After thinking it over, she also picked up chopsticks to eat. When she saw him, she couldn’t help but feel relieved and read her own words. He still listened and relaxed a lot. She felt that she should go to guide Pearl Krabs. Although Pearl Krabs quit by herself, she was sure to let go for a while.

Although two people have never really been together, after all, Pearl Krabs is lovelorn. The most difficult thing to get out of every relationship is women. Men will bounce back in a month or two at most, and then they will find someone they like again, while women will take longer. Some people have been infatuated for several years and they can’t get out. Of course, it depends on the reasons for lovelorn.
On Pearl Krabs’s impossibility of coming out in a short time, Nalan felt it necessary to talk to Pearl Krabs about Ye Qing, a guy who was easy to handle, so he told him in a few words that Pearl Krabs might need some breath.
After dinner, Ye Qing consciously paid the money and walked out of the restaurant. He smiled and said to Ye Qing, "Is it worthwhile to invite me to eat this meal?"
"Don’t think I think it is to spend money to find scold" leaf joke tunnel.
"Do you want me to spit it out and return it to you?" Nalan made a vomit-like leaf tilt and laughed. "Disgusting, I don’t want you to give it back to you. Spit it out and continue eating!"
"Get out of here, you’re even more disgusting. After the successful completion of the guide, I should also retire and be misunderstood by all of you. Then I’ll be directly removed from the team. Who can I talk to?" He said and waved at Ye Qing, and then he went straight away, quite decisively and without hesitation.
Ye Qing couldn’t help but be very moved when she left. Although he and he couldn’t be together, he was still so worried. He avoided misunderstanding and refused to stay one more time. He couldn’t help but appreciate Nalan more and felt that he might be able to become good friends with her.
Chapter 169 Guide Pearl Krabs
Ye Qing walked alone to Su Yanbing and Dami Coffee Shop, and it didn’t take him long to get to the door. He looked inside and both Dami and Su Yanbing were not in the store, so he took a taxi at the door and went straight back to the rental house.
Although he has already understood it, it will take a little while to face Da Mi and Su Yanbing, and it is impossible to pretend that nothing happened in an instant.
Back to the rental house, Ye Qing found that Zhao xia yang hadn’t come back yet. I thought he should still be practicing hard in the coffee shop training room. He sat alone on the sofa for a while and his brain was white for a long time before he came to his senses, and then he looked at the camera.
Pearl Krabs came home alone and looked at the deserted living room. I didn’t know what it was like. Ye Qing was the first one to come in that night. The man and she snuggled up on the sofa and said so many emotional words. But now they are together and have to hide their feelings. From now on, they can be ordinary friends.
She didn’t even have dinner, so she was lying on the sofa staring at the ceiling in a daze until Nalan called to let her out of the state of relaxation. She picked up her mobile phone and picked it up. It turned out that Nalan wanted to ask her out to soak in bars.
She didn’t want to feel exhausted and want to lie still, but she was so upset that she always thought it might be better to drink some wine. Didn’t Ye Qing think so at that time? That’s why she drank like that. She didn’t think she was going to get drunk, but she wanted to drink a little to stop thinking about those worries.
She promised Nalan and took a taxi according to the address Nalan said. The bar was not in the street of Jiuyanqiao Bar, but in a slightly remote old street.
This bar is in a nostalgic style, and the exterior decoration is made of old wood. The name is Release Bar. Pearl Krabs walks in, and the lights are a little dim. You can see that there is a stage in the center, a band is performing and people are sitting around.
The bar area is small. Pearl Krabs just came in and was found by Nalan. She got up and waved. Pearl Krabs hurriedly walked over and sat down. Nalan handed her a bottle of Rui ‘ao cocktail. She didn’t refuse to take it. She took a sip first and then said with a smile, "A little thirsty."
Seeing that there was a fruit bowl on the table, Pearl Krabs took a toothpick and fork a few apples to eat. He quickly asked, "Didn’t you eat?"
"Well, I don’t want to eat!" Pearl Krabs nods
"Do you want me to order a snack for you when you’re drinking?" Nalan said and waved to a stranger. The man quickly came over and asked with a grin, "What does a beautiful woman need?"
Nalan read a list and ordered a spicy diced rabbit snack. Pearl Krabs thanked him gratefully.
"You’re welcome. I know you’re in a bad mood. Do you want me to guide you?" He smiled and said
Pearl Krabs glanced at her, picked up the bottle and took a sip. "You guide me?"
"Yes, it seems that you are also very skeptical about my ability! The same is true before Ye Qing, but I succeeded in hitting his heart and made him relaxed a lot. "He was very confident and tunnel.
Pearl Krabs couldn’t help but frown when she started to tilt. "Have you talked to him?"
"Yes, he invited me to dinner, and we chatted during dinner. I successfully told him that he was not as uncomfortable as before, and now it’s just you!" He looked at Pearl Krabs eyes smiled and said
"You mean he’s already suffering? Can you forget me? " Pearl Krabs some sarcastic tunnel, she knew that he must have known the ending of this matter. I remembered what she said in front of him, and I couldn’t help but feel that he must want to see her jokes, and naturally he was a little impolite.
Nalan was not annoyed, but went on, "It doesn’t mean that he won’t be so persistent, and he won’t always think about it and feel sorry for you. I think what he needs to do now is to adjust his mind and turn his attention to the game instead of obsessing about his children’s affair, don’t you think?"
"You’re right! What he has to do now is really to turn his attention to the game. This is the responsibility of his team captain. You can say that he is really amazing! " Pearl Krabs is very much in favor of the tunnel. In fact, she has been worried that Ye Qing will be very uncomfortable after she said those words to Ye Qing. She has been unable to walk out. She is also very pleased to hear Nalan say that Ye Qing has relaxed a lot.
"Then do you want to accept my guidance?" He asked.
"Anyway, I’m here. Can I stop you if you want to talk? Don’t worry, I don’t have cotton in my ears. I will hear everything you say. If you can say that I don’t feel so bad, it’s all on me tonight! " Pearl Krabs is very cool tunnel
"Then it’s a deal. It’s a good deal not only to have a dinner but also to drink a few bottles of wine for nothing today!" He joke tunnel
When Pearl Krabs and Nalan were chatting in a bar, Ye Qing fell asleep alone on the sofa. In his mind, he kept thinking about what Pearl Krabs said to him in the hospital and kissing his forehead. He could feel that Pearl Krabs was quite reluctant to make such a decision. She didn’t know how many struggles she had gone through. He couldn’t help but feel very sorry for Pearl Krabs, but he could do nothing.
Later, he remembered Nalan’s words, which also made sense. Now that things have become like this, he should be kind to Dami and Su Yanbing after accepting his fate. If other girls were afraid of breaking up with him long ago, where would they give him such an opportunity? It can be seen that these two girls are deeply attached to him.
Big honey even agreed to accept Pearl Krabs, which was also because he liked him so much that he made concessions. He was deeply moved and felt that he owed too much to big honey and Su Yanbing.
Various emotions entangled in his heart made his sleep quality not good. When Zhao Xiayang came back, he woke up, then chatted with Zhao Xiayang and went straight back to his room to sleep. Zhao Xiayang still knew something about Ye Qing, and he was still a little upset. He also went back to his room to sleep. Today, the training intensity was a little strong, and he felt very tired. Today, he stopped watching.
Ye Qing tossed and turned in the room and couldn’t sleep. He simply sat up and leaned against the bed, picked up his mobile phone and called WeChat. He seldom called WeChat once in a while. Many people talked to him, but he didn’t reply. At this time, he checked them one by one. Most of them were former classmates who sent greetings, but there were also some wonderful flowers that sent him some links to help him order something, and even asked him to borrow money from them.
There are some information he has already read, such as the former Chen Yue sent him a glance, and then he saw a message from the former dormitory person. The guy came to study in other places instead of Chengdu, and there was no news after graduation. It is said that he went back to his hometown, but he sent a message from WeChat saying that he is now in Chengdu and wants to get together with Ye Qing and Dong Laoer when he wants to take a break.
Ye Qing read this message and it turned out that he didn’t have a WeChat office for a month. Now he just saw that he quickly replied that he could get together sometimes and left his mobile phone number.
That roommate was not bad with him at the beginning, but he was the youngest of them. At that time, Ye Qing took care of him. When the guy returned to Chengdu, his first thought was that there were not many friends in Chengdu, and there were only a few classmates, and he was still very happy that this roommate could contact him.
Ye Qing continued to browse and saw the message from the senior high school class leader inviting him to join a WeChat group. He entered the group and looked at it. There were as many as 40 high school classmates. At that time, there were 57 people in their class. This group almost included everyone and missed eleven or twelve people. It is estimated that it is impossible to connect.
He saw that people in the group were chatting in full swing, saying that it was all during this year’s reunion. Some people suggested that it should be held in May, and some people suggested that opinions were not very unanimous in April. Ye Qing had no interest in reunion at all. After graduating from high school for so many years, he hardly attended several reunion meetings, not to mention once.
Just as he was about to quit the group, he saw someone directly A him. He quickly glanced at it and sent a message that the monitor of the high school asked him if he would attend the reunion this year, and he was still complaining that he always didn’t attend, which was not at all gregarious.
As a result, after the monitor made that remark, the rest of the people criticized him. Some people said that he must have mixed up now and looked down on his old classmates and didn’t want to mix with them. Others said that he must have gone to a big city and looked down on a small place and didn’t want to come back.
He felt very sorry. He explained in the group that he was busy, and sometimes he might not come to see him. When he spoke, the people inside became more lively, and there were more speakers. The Ministry asked him to take part in the competition when he squeezed out. Some people even said that they could accommodate him and wait for him. Sometimes everyone would get together again.
Ye Qing promised that he would attend the reunion this year. Those guys spared the people who spoke in his group. Some of them couldn’t even remember their names, and few of them could remember them. After graduation, he hardly contacted a high school classmate, Chen Yue, until he met them later.
Chapter 17 Memories of High School



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