelief, and then he looked at Ye Han in front of him in surprise.
"Two Ye Han?" Surprised inflammation Yang was speechless for a long time before they looked at each other again, and then a face of unnatural said
Ye Han smell speech immediately smiled, then his right hand slightly raised his face and a pretty face appeared in front of the sun!
Take a closer look at this person, although he wears heavy makeup but is slim and graceful. He has a good figure and a light blue dress wrapped around her waist. Look carefully. Isn’t this person Lengling?
"Chief Yan must remember me?" Took off the face and body camouflage LengLing this just looked at inflammation Yang a face of smile and asked again.
"Are you …" Seeing that the person in front of his eyes turned out to be a living beauty, Yan Yang seems to be still not used to it, but he didn’t recognize this person’s identity at the moment, so he asked consciously!
"Me?" Leng Lingwen suddenly froze and smiled again. "Chief Yan is really forgetful. I experienced a big war when Yu Xiao fought for you!"
After a wake-up call from Lengling, Yan Yang suddenly thought, "Didn’t the man who stood in front of Bai Li just fled to Lengling after his own war?"?
Looking closely, I feel that I am not mistaken about Yan Yang, but I think that the Yi technique of Yan’s family has been quite good, and I have got the real thing, that is, I have not disguised Lengling to see through it.
Thought of here, Yan Yang can’t help but feel a little embarrassed, and eventually he has to attribute this situation to his lack of skill.
At the same time, however, Yan Yang had another doubt. At the beginning, Yu Xiao himself had a big war and would be seriously injured. What did the other party in turn help him get rid of Ye Qiu’s entanglement?
"So it’s your cold family!" Finally recognized LengLing inflammation Yang seems to be some happy busy a face of smile and said
Nodding slightly is doubtful about Yan Yang’s move, but he didn’t say anything. Don’t stretch out your hand and don’t smile!
See LengLing nod inflammation Yang face after several changes is still full of laughter and then grateful to say "just now, if it weren’t for your help, I think …"
"Ha ha heads this seems to want to thank me? As far as I know, chief Yan is not a grateful person, is he? " After hearing what Yang Yan said, LengLing couldn’t help interrupting him with another busy spell.
At the same time, two figures came out in the direction of the Woods. One was Ye Han who spoke before, and the other was Ye Rou who had been silent!
Ye Rou’s silence is not because she saw her father-in-law here, so she would never be so reticent!
Seems to feel the soft leaves a little nervous at the moment Ye Han busy conveniently hold her hands and then gently took her arm and soon came to LengLing side!
Leng Lingshen has always felt that there is something abnormal in the hot sun, and I don’t know what to do at the moment. Now I see Ye Han and others coming, so I am busy smiling at him. "Cold son!"
Smell speech Ye Han busy nodded. "? Play me and play Shu? "
"…" After listening to Ye Hanyan Lengling, I didn’t know what to say, but suddenly gave him a white look. Then I said to myself, "Can it be comfortable to dress up as a man?"
Ye Han suddenly burst into a quick laugh and immediately set his eyes on the same embarrassing inflammatory body. Then he smiled and laughed. "The heads of families are so happy to come here for a walk!"
Irony, absolute irony, may be a fool’s trick. Bai Yehan’s words mean that now the night is deep, I wonder who will come for a walk outside the city at this late night?
Irony should also be satirical. Ye Hanzhi just had a war here, and now he says that others are walking here, which is full of contradictions!
For Ye Han, it is so arrogant to satirize the sun. Although some people are angry, it is not that he is afraid of Ye Han. In fact, Ye Han has such a superb player around him.
It doesn’t matter that he may offend Lengling. After all, his self-cultivation is enough to cope with all this, and there is a big force behind him, the family of Yan.
Now, regardless of the fact that the Yan family has been occupied by people, even his repair has been greatly affected by serious injuries. In this case, he knows that he does not have enough information to be angry.



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