This is a pharmacopoeia saying that Chinese herbal medicine can solve the strange poison and bring people back to life.

It’s not that it’s true, it’s true and it was found by the couple.
"Someone will bring the herbs to Taitai" ordered someone to come and pick up the rosewood box cover immediately.
Finally, I took a look at the night, and the capital Yiyang laughed and then turned to go higher.
"It’s time to get up after sleeping for so long!" In the dark, a foreign sound is faint and finally melts into the air and disappears.
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"Breaking the orifices for nine days/by: Yuehua tears"
"Status: Completed"
Yuehua’s new bully, the sword and the martial arts, hope that all brothers and sisters will support and thank you.
A martial artist in Dongyue Mainland is rampant, and the world protagonist Zhang Tao, an ordinary mountain village teenager, could have become a hunter silently.
chapters and sections
1 Zhangtaixiang village
Hanging Wan Li in the hot sun like blood is like a touch of bright red in the emerald, which brings people visual enjoyment and shock. At the same time, they will sigh that it is a fine day again.
The surrounding white clouds move with the wind, so you don’t need to worry about the day. You need to visit the vast land with the change of atmosphere, and occasionally get angry and change colors, which shows its power that can not be ignored.
At this time, a strong man’s rough voice sounded from time to time in a small mountain village. "If you insist on this, then you will definitely become a qualified martial artist and a qualified male Han in the future."
The strong man’s face is serious, and a long scar on his right cheek adds to his brawniness and bravery. At this time, he glows like an army instructor. His burly figure is strong and dark, and his muscles are formidable. Twenty children under the age of ten are running in front of him. Looking at their red faces and panting, I know that these children are exhausted.
However, there is no pity in this strong man’s eyes, but he is meticulous and conscientious, and the whip in his hand keeps beating in his hand. Any child who insists on not going seems to see the most horrible thing in this world, and he doesn’t know where he got the strength to persist again.
And some adults around them, either holding bows and arrows or hoes, are smiling at these training children because they know that a village hope will be born in these children.
At this time, it seems that a child can’t stand such harsh training, and the dust rises directly and attracts everyone’s attention.
See children fall down the original serious strong man’s eyes appeared a little worried, but it didn’t show a careful observation for a moment and then speak "Zhang Tao still not up? Do you want to be embarrassed by others all the time? "
Although the little boy’s face was slightly painful, his eyes were still tenacious and unyielding. He heard the strong man shouting a pair of arms like lotus root joints and tried to get up, but after several attempts, he returned to the earth as if he never wanted to leave again. Sweat dripped from his forehead.
At this time, another child came to Zhang Tao’s side. The child had fine eyes and took Zhang Tao’s right hand. "We can’t give up when Zhang Tao gets up."
The child helped Zhang Tao get up, although his body was a little shaky, but he stabilized his body less. "Thank you for moving Lin."
"Don’t thank us, aren’t we good friends? Ok, continue to refuel. You see Li Qiang, they have all run to the front. "Lin moved and took Zhang Tao’s hand and ran towards the front together.
Zhang Tao, regardless of the dust, followed his good friend’s footsteps and struggled to chase after the front team. At this time, a kind of friendship in their childhood laughter was brewing in the hearts of two children.
When the strong man saw this scene, there was a little relief in his eyes, and then he quietly followed the sunset, and the red blood gradually disappeared. The sun on the hill was as heroic as heroic blood, and it was as if the bride to be married was shy, tender and rosy, which made people feel relaxed and happy.
And look at the’ online leaderboard kanshu! O It’s a real disaster for more than twenty children to stagger in the same place, which makes people shake their heads and sigh. "Today, the training is over. Dongyue mainland is a strong country. We Taixiang Village will be your generation in the future, but our village is not rich by hunting and farming. Can one of your more than twenty children stand out and go to a big city for further study, and then the strong will come back to change our village life? Is this the only hope of Taixiang Village that we understand?" The strong man’s voice was majestic and terrible, and suddenly these physically exhausted children slowly straightened up.
"white!" Although everyone wants to go out and see the world, and they can learn from their work, they can fly off the cliff and fight for the strong, but only 20 people can become the lucky one, and the competition is not too great.
The strong man in front of him is a martial artist and an instructor in this village. He is responsible for screening out the materials that can be made and then carrying out basic training, which is also the preparation for the future of the village.
This strong man is called Zhaolong. I heard that there are quite a lot of contacts outside. Zhaolong in this remote mountain village is of course the object that everyone respects, just like the code of Dongyue mainland, the strong will be respected naturally.
"Well, today’s training is your rest day, and Li Qiang Lin moved to Zhao Manyu. The three of you deserve praise. Today’s training is very good. Maybe later, on behalf of the village elite, you will be one of them, and you should learn from them." The strong man praised the three people. Of course, the person who was praised was smug. How old children know about talent? Put your mind on your tender little face.
And Zhang Tao’s face is gray and mixed with sweat, but the loss in his eyes is obvious. Among the 20 children, Zhang Tao is a poor one. It seems that the so-called talent is slowly manifested



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