"Uh-huh! Makes sense! " Yang Ye held his mouth and nodded and continued to look at "daggers, hammers, saws, wrenches, pliers, cones, screwdrivers, welding guns … Master, are you going to decorate?"

"What!" Little nan stamped his foot angrily. "What if those mines are locked in some secret place?"! Of course, there are iron gates, iron railings and so on. This is called preparedness. You really don’t know anything! "
"Oh, oh, it’s so thoughtful of the host." Yang Ye almost laughed and lowered his head to hide "What else? Leather gloves, glue, walkie-talkies, smoke bombs, this is … mineral water? Juice? Cake? French fries? Tomato sauce? Chocolate pie? "
"That that ….." Little nan cocked his head and explained in anger. "What should we do if we go to that island in case we have to hide and get hungry? What if you don’t have the strength to escape? "
"well! That makes sense! The master is worthy of being a great person! " Yang Ye has laughed and endured it for a long time. He looked up at Xiao Nan and frowned and asked, "But I’m afraid it won’t be very convenient for you to carry so many things on your back!"
"I carry it?" Xiao Nan was surprised. "Of course it’s your back!"
"Ah?" Yang night stared back at the bag full of things and glanced back at the little girl’s chest, sighing softly. What a pity!
thank you
◎ Brother Leng arrived.
Yu Jinshi Islands
◎ Yang Xu is missing!
"Then what?" Yang night squinting asked.
"Then she really called someone and I ran away." Yang Xu smiled mysteriously. "But I didn’t run far and followed her secretly. Finally, I knew what floor and room she lived in and who she was! Hey hey … "
"Then who is she?" Yang night metal gray face asked
"Hey hey, guess what?" Yang Xu looked at Yang Ye with a big smile and turned to Qian Bo and Zheng Dan Xi Shi. "You also guess?"
Yang Ye hates not having a knife at hand at this time, even if he has a screwdriver!
"Guess? Hey hey, let me tell you! " Yang Xu said with his hands around his waist, "That girl is actually our Yang family! It’s the daughter of the CEO of our Young Airlines Company! You didn’t expect it, did you? Ha ha ha ha ha … Hey? "
Halfway through the laughter, Yang Xu suddenly found that the aura around him was wrong. He carefully looked back at his eldest brother Yang Ye and looked at Qian Bo again. He saw two pairs of fire-breathing eyes.
"Brother, what happened to you?"
Yang Ye looked at Yang Xu coldly and suddenly smiled and looked up and shouted "Sura!"
Sura "sou" jumped out of the set and ran a few steps to Yang Ye’s feet, squatting excitedly and growling.
"Sura is hungry. I’ll give you this rotten meat." Yang Ye smiled and pointed to Yang Xu in front of him. "Remember! Don’t make the room full of blood! "
"No … no … spit bone … head" Sura said in a broken voice.
"Well, Sura is the best girl. Xiao Shi Xiaodan Qian Bo, let’s go out." Yang Ye said patting Sura’s head and waving to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan on the other side.
Yang Xu didn’t react at the moment, and when he did, he was already silly. Sula was licking his lips and approaching him, while eldest brother Yang Ye was walking to the door with Qian Bo and Xi Shi Zheng Dan.
"elder brother! Brother! Oh, my god! You can’t do this! I know it’s wrong! Sura, stay back! Stay back! Be careful that I punch you with a meteor! Oh dear! That’s a real bite. He bit my belt, brother! Brother! It’s not enough for me to give you this cymbal! Brother! Elder brother … "
When Yang Ye came in again with Qian Bo, Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, Sula squatted next to Yang Xu, whose eyes turned white and his mouth was foaming at the mouth. It is estimated that when he was very young, every naughty mother would say that if he was naughty again, he would come to the big monster and eat you! ….. I didn’t expect this dream to come true.



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