I, blx, am a lot of players who are struggling to find the female player with the founding letter of the guild. I passed by the flash blue guild and saw them playing level 3 wild boss. I, blx, didn’t go to help or rob it, but it was also a level 3 spiritual costume. It was really unnecessary to rob it, but when I saw that the other party couldn’t hold on, I sent her a request. I thought about it and I was lucky to help. I could also sell a level 3 spiritual costume and add some money to my makeup.

However, I didn’t expect that the third-level wild spirit boss directly produced one of the most valuable things at present-the guild founding letter! Even if I blx didn’t want to rob the equipment again, she couldn’t help it. She just started to anger a few players who also intended to rob the residual blood and robbed this good thing and then ran away.
Although she is a woman, she knows a lot about playing games. Good things come to you, and if you are surrounded by outsiders, if you can rob directly without paying attention to the so-called face, no one will say anything about you.
I did this well in blx, and she succeeded.
If you can succeed, you can escape and never find it. You have to have a hidden occupation with her occupation-the night ghost.
The night hidden spirit is an assassin’s hidden profession. It is also an accident that even blx feels lucky and the strength of the night hidden spirit is beyond blx’s expectation. Although the attack is as weak as it can be, it is also in line with blx’s own style. What kind of killer is she?
Night Ghost has two powerful skills to ensure that blx escaped safely after encountering situations in the coming period. One is the acceleration skill.
Treading on the Moon will increase your potential burst by 3%, reduce your movement speed and output damage by%, and keep it for 5 minutes and cool it for 7 minutes to make it invisible.
It is this skill that makes many players not only chase after it, but also can’t chase it. blx root can’t kill a person, and there is no other way but to run.
Another skill
Hide yourself in the hidden moon during the launch period of the hidden moon skill. All skills and props have no visible effect. The attack method shows the figure but the damage remains the same. The skill lasts for 1 minute and cools for 2 minutes and 3 seconds.
The powerful effect of the hidden moon skill makes blx not worry about moving to the periphery of the crowd or the gap in a minute, and then launching the skill of treading the yarn to chase the moon directly and quickly to hide a group of shouting players.
In addition to these two skills, blx also has a professional passive skill and injury skill. The passive skill is to increase the moving speed by 12% in the dark. Unfortunately, it is not the dark night in the game, otherwise it will be more difficult to catch her. Damage skills are weak, but hitting the target can slow down in some ways.
With these skills, blx escaped several times in desperation.
There is not much time to look at it. If you insist on it for a while, you can send it back to the city and settle down after you return to the city.
"I’m so tired …" blx murmured that it’s not easy for a person to persist for so long after a casual play.
Looking around, there was no enemy. blx was relieved to crouch in a grass and reply to the blue amount. Because she was constantly being chased by players, she was a little nervous now, but it was also necessary for a person to see her, followed by a large group of players. She knew it was definitely a guild.
"Guild …" blx was a little sad. She once had a guild.
With a wry smile, blx lowered his eyes and closed his eyes to rest.
Suddenly a roar came, and it was a very fast object breaking the wind! Blx Diane eyebrow micro coagulation head leaned out from the grass to the sound to see that Chu Feng is not yet seen, just see a strange sword pulling a blue horse to cut to her other!
Blx’s great horror hurried back. Nai’s sword was too fast. Root didn’t give her a chance to avoid-
The sword cut down blx’s left chest angrily … to be continued.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Chapter 117 The wind is the same as a woman
The offensive really came too fast. blx didn’t think much and didn’t look much at it. After rushing to avoid a blow, he jumped back and turned around. Suddenly, a whirlwind wrapped her legs-
"Tread after the moon!"
"Whew"-blx’s speed is greatly increased. Pulling out a virtual shadow in situ has disappeared in front. Five times the speed bonus can make almost all players despair, but Lilina is not a player!
Looking at the swish, I ran away. blx Lilina stayed for a while. Where would I think that the other party actually ran away without making a contact? This is not the same as when she met the enemy with her brother before.
Small mouth cock Lilina some not heart.
"Hum, let you run!" Muttered 1 Lilina hanging in the body slightly heavy and then gently lean forward.
"boom! !”
The violent flame suddenly burst into a pale impact, which made the ground of the foot burn into two black spots and slightly sunken. Lilina’s mouth bent out with a playful smile and chanted "Lilina!"
"boom! ! !”
Lilina foot flame stronger two points! The body floated backwards and then rushed forward like a meteor. At the moment, the sharp wind broke around the ear and chased blx with a long tail flame …
Blx nervously looked back and found that the player with the strange long sword didn’t chase it. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. "It’s okay!" It seems that this bearer can’t stand her.
This has happened more than once. blx almost always escapes from the enemy’s eyelids like this, making people gnash their teeth but can’t catch it.
Some smirked and said to themselves, "I just want to chase me. It’s too tender!" When I looked at it, blx turned and headed in the other direction. It was almost time.
Because it is impossible to go back to the city with a guild founding letter, you can run back on two legs. Now there are so many players looking for her, which is too dangerous for blx. She can adjust the players’ sight by other means and then sneak back to the city.
I don’t want to think that after the effect of "Treading the Moon" skill dissipates, blx will no longer hide and walk on the road and be recognized by a bunch of players directly-
"Lying trough is the bitch! The founding letter of the guild is in her hand! "
"Wait for the barren dry!"
At the same time, the news of blx’s position was sent to the presidents of major guilds, and almost the same command was given to some people in the mouths of the presidents to keep the array; The rest of you go find her bitch to kill! Whoever finds it, protect it first!
Except for a few presidents, such as sakura rain, most of the presidents are quite eager to be the first to get the letter of founding the guild to symbolize the strength of the guild, which is secondary. After all, the guild will not lose its reputation because it has not got the first guild for many years. It is impossible to say that it symbolizes the strength of the guild, but rather to expand the strength of the guild. At present, all online game guilds rely on name and hope to bring members and players together. This is not long-term, but it will have its own network. All members will register. This is also the only criterion for measuring the number of guild members at present.
Taking the first guild founding letter can not only quickly add these registered members to the guild members, but also attract more high-level and high-tech newcomers, which is the most important thing.



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