Xiao Qing sank his mouth. "Father, I know you hate him and can’t wait to kill him. I can’t wait to eat his meat and drink his blood. I can’t wait to dismember him. But father, do you really want the royal family of the place of Chu to perish? If King Jing and Xiao Huang fight, the place of Chu will be chaotic. Can the Northern Jin State not move? Do you really want to watch the place of Chu destroy?"

Xiao Qing said sadly that he doesn’t like Xiao Huang more than he hates him, but he has to admit that Xiao Huang is the best candidate for succession.
Only with him will the western Chu be brought to a peak, and even their royal emperors have no one like him.
Xiao Qing spoke chenggan emperor naturally knew, but he was unwilling
That man destroyed his son, destroyed him, and finally he will make him a new king.
"I disagree."
Emperor Chenggan shook his head, and now he seems to be a skinny poor old man when he lies in bed in his teens.
In the bedroom, not only Xiao Qing, but also Linyang monarch Mu Qianqian climbed up and said, "If you don’t want the place of Chu to be messed up, please seal Emperor Xiao Huang."
Muqian took a bite of the old emperor’s anger and shook, pointing to Muqian, "Get out of here."
"Please give the throne to Cousin Xiao by imperial decree. If the emperor reads the whole life of the Western Chu State with a little bit of my mother’s feelings, please give the throne to Cousin Xiao by imperial decree, because my mother once said that the emperor is a good emperor."
For the people, Emperor Chenggan has really done a good job over the years. He is a good emperor.
Mu Qian’s words made Emperor Chenggan think clearly. He thought of the people in the West Chu and the people he liked. Time seems to have gone back to the past. He is also a Lang emperor. It was because he ascended the throne that he gradually lost his heart, became suspicious and suspicious, and became distrustful of people.
The old emperor thought that he was speechless and "brought brocade and silks"
Mu Qianqian often knows where the old emperor’s things are naturally, and immediately got up and took everything.
Xiao Qing carefully held the old emperor, sat down and put things in front of him.
He picked up the pen and his face was sweating, and his fingers trembled for a long time before he wrote a word.
It was not many words, but he made great efforts to finish it.
But when Xiao Huang’s name was finally written, he came instead of writing it.
Because he really didn’t want to write those two words, they made him crazy, and he was afraid that he couldn’t help tearing up the brocade.
After the old emperor wrote the testamentary edict, he stamped the decree and finally looked up at himself.
"I’m not willing to be proud."
After he finished speaking, he was soft and crooked and went to bed with his eyes wide open.
Yes, the one who killed his son and others finally gave him the throne, and he was unwilling.
Xiao Qing looked at Emperor Chenggan’s death and thought of his father’s kindness to himself. He finally couldn’t help crying. "Father, you are a good emperor."
My father is a good emperor, even though he was unwilling to give the throne to Xiao Huang because he didn’t want to get into chaos in the west.
Although Xiao Huang’s name was not written in the end, he can find someone to go to Linmo.
Crying in the bedroom sounded for a while. Xiao Qing put away her tears and looked at Emperor Chenggan and said, "Father, maybe I will accompany you soon. I will make amends to you when you wait for me."
When he finished, he looked at Muqian coldly and "announced that his father had died."
Mu Qian woke up and immediately got up and rushed out and shouted, "No, the emperor died. The emperor died."
Soon everyone in the palace was shocked and rushed to the Qinzheng Hall. Even the ministers in the DPRK took the news and rushed into the palace.
The Qinzheng Hall cried until dawn.
The people in the bedroom stopped crying after dawn.
The queen mother looked sad. "The emperor died and asked the new emperor to succeed to the throne, so that he could send out his funeral and mourn for his family and immediately choose the new emperor to preside over the overall situation."
As soon as her words fell, all the ministers in the bedroom echoed and nodded, "What the empress dowager said is."
The queen mother cast a glance at the courtier’s eyes in the bedroom, and the light seemed to fall on Xiao Huang’s body. She knew that Yuan Jia had been thrown out directly.
This unappreciative thing, she let him see the queen mother.
The queen mother thought of the secluded cold, "mourning for the family is a country, and mourning for the family is naturally a matter of mourning for the family. You are right to recognize mourning for the family."
First, many people echoed’
These people naturally support the Jing throne.
Among the first kneeling people, Jing Wang is the most energetic and radiant.
He seems to see himself sitting in the Golden Luan Hall dressed as an emperor, and no one dares to disrespect himself. It was unthinkable before, but now it has become.
Jing Wang feels a little airy.’
In the bedroom, the queen mother’s voice sounded again. "Since all adults agree with the words of mourning for the family, there is one person who can succeed to the throne, and that is the emperor’s younger brother Jing Wang."
As soon as the queen mother’s words fell, Jing Wang got excited and looked at the minister in the bedroom with a big smile and then at the queen mother.
"Thank the Empress Dowager for patronizing"
Although King Jing got up, some ministers did not agree to establish his emperor.



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