If the heart is pierced, Titan Snow Lord will die. The heart is the lifeblood of life. If it is pierced, no other living thing can live except God.
With a scarlet soul ring floating to the middle, Titan Snow Lord died completely.
The Three Heavenly Kings in the Far North and the Titan Snow Devil have been tyrants for thousands of years, but now he has died in the hands of Zhao.
"Brigitte, I am the guardian". Zhao looked at the body of Titan Snow Lord indifferently, and found a clean place to sit beside his body without any waves.
At the same time, Brigitte also sat beside Zhao, and she did her best to shine on Zhao to help him quickly restore his soul.
The Titan Snow Devil is dead, and the Ice Bear King is staring at this scene. Until now, he still seems to be dreaming.
Each of the three kings of the Far North is extremely powerful. Although he is not the Titan Snow Lord, he also admits that his strength is the strongest after the Snow Emperor and the Ice Emperor.
Looking at the body of Titan Snow Devil, his face is complicated. He doesn’t know if this fruit is good or bad. Titan Snow Devil is dead, and the apocalypse of Snow Emperor and Ice Emperor is coming soon. What should they do in the far north at that time?
Several powerful soul beasts are eyeing up and those titles are fighting. Can he hold these people down at that time?
And Zhao and Bridget, they come to the far north and don’t know if it’s a good thing. What if they have bad intentions?
At this time, two beautiful figures came.
The woman on the left is wearing a long blue dress, which outlines the perfect body. The long blue hair shawl hangs full and the jade legs are slender before the chest, showing white feet without shoes.
The woman on the right is even more beautiful. A long white hair has been hanging down to her feet behind her head. The sky-blue eyes are transparent as if she can see through all the slender and charming bodies. A long white dress makes her look so noble and stunning, although it is not decorated at all.
This is the really strong in the far north and the top ten in the list of fierce beasts in the mainland, namely, Emperor Bibi, Emperor Scorpion, Emperor Bing and Bing Tian Xue Nv Snow Emperor.
At this time, their beautiful eyes looked at the body of Titan Snow Lord, surprised and angry.
How powerful the Titan Snow Devil is, second only to them. Although their strength is huge, they are absolutely strong. Who can kill him?
Chapter 397 Why did you suddenly kneel?
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Snow Emperor’s cold and dignified eyes looked at Zhao with a hint of anger in her eyes.
No matter what mistakes the Titan Snow Lord has made, he is also their soul beast in the far north, and now there are people who dare to kill him.
How can she not be angry when the 200,000-year-old fierce beast was killed under her nose?
"Xiao Bai, what is this?" Snow Emperor took a deep breath, and her beautiful eyes looked up at the ice bear king. She just seemed to perceive that Xiaobai was also hunting Titan Snow Lord with them.
"Mom …" The ice bear king looked at the Snow Emperor and told him what had just happened.
"What did you say? Titan Snow Devil dares to be so presumptuous? "
"Hum, he’s getting worse and worse, and he dares to think like this."
Snow Emperor and Ice Emperor listened to their faces and flashed a trace of anger at the same time. If they didn’t want their successors in the far north, how could they bear the idea that Titan Snow Lord had such a heart for them? How could they be proud and look at a soul beast weaker than them? Titan Snow Lord is just wishful thinking.
"So they just saved you?"
"Well, they are not human beings, but spirit beasts. One of them is Brigitte, the head of the emerald swan clan in the stars forest." The ice bear king said that his eyes looked at Zhao and he could not help but feel a bit horrified.
Just now, he saw clearly that he was a fierce beast with strong strength and strong blood …
But now how did he become a human? Can also absorb the soul ring?
This simply subverts his cognition.
Since ancient times, only humans can absorb the soul ring, but Zhao must be a soul beast. He can’t even distinguish this wrong.
"Bridget?" Snow emperor and ice emperor were looking at the two figures in front of them and feeling their breath. They suddenly found some abnormalities.
"What’s a fierce beast like Bridget doing in the Far North?"
"But also with a human …"
"Snow Emperor, that man seems a little odd."
The ice emperor couldn’t help but say that her beautiful face has a dignified jade hand, and she couldn’t help stroking her chest. Her spirit went towards Zhao’s perception and she didn’t perceive anything, and she felt a sense of terror and oppression.
This feeling of oppression is blood pressure.
Only a senior spirit beast can produce this kind of oppression on a low-level spirit beast.
But how is that possible?
She is the most powerful spirit beast except Bing Tian Xue Nv, the natural darling, but now she feels so afraid of blood oppression in Zhao.
"The Snow Emperor …" The beautiful eyes of the Ice Emperor raised and could not help but look at the Snow Emperor around him.
"I also feel that kind of blood pressure, perhaps deeper than you feel. The higher the blood is repaired, the deeper the feeling is." Snow Emperor Xiumei frowned, and she felt an extremely terrible breath from Zhao.
That kind of blood, she has never seen a soul beast with such a strong blood. What soul beast is stronger than her in the blood of Bing Tian Xue Nv Tianbao Tiandi?
Before the ice bear king gawk at the ice emperor and the snow emperor looked at them with a dignified look on their faces and couldn’t help becoming speechless.
The Snow Emperor and the Ice Emperor are powerful in the far north, and even the whole soul beast world is famous.
They are the most powerful soul beasts in the far north, and it is precisely because of their toughness that no soul beast human dare to be presumptuous in the far north.
Snow Emperor and Ice Emperor are noble, and absolute beauty shines everywhere they go.
And now they show such an expression to Zhao.
"By the way, it seems that Brigitte still called the man, and his identity should be more noble than …" Ice Bear King suddenly said that he remembered Brigitte’s address to Zhao at that time.
The Lord can’t be called casually.
"Well, we know." Snow Emperor looked at Zhao in a moment.
Zhao’s thin figure at this time seems to contain poor power, which makes her feel a little afraid.
Now she can be sure that he is a powerful spirit beast. Brigitte and other fierce beasts are taller than the ice emperor, and the distance between her and her is only over 100,000 years. Then how is he?
Even the emperor made Brigitte Chen …
If a female soul beast is willing to be a male soul beast, what it means also means that she is willing to hand over those things. In the soul beast world, the emperor of the soul beast is like this. If the emperor of the soul beast wants them, they can’t object.



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