"Give a letter card you 5w dollars should be enough for you to be alone for a while. I will give it to you again. I want to play well now and earn more money. That will give you more. You see how shabby I am now. If I have money, I will give you hundreds of thousands of millions directly. ? ? ? ? ? ?” Zhong Daguo once again kindly comforted Zhan Zhuyi.

"Well, I forgive you. A man’s career is important. I’m a generous woman." Zhan Zhuyi can understand Zhong Daguo without any other ideas in his heart.
"Come to the arena to watch my training and competition when chatting" Zhong Daguo emphasized again.
"Are you worried about this beautiful woman?" Zhan Zhuyi said some coquetry
"Where there are several men who are more attractive than me? I’m Gao Fushuai! Wife, what do you say? " Zhong Daguo walked over and kissed Zhan Zhuyi deeply.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 113 Power technology
Chapter 113 Power technology
It’s all right, it’s all light. Zhong Daguo finally got things done according to the coach’s requirements. Now he is running to the arena with his heart in his heart.
First of all, I have to report to the coach that "I am very determined to play well, and now I have separated from my girlfriend, waiting for guidance from the coach and making rapid progress."
Secondly, just wait to find a better room near the arena, buy it cheaper and rent it more expensive.
"Coach, didn’t you just leave the arena? Why did you come again?" Zhong Daguo said with a surprised and happy expression.
"How’s your business going? Don’t talk to me until it’s done well," Rivers said slowly and leisurely.
"Of course, I’m determined to play well. As soon as I get back, I will tell the woman that I want to play well. I’m a big man in front of the woman. She cried when she saw me say this." Zhong Daguo deliberately acted like a man in front of the coach
"Well, you should be a man to women. Don’t be a mother-in-law. When you are soft, they will be spoiled. At last, your heart will be completely soft. When I was young, I was also a sentimental and coquettish year." Rivers saw that lovers can cut the gordian knot and have a firm belief in playing well, so he was also happy to make a joke with Zhong Daguo.
"Then where are you going to sleep tonight? Go to my house. I’ll rent a room for you. ? ? ? ? ?” Rivers said with a smile
"Don’t don’t don’t? ? ? ? ? ? You and Teacher Niang are quiet. I’d better not bother you. "Zhong Daguo is busy waving and making fear."
"You’re too good at making some lame excuses if you don’t want to say that you don’t bother us," Rivers said, touching the lover’s heart
"Well, practice for a while first, and then I’ll go out with you to find a nice room. I’m still much more familiar with this environment than you, and I should be able to help you," Rivers said.
"You should practice bench press first, which is very helpful for your muscles, and then lift the barbell and do two exercises every day. If you keep practicing for half a year, your muscles and strength will definitely improve," Rivers continued
Zhong Daguo made four 1kg bench presses with all his strength, and he was soaked with sweat. He felt a little overwhelmed. "Continue to resist. You can continue to do it. Now it is a hurdle." Rivers shouted at the side.
Zhong Daguo heard the teacher’s encouragement and tried his best to continue to resist and continue to do bench presses. After a while, he couldn’t bear it and finally felt much better. Now he feels that he can persist for a long time as a child.
"Just stick to it, and if you don’t feel good, you’ll get over it," Rivers said with relief
"You can practice your breakthrough now. You can speed up your speed when your strength is not enough. You can learn McGrady’s first step. The first step is to dump your opponent. Go and practice dribbling and dribbling. You have to practice every day. If you don’t practice, you will be unfamiliar." Rivers continued to guide Zhong Daguo.
Zhong Daguo practiced dribbling skills with a ball. His dribbling skills are not bad, but he can’t combine people’s balls very well. Some skills are still not very unified. Rivers watched and pointed out from time to time. "That hip dribble can be practiced less on the court for a while, but if he is not very skilled, he will turn around and practice it well. Also, he should pay attention to setbacks in dribbling. Some players just beat their opponents with rhythm and time difference."
"Well, good performance today. We have to worry about staying up late." Rivers is going to take Zhong Daguo to find a house.
Two people frame the car in the North Bank Garden Stadium.
"It’s a nice room. Let’s go and have a look." Rivers pointed to a beautiful villa.
"Do you rent a house here?" Rivers said politely to an old lady who came out of the room.
"Oh, no, we’re not short of money. You’d better find another place. There are several houses over there that are posted on the notice of renting and selling houses. You can go and have a look." The fat old lady is really helpful
"Well, thank you," Zhong Daguo and Rivers said together.
The two men came to a group of houses with the words "for rent" and "for sale". "Now the American economy is in recession, and too many people have rented houses and sold them." Rivers sighed.
"Let’s go there and have a look. I think it’s a good room. It’s better to rent it. If you become a big star and have money, go and buy a luxury room. Now rent it for the time being." Rivers thinks about life in a big country.
The rental house came to the courtyard with two people and then knocked on the door. A 5-year-old aunt came over. "Are you renting a house?" Zhong Daguo took a closer look at the woman. Some Xu Niang asked, and her voice was still nice.
Two people came to the house to look at the house. A blonde girl of about 2 years old came out in pajamas, but she still didn’t even bring a bra in her clothes. The wave was too big and tall, and the white slender thighs exposed outside were very sexy. Zhong Daguo’s crotch reacted instantly. He didn’t dare to look at it any more. He didn’t want to commit a crime. "You see the coach?" ? ? ? ? ?” Zhong Daguo turned and spoke hesitatingly to the coach.
"Oh, it’s my second daughter." The woman saw Zhong Daguo’s embarrassment and quickly said.
"What’s the matter?" Rivers deliberately asked, "You know, I just agreed to separate from my girlfriend, and now I’m here again. Maybe I can’t help it. Then I might as well go straight back to my girlfriend." Zhong Daguo whispered in Rivers’ ear.


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