Flocculants come and go with the autumn. When you see Lilina fall, you guess that the promise war is nearby. If you don’t hesitate, you will run away.

Compared with boss equipment, what equipment and grade are more important.
Yang Ye walked out from behind a big tree and looked at the distance, gradually running away, gradually falling away, and the autumn party also had no heart-when did he have such a big deterrent to offer a sacrifice to a Lilina person before the other party ran away! This …
Not bad.
Then you have to help two women get rid of that boss, right? The 55-level spiritual boss still looks good.
The players around know what fame can scare people. The promise war here has not come out yet. More than a dozen people robbed the boss there and ran away. This is too unintelligent … But I’m afraid it’s a choice for a person and a team. The promise war can’t be provoked lightly.
The heavy boots behind him trampled on the ground and made a crisp sound. When they looked back, people suddenly surprised everyone slightly-
Promise war!
It was him.
"Sure enough, Lilina arrived first. He later estimated that Lilina flew faster."
"Gee, the first master really looks awesome."
"There are two girlfriends …" Speaking of which, others turned to two women who appeared from the mask …
"That’s beautiful. Girlfriends or two."
"Can you come together every night? Good grass envy … "
"There is such a value is actually two if I know the real identity of the promise war, I must report it! !”
"Take me a …"
When Yang Ye approached the two women and surrounded the players, he automatically separated a road, and his eyes turned with Yang Ye’s progress. A group of celebrities felt that they approached the two women. Yang Ye said with a smile, "How is it okay?"
"We will be bullied later!" Private rain laughed and said
"Yes, I think your cover is quite powerful. How can you be bullied?" Yang Ye Road
"Wow, you’re here early. You’re watching the play! ! Damn it, Smoke, what do you think about this? You have to punish him tonight! " Private rain break is attacking boss Qin smoke asked.
She said something explicit, Qin Yan heard her face blushing, and then she thought of doing things with Yang Ye in the bathroom last night, and suddenly she was even more shy. "No, you won’t!"
"Wow, you two have been colluding for a long time, and I was kept in the dark!" Private rain angrily said, but look at her. How can she be angry? Her face and smile are even stronger.
"Okay, I’ll deal with this boss first." Yang Ye stopped the private rain and continued to joke. Xia Ge Eddie sword rushed at the boss …
Yang Ye doesn’t worry that someone around him dares to rob their boss. There is no big guild activity around here. Even if there is, he will sell his promise to give up this boss because of a 55-level spiritual boss. Now it is not worthwhile for Yang Ye to get it, and whether it can be robbed is another matter.
Also, Yang Ye, the warrior, helped to cooperate with Qin Yan’s spell, which caused high damage to private rain, and the priest replied that it was easy for three people to fight. Yang Ye didn’t walk around much all the time. The damage caused by the boss attack was not particularly high, but there was super treatment and shield of private rain behind him. It wouldn’t be too easy. If there was private rain to help with blood when playing the 6-level epic boss of Rose at that time, he wouldn’t be so lucky with a dream of becoming a demon …
There is no suspense in the battle, and the players around have gradually dispersed after watching a lively …
The death of alienated mantis boss made the two girls jump for joy for a long time. Although the equipment was not very good, they were also carefully selected and immersed in the fun of the game.
That’s great
"Take it to upgrade. I’ll upgrade to level 6 first. Maybe something interesting has happened." Yang Ye smiled.
One of the so-called fun things is to prepare to take people to Julongling, the deputy, who didn’t pass the team today, and he also wants to challenge one or two. I’m afraid the Pan-Sky Alliance people will also start work. After that, the situation will be unknown …
"Ah … you’re six. We’re only in our fifties. No, you can’t go with us so soon." Private rain Jiaochen got up.
Yang Ye glanced at her, which was a little strange-it was so strange.
"It’s okay, you’re a hidden professional wet nurse. You’re a smoke son. She must quickly change her job and hide her career …" Yang Ye said.
"Well, I’ll try!" Qin Yan nods to the road to be continued.
No.393 beacon smoke rises
Lilina’s huge debut theory is that the players around him are still being attacked. When Qiu Ren heard and saw her, she couldn’t hide from it. Don’t go to pk with others before it’s too late. Let’s look at the eyes with autumn and stab the woman straight at him, and then suddenly slip back when the other party hasn’t stabbed him-
"bang! !”


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