The ability of the domain orcs to suppress the birds has been appreciated and valued by the lords. This male cat from the west has contributed a lot, and his ability and strength are outstanding throughout the orcs. The black beast teeth have almost become his symbol, which is a symbol that the orcs’ ability has reached a certain level.

At this time, the black beast’s teeth made Ci Rengu familiar with all the past in the domain, and saw the true face behind the grinning mask at a glance, but it was also greatly unexpected for Ci Rengu to wake up.
Before this, even before the original body did not split, Ci Rengu was relatively indifferent and so nervous. A bird clan chiellings who said that there was no contact also made Ci Rengu stunned himself.
Perhaps deep down in his heart, he finally felt guilty that his evil body had killed the Shui Roulei, because Ciren Valley also knew that Shui Roulei also had feelings for Guiling, and it is true that Guiling was more than a donkey to Roulei.
"Monsieur beaucaire ling! Be careful! "
I blurted out an alarm, which really alerted Monsieur beaucaire Ling to glide and dive, but I turned my head and saw the mysterious opponent behind me. I raised my fist and saw the black beast’s teeth!
"The orcs west from the male cat? ! !” Like Ciren Valley, Guiling was also surprised. But at this moment, all she cares about is that Xiahou Chaojun, who is lying on land with unknown life and death, has already said goodbye to it and will never allow people or events to delay her rescue!
After turning your head, Monsieur beaucaire’s flash of thought paused for a moment, and a rapid rotation turned the body into a ball of white gyro. Generally, the white blades were counted at the same time, and the white blades were shot at the west male cat with the rotation!
Not far from the Tomcat in the west, I didn’t expect that Ciren Valley would notice this, and this not only reduced the chance of his own sneak attack, but also annoyed him that he had leaked his identity!
But this time is already a don to meet Monsieur beaucaire Ling flew over several white blade arms stretched out and suddenly threw out a dense piece of black beast teeth!
Half-median white blade is like a white curtain, and several black animal teeth are like a black rainstorm. When two forces meet, they give a crisp and messy impact on each other like a tide of two soldiers.
And Monsieur beaucaire Ling threw a few white blades and didn’t look at them. The purpose was to stop the male cat from coming back slightly, turned around and rushed straight to land!
After Ci Ren Gu shouted, he wanted to help atone, and his conscience was always awakened. But suddenly he faced two opponents as if he had agreed to speed up the attack, flashing back and forth from left to right, encircling Ci Ren Gu, and his fists and fists were tight!
Ciren Valley is really exasperating at the moment! Hesitant to fight back, want to kill my heart, but discourage myself from bloodthirsty again and again, and then force the evil body to split up, so I have to deal with the two opponents in this way, but with the tacit understanding between the two mysterious people and the cooperation in attacking Ciren Valley, hesitation finally made him eat hard
On the other side, Monsieur beaucaire Ling was close to the land and looked closer. Although 110,000 people didn’t want to believe it, she still saw that it was Xiahou Chaojun who was lying on her back!
This Monsieur beaucaire Ling was dazed for a moment, then stared at his eyes, and his face went white and screamed, and he rushed straight at it. At the same time, the white blade on both sides of the wings was greatly displayed, and it flew out like a controlled one, shooting at Xiahou Chaojun with a mysterious person around him.
Surprised, the mysterious man jumped backward and jumped out, trying to avoid the white blade as sharp as a blade and as dense as rain, but unexpectedly! After the white blade was shot under the command of Monsieur beaucaire Ling, it turned its head and chased the mysterious man to jump out and shoot in the past!
Although the mysterious man’s expression is frozen with a grimace of a grin, he has already seen a little panic in the face of a large white blade coming face to face. The mysterious man has a heart to dodge but already knows that even if he is faster, even if he jumps and jumps, the white blade will follow him!
After all, this white blade already has spirituality. It is no longer just relying on Monsieur beaucaire’s command, but can be automatically infected by the master’s aura to attack the master and hate his opponent!
Yeah, isn’t that the bird chiellings? How could she be so capable?
The mysterious man wondered in his heart that this was the potential that was instantly aroused by the bird family Guiling after seeing Xiahou Chaojun’s serious injury. He didn’t know that Guiling had been born again at the bottom of the sea and was doomed to a terrible death because of his arbitrary guess.
A little certain that the mysterious man of God stood in the footsteps, his feet firmly stepped on the ground and turned around to face the overwhelming white blade. His hands and fingers were straight up in front of him, and a layer of dark purple light was instantly spread from his hands, and then the area was quickly expanded. A wide dark purple light protection barrier was formed in front of the mysterious man!
Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s arms waved and drove the white blades on both sides of the wings to rush forward and shoot at the dark purple barrier, while Monsieur beaucaire Ling herself quickly leaned over to Xiahou Chaojun and bowed her head and eagerly looked at it. At the same time, one arm still stretched straight towards the mysterious man’s side and commanded several white blades to continue to rush and attack!
"Old guy! Lao Xia! Lao Xia! " Monsieur beaucaire Ling knelt on her knees without lifting her head, eagerly calling for the hand still holding for the white blade to assassinate the mysterious murderer!
However, with her eyes closed and her face dark and her mouth full of blood, she has lost her breath.
Monsieur beaucaire Ling held Xiahou Chaojun’s chest with one hand and was suddenly surprised! How could this Xiahou Chaojun be injured by his own summer energy? It turned out to be summer energy and summer poison!
Of course, Monsieur beaucaire Ling turned her head and glared at the mysterious man, knowing that this mysterious man was also a Xia clan! But his dark purple light barrier at the moment is not Xia’s ability and style! What the hell is going on here!
Of course, Guiling didn’t know that Xiahou Chaojun’s injury was partly caused by the mysterious man’s black reflective sphere, but partly by his own generation of that summer green balloon! Just playing against the mysterious man and being hit by the mysterious man instantly, the black reflective sphere is hitting Xiahou Chaojun, and the back of the hand is naturally smashed into Xiahou Chaojun’s chest with the palm to form a summer ball. If you don’t believe it, you can reread Chapter 324. The fight before Xiahou Chaojun’s eyes turned black.
Although there are doubts in my heart, it is obvious that Guiling is worried and angry at the moment, calling for Xiahou Chao Jun’s number but getting no response, which makes Guiling’s heart almost cold …
Great anger made her lift the arms that pressed Xiahou Chaojun’s chest and arms in the direction of the mysterious man, and tried her best to control several white blades and attack the mysterious man’s dark purple barrier crazily!
Sure enough, the mysterious man was surprised. It never occurred to him that this bird family, Monsieur beaucaire Ling, would have such a great ability. Those white blades were driven by her ability to impact and tear the mysterious man’s dark purple barrier again and again.
Soon the mysterious man was afraid because he had felt that his dark purple light barrier had been pierced by a white blade bit by bit, which seemed to have pierced the mysterious man. He was very frightened. What surprised him in his heart was that he had solved Xiahou Chaojun so easily and Monsieur beaucaire Ling was so powerful that he had completely surpassed Xiahou Chaojun. Moreover, his dark purple light barrier would be broken in a few seconds and he was likely to be torn into several pieces by this dense white blade!
Finally, the dark purple barrier has cracked, and the whole has become fragile. The mysterious man is terrified and has the ability to set up a barrier, but he can’t stop the white blade from penetrating and crushing it in a large area!
Just when this mysterious man was almost desperate, suddenly! Those white blades stopped attacking as if there were life, and then they froze in place, and then they fell to the ground with soft collapse, and there was no threat.
The mysterious man looked carefully at the nearby kneeling beside Xiahou Chaojun and glared at himself all the time. However, he was surprised to find that Emirates Ling’s eyes were slightly open and his arms were also held up, but it seemed that he didn’t have any ability to gawk and kneel there. Did hatred and anger fade from his eyes, but it was more amazing …
The mysterious man hesitated in amazement, closed the dilapidated barrier and looked straight at Monsieur beaucaire Ling, but did not dare to venture near.
Suddenly, he saw Monsieur beaucaire’s body shaking slightly, and finally he leaned forward and threw himself at Xiahou Chaojun’s chest.
At this time, the mysterious talent suddenly found that the back of Monsieur beaucaire Ling was covered with black animal teeth, and the white clothes were decorated with several black diamond-like animal teeth, and more and more blood was smudged around the animal teeth "like blossoming red flowers."
Orcs west from the male cat from the straight down to have a look at the ground fell Monsieur beaucaire ling and on his back angrily Xiahou Chaojun snorted one by one to tear off the face grinning mask to reveal the true face, squinted at one side and sneered at the mysterious man’s pie mouth with some stupefaction. "Ah, how about the ghost shadow? Do you still have to help me?" Don’t thank me for saving your life? "
The guy called Shadow also ripped off the mask and stared angrily at the west from the male cat. "Can I help you?"? I killed Xiahou Chaojun! "
"Ha ha me toward jun? Do you know how strong I am against Emirates? " West distance male cat grinned and faintly wondered, "According to the truth, this bird chieftain should not have such a strong ability. What happened?"
Ghost Shadow shook his head. "I don’t know, but it’s really strong." Then he looked up and smiled slightly. "But among those people, it is estimated that Guiling is very strong, and the rest is the holy family floating life, the Hong Hua Dou Tai and the Ci Ren Valley. He is all shrimp!" When talking, the ghost family’s shadow smiled, and those eyes with no pupils and white eyes looked terrible.
The orc west from the male cat nodded and looked down again, lifting his toes and stabbing a chieftain. "I don’t know if I’m completely dead?"
"You tube he! Can you fight back after all this? If you leave it here, it will rot. What, you still want to whip the body? Ha ha ha ….. "Talking ghost shadow a jump leap up and bowed their heads and shouted" ah! Go! Let’s fight around Honghua and let’s pick a few soft persimmons and kill them first! "
West from the male cat nodded and jumped up.
The two men flew in tandem in the direction of Mrs. Yang Lao.


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