"It’s really a good suggestion." Feng Yang smiles. Zheng Ancheng’s senior coach is the leader of the arbitration church. One person in the mainland is definitely worth a super power. After all, behind a senior coach is a huge power. The mainland is definitely going to get wind, rain and rain. Even the leaders of Dreadwind Gate and Ghost Sect have to give some face. Of course, the high-level arbitration church members of Dreadwind Gate and Ghost Sect have to give some face.

"The treatment of the head coach will never be lower than that of the second-in-command in power. Every year, there are two billion salaries to reward him with a set of martial arts skills, a magic weapon and a magic armor, and a set of cultivation conditions. His various benefits are mainly the absolute peak of this identity in the mainland." To win over such a day, Qi Susong knows that it is impossible to be bloodless
"I’ll think it over, but I don’t want to join a big force yet," said Feng Yang frankly.
"You can rest assured that joining the arbitration church will definitely take care of you and all your relatives and friends." Su Song continued to induce.
"Don’t join the forces for the time being. Let’s talk about it later. Thank you for your kindness." Feng Yang’s winding refusal to join a certain party will definitely make his super power hold the mentality of larger foe. Since he can’t get it, he will simply destroy it so that everyone can’t get it, otherwise his opponent will be miserable. It is a child who understands the truth. Feng Yang doesn’t want to ignore his own life and his brother’s safety because of these interests.
It is not difficult for those super powers to trace the identity of Feng Yang to Juxian. Once Feng Yang joins a certain party, he will be besieged by other forces. Even if Feng Yang saves his life, Juxian’s brothers will definitely die.
After leaving the arbitration church, Feng Yang went to the sunset mountain, but he was invited by the Dreadwind Gate of the Ghost Sect in succession. Feng Yang went to the Ghost Sect to explore the terrain and followed.
The conditions given by the ghost religion are also very attractive. It is undeniable that people will be heartbroken. The wind is really moving, but he is not the kind of person who will be carried away by interests. It is not that he does not have his own money. He will not go all out to get something that he can get without taking too long, but he has also refused the ghost religion in a winding way, but he has not refused to die too much and left room for manoeuvre. It is an unchangeable principle to do things that will make people meet in the future.
Dreadwind Gate also offered a sky-high price, because Liu Zhefeng Yang talked with Liu Baishi, the owner of Dreadwind Gate, for a short time, and then he also declined and left.
Once I got Chinese, I rushed to the city gate.
"Wow, it’s that senior again. He’s coming again."
"Still so handsome"
"He’s going hunting again. It would be great if he could take us."
"Wake up, kid. Take your people and come back with your body."
All the people talked about entering the sunset mountains all the way to kill the wind, but they were also particularly curious about the young man who dared to fly back to Sunset City at night.
Feng Yang once again came to the huge peak of Optimus Prime towering in the clouds, and it was easy to fly hundreds of feet high. In that small hole, the hunting fool attack continued the day before yesterday.
Feng Yang’s various Wushu skills have been cultivated abnormally, which means that the fifth floor has encountered the first bottleneck, and now there will be no progress in cultivation. His current goal is to earn more money and buy more martial arts. His fighting capacity and fighting experience or fighting consciousness have reached a high level, and it is also suitable for him to have a foolish attack in the life-and-death duel with the strong.
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and thirty-three Death tattoo blood leopard lords
Welcome you to come.
A month later.
"sunset arrow"
A thick streamer slanted from Gao Shanfeng to the side of the mountain peak on the ground, pulling out a bright Changhong with a length of 100 feet. In the dark, this Changhong looks dazzling.
Changhong a blaster to produce a violent explosion on the ground, five heads and six levels of Warcraft were shocked by the shock wave generated by the explosion.
A seven-level dead-tattooed blood leopard was hit by the sunset arrow, and the strange stripes of the body produced a wave, and a layer of energy was emitted to offset most of the shock wave of the sunset arrow, but it did not threaten its life.
And on this road, Changhong maser, that road, which is as long as 100 feet, when Changhong has not dissipated, a figure has already descended from the sky like a ghost, and a white streamer has also been drawn along the Changhong trajectory that brings a lot of light.
Body fall legs hit two levels of Warcraft body will be the two levels of Warcraft shock died on the spot, huge body of Warcraft shattered the ground into the ground.
Feng Yang holds the dragon blood sword, and the bloody sword awn flashes head-to-head. Six levels of Warcraft is pierced by the bloody sword awn and bent like a snake. The body of Warcraft has caused extensive damage and directly stabbed all the important dirties of Warcraft and was killed on the spot.
The wind is blowing and the body is flashing like a ghost in the night. The high-level magic weapon, the dragon blood sword, is flying in his hands like Youlong, and he is flexible and vigorous in many bodies. He lets those Warcraft roots capture his figure and can take away a six-level Warcraft life with one sword.
"Frozen for three feet"
Dealing with the blood leopard with dead stripes has to be frozen for three feet to freeze the body. With the help of its own unique method, it is quickly frozen into an ice sculpture. The body of the blood leopard with dead stripes is sharper than that of the dragon blood sword, which can easily pierce Xuan Bing and pierce the blood leopard with dead stripes from that soft rib to bleed.
He can shuttle through the body of three dead-tattooed blood leopards in an instant, and at the same time, he can wave three swords and put three dead-tattooed blood leopards to kill Warcraft at a shocking speed.
In a month, Feng Yang fully killed nearly 40,000 heads of Warcraft in level 6 and more than 2,000 heads of Warcraft in level 7 to earn 5 billion gold coins. This is a very huge sum of money, and even some big powers are just such a fortune.
However, this is also the reason why the wind can make the fool attack and make him work hard enough. This month, he spent all his spare time in the sunset mountains’ magic dance’ except falling back to Japan for training.
Every time the wind blows, it will inevitably bleed a dead blood leopard. It is huge and small in front of the dead blood leopard. The wind is vigorous and flexible, so that the roots of the dead blood leopard will not react.
However, at this moment.
A dead blood leopard whose size is bigger than his dead blood leopard shattered Xuan Bing before. The dead blood leopard turned to the wind for the first time. The huge size there was like a hill and hit the wind rapidly. The speed was actually a bit shocking. Because the size was too big, it was like a hill moving rapidly and hitting the gas violently, which caused a deafening explosion and was shaken out to form a hurricane. The ground where it passed was shattered and lifted up all over the sky, which strengthened its lethality.



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