As a result, the man was holding a black knife and "cut!" I actually blocked it directly and laughed. "A little strength is also good, just right for me."

A shoulder and I played together.
I’m still flashing my sword, but I can’t chop the roots and not occupy the wind, which makes me feel relieved and afraid of an accident.
Because these people were chosen to enter the Shunzhi underground palace, they are two grades stronger than us, even if we are in the front, they are still a little worse.
I don’t occupy the wind at all.
Pombo is directly petrified and rushed to a big guy. "Fighting with you" belongs to the enemy state, which is not bad.
The fire fell, the inflammation was also spat out, and the bamboo leaf green flame whip was the strongest collision we could bear as soon as it entered.
Playing is also particularly hot.
Chapter 9 Cutting wood is coming
Hard work is comprehensive strength. Our physical strength is not good, but a spent force. They are the first in the new force, and they are desperately trying their best to survive.
The nangongshan and others can still occupy the wind a little.
But hard work is not enough, and physical exhaustion is manifested. This is not because of drinking physical potion, but because of mental level.
Too much numbness, no excitement, it’s easy to have an accident. People die in Italy, and so do other places.
More than 20 people killed us, and more than 40 people died after two or three minutes of confrontation. Half of them were still soft, and almost all of them died.
The same is true of Qiushui Iraqis and Jiu Jianxian over there. You can’t spell without the ultimate skill.
At this time, Mengchen once again launched a huge energy wave "Wow!" I pushed a root in a row, but I can’t fight it.
"If you die, you will have to die."
"Yes, I can’t."
Fire falling and bamboo leaves are all silent.
And there, Pombo’s stoning actually killed one. It was fierce, but without physical strength, I didn’t answer. They first jumped over and grabbed Pang Bo and dragged him back. "How can you run? There are so many people."
"We have a car"
Lin Weiwei said later, "I’ll go to the back to get the car and run."
Cann’t be killed
Those who wake up also know that if they go to the top, they will die, along with Jiu Jianxian and Qiu Shui Iraqis.
As soon as the morale is hit, I want to run for my life, so I can’t keep up. "Ah!" "ah!" Screaming, two more dead
"Can’t return"
Jiu Jianxian lost his usual sloppy and accompanying anger and shouted, "It’s the same to fight to the end if you run away."
Play hard
Not in harmony with Meng Li.
But Meng Lixian just doesn’t worry about knowing that these people can’t run away. He will worry about eating that bite in his pocket. Hehe laughs. "You have today, too."
have plenty of room for the play of a cleaver
Colchicine Iraqis are gritting their teeth and watching the younger brothers of Qingcheng Mountain get injured again and again, but they can’t hold back. Some want to withdraw. They have mounted bluebirds or can escape.
It’s not that she’s afraid, but that she doesn’t want to let Qingcheng send troops to cover the film.
As a result, a stereo started to say, "What are you running for? These guys should have killed them." A man came running with a sword, which was very heroic.
It’s the old seven of Qingcheng school, but when we look back, we are all stupid. "What’s wrong with an arm?"
If the left arm is also left, the right arm is there and rushed over with a sword.
We didn’t know when we came out late, and Lin Weiwei didn’t introduce them. They were far away and didn’t seem to notice.
At this time, someone said, "The arm of the Seven Heroes was cut off when fighting with other players in Shunzhi Underground Palace. This awakened person could not be cured. Just now, he was taken to the back to stop bleeding and recuperate during the chaotic war, and then he ran out to help."
An arm to help.
Everyone was encouraged and made a move to beat off several players. They are still powerful.
I shouted, "Kill and kill with the Seven Heroes." If I don’t want to retire, I will try my best.
Qingcheng Seven was seriously injured in the snow, but she gritted her teeth and insisted on fighting to the death, posing as a dead man and inspiring the awakened people to be very United.
Lin Weiwei, Yi Xue, Ning Xi and Young Xi don’t want to run away and attack immediately.
The arrow shot out and Ning Xi’s invisibility can all help, which has created some trouble for them.
I also directly found the right opportunity to cut the past with a knife, and a fatal blow stabbed a player in the abdomen.
He immediately screamed and stepped back.



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