The Secret Poison of the Western Chu Royal Family —— A Dream for a Thousand Years

"Don’t worry, can you push the toxicity into the sandalwood?" Huan looked serious and dignified.
"I’ll try." Gu Jinxi took a deep breath and turned to look at Qin Rui’s heart, but he was curious. Did he know that his poisoning was the secret poison of the royal family? Does the queen mother like babies best?
Backhand solution waist pouch exhibition needle capsule huan suddenly shine at the moment but see Gu Jin sunseeker has quickly pulled out a silver needle Qin Rui chest several big holes move before some unfamiliar but later more skilled.
For two whole hours, Gu Jinxi’s face grew paler and his forehead was dripping with sweat. Looking at the heavy star, she couldn’t help squeezing the sweat and pouting her lips. Just thinking about it, her mouth was swept by cold eyes. His throat slipped to the throat and I couldn’t help swallowing it back.
One hundred pieces of silver needles finally finished Gu Jin sunseeker, and the whole person couldn’t help limping and relieved, but the whole person was very weak. "Brother Huan, my needle array will seal the toxicity at the dove tail, and the toxicity is too strong. Even the king can’t stand the impact of toxic transfer … send me back."
"Worry, are you all right?" Huan helped her up.
Gu Jin swallowed hard and grabbed Huan sleeve tightly. "Brother Huan sent me back. I must go back at once!"
This chapter is an account of the origin of the female host’s medical skills. Uh-huh, it is said that several of his brothers and sisters did not appear, and the second teacher and sister dreamed that the third brother was happy with the old age, which is our female host.
Chapter 36 By mistake
"But you are in the body", the knitting needle array is the silver needle, which is the most exhausting. They were brothers and sisters, but they didn’t know that it was her who made Master happy and gave him a successor before he died.
Gu Jin sunseeker took a deep breath and swallowed some warm tea with a small mouth. He shook his head. "Brother Huan, you should know that I am who I am now, and I have to go back after coming out for too long! The fastest speed! "
"Good" huan sip lip nod.
"Wait, give me back the heavy star." Even though my heart is worried about the situation of the third brother, I know the weight. Gu Jin turned to look at the heavy star and looked at it with malicious eyes.
Heavy star is academia "things? What is it? "
"What garlic do you pack? When you robbed me, you took my book back to me while I was in a coma." Gu Jinxi smell speech was flustered; Is almost squeezed out from his teeth a few words to ruthlessly stare at heavy star teeth.
Heavy star is stupid "this ….. miss gu heavy star I don’t know"
"I don’t know? If it is so, please forgive Jin Sunseeker for his illness, but I don’t know, such as "Gu Jin Sunseeker is cold-hearted, but now I don’t want to take a deep breath and look at Huan" Huan Brother, please trouble you "
"This ….. Miss Gu calm down and sink the star will make to investigate the report disease …" Heavy star nasty quickly leaned over.
"I don’t have time for you to pester me." Gu Jinxi took a deep breath and raised his hand toward Huan, indicating that he had been robbed for three hours. I don’t know the situation in the third brother’s house. If I can hope that someone will find out now, "Come back when you find what I want!"
Guguo Gongfu Muxi Pavilion
"I calm down" Mo Yan knelt down.
"You dare to come back after losing your young lady!" Gu Qian clung to the handrail and the veins stood out. He glared at Mo Yan ruthlessly. "Even Sunseeker can’t protect me from you."
Mo Yan bowed his head but did not defend himself.
Gu Qian took a deep breath and forced his heart to panic. "You said the situation specifically."
"Yes" Mo Yan’s voice is not as hoarse and depressed as usual.
Gu Qian got up and wanted to go out, but his sister’s words rang out from her ears before she left. For example, he must guard the Muxi Pavilion. Although he didn’t understand what his sister said, he would do it. "Let everyone quietly investigate and never let the news of Miss’s disappearance go out."
"Yes" Mo Yan should be preparing to leave.
"thud" suddenly came to the room, and Gu Qian looked up at the room with a tight face. "Who is there?"
Lost Gu Jin sunseeker Mo Yan’s face is ugly. At the moment, he is even more upset and walks into the room. When he sees the man, he grabs the collar and throws him into the front of Gu Qian with no passion.
"Gu, Jin and Lan turned out to be you!" Gu Qian glared at her and gnashed her teeth.
"Ha ha ha" Gu Jinlan is bound to laugh "three elder brother unexpected … Ha ha you want to find Gu Jinxi? Ha ha Gu Jin sunseeker, Gu Jin sunseeker, she even has today. "
"Did you do it?" Gu Qian almost leaned forward with his hands holding Gu Jinlan’s jaw tightly, and a red light appeared at the fundus of his jaw. "Where did you get Xi Er?"



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