Wargo and Tian Feng shined brilliantly in the Plain World War I, and now they are guarding the Plain.

Ding Feng, a third-rate military commander, is very inconspicuous among many first-class famous soldiers. Apart from the post-Qing Bawangzhai and other shanzhai, what is conspicuous now is guarding the pot.
Actor, Xun Yu.
Ji Fan, a dramatist, said that he also contributed to the fall of 140,000 yellow scarves and the flattening of Jijiazhuang.
Xun Yu is the main manager of Hebei Sizhou City and became the main manager of Jifan.
Li ru
This person of great significance to Ji Fan really realized the cruelty of the battlefield. A flying bear training method made Ji Fan tremble, and then interrogation of torture really changed Ji Fan for the first time.
Zhao Yun, Zhang Liao
Zhao Yun Jifan trained 12,000 elite cavalry to attack Peiping and Xiangping, and made this hegemonic mainland notice this white-robed teenager!
Zhang Liao’s attack on the pot and Jinyang was a great contribution. Ji Fan trained 10,000 Bing Wolf Riders and is now guarding Jinyang.
Tian Feng, Dian Wei, Jia Xu
Tian Feng’s strategy is to play with Ji Wu and applaud in the first world war in the plains of drama talents, which makes people tremble like chess
Dian Wei contributed to the protection of Ji Fan, and so did the three generals who even cut the enemy into Nanpi for rescue in the first world war in the plain, and so did the protection of Ji Fan in the mountains.
In Jia Xu, he once said that Ji Fan offered three measures, and the first measure was chaos. In everyone’s heart, geography and astronomy led to the five-party war and the flooding of Xuzhou and other places, which can be said to be a missile level.
JiFan don’t know when I thought of the man in Jingzhou.
Xun’s family has always been talented in Xun Yu, Xun You, Xun Chen, Xun Yan, Xun Yun and so on.
It’s a bit painful for him to be a spy with Cai Tianhua, but he also has such weight to make Cai Tianhua look.
JiFan heart suddenly a feeling of hard work.
He is looking forward to this person more and more. What is the help he will bring in the later period?
Think about giving him orders yourself.
Buy off people’s hearts, gain Cai Tianhua’s trust, and restrict Cai Tianhua’s development
In this case, we can do it without exposure.
Cheng Pu, Wen Pin
Chengpu guards Baima Port.
Wen Pin transported goods in the North Sea during World War I.
JiFan spit out a sigh of relief to reveal a smiling face.
Ji Xiu, Su Yun, Yang Qi
Ji Xiu was a playmate who saved an hour last spring. After a year of Xun Yu’s edification, he can also help one side.
Su Yun’s political talent is in charge of Youzhou government and Xun Yu.
Yang Ji is the first-class strategist.
Ji Fan was in danger several times in the North Sea World War I.
Wang Qiang, Jiang Yu, Jia Wen.
Wang Qiang was the first friend to follow Ji Fan, and now he is in charge of the bandit troops.
Jiang Yu Plain has a good martial arts in World War I and is currently following Zhao Yun.
Jia Wen and Ji Fan offered two strategies.
JiFan looked at the presence of 24 people.
JiFan spoke everyone spirit a shock.
"Six branches of the three armed forces are expanding, with 5,000 people in each branch and 1,000 people in each army."
"Seal Xun Yu Langzhong, Play Zhong engaged in Langzhong, Marotta Changshi, Tian Feng Sima"
"General Lu Xun Pingnan, General Zhang Liao Pingxi, General Zhao Yunpingdong and General Wargo Pingbei"
"Seal Jia Xu Tai Le Ling, Su Yun Tai Cang Ling, Yang Qiwu Kuling and Ji Xiu Wei Shi Ling"
"General Feng Cheng Pu Yamen, Ding Feng Guard, General Wen Pin Pian, General Zhu Huan Bi"



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