"Yes, my friend, there are many people in Teisburg that you can’t make white?"

"I told you to go, and you didn’t go. Is this bitter for you?"
"Let’s go!"
Mad dog dragon neither walks nor talks, but smiles at the four men.
Fortunately, at this time, the seller has come to this player called Zhong Er, who is dressed in a standard black suit, white shirt and leather shoes. It is more polished than a glance, and he knows that he is a businessman who often does business and talks about buying and selling.
He came so quickly because he is very experienced in dealing with this situation. Players who can visit the Red Market must have two dollars, but they can visit the expert selection area in the partition, that is, they are absolutely rich.
Rich people are just that. I’m afraid that some players with deep backgrounds are arguing. At this time, if the seller doesn’t handle it properly, it is likely to be remembered by the loser.
So Zhong Er came not only quickly, but also with a very friendly attitude. "You two pay attention to business and make money. Is there anything to discuss? Can you give Red Sun a humble pie?" Will you stop arguing? "
Jiu Ge sneered, "Red Sun Square, we naturally want to give noodles, that is, some knowledgeable dishes forced us to rob your mother."
Mad dog dragon is a little unbearable. "If any woman looks at you with your smelly mouth, it’s just a blind explosion."
So he bite vivian three women immediately nu qi qi flashed the id.
"Flowers are not flowers-Vivian!"
"Flowers are not flowers-Kyoka!"
"Flowers are not flowers-the heart of the moon!"
Jiu Ge laughed "idiot see clearly? There are some people you can’t mess with, okay? Don’t get out of here? "
Mad dog dragon is not empty, but the bell is empty
Since the silence of Caesar’s palace, the flowers have been in the limelight for a long time, and the Red Sun Square, the third place in the exile, has also enjoyed a long reputation in Teisburg, but that reputation can not be compared with the guild power.
"Know!" Mad dog dragon disdained to look at Jiu Ge and flashed id at the same time.
Jiu Ge four qi qi zheng, who would have thought that in this corner would meet the Oriental dynasty?
Zhong Er was dumbfounded immediately. Isn’t it too big for the buyer of Nima? Actually, it’s an oriental dynasty. Is this to force the old rhythm to death?
I dare not say that if I think so in my heart. Zhong Erma laughed. "Guys, you are all big shots. There are store rules. Let’s all follow the rules."
"yes!" Jiu Ge is very confident
"No problem!" Mad dog dragon agrees.
After checking the slot machine records, Zhong Er went to Mad Dog Dragon. "Columbia records show that Mr. Jiu did visit the shelves in front of you. I suggest you look at the rest of our shop. What do you think?"
At this point, he really can’t say a word wrong, and his suggestion is well-meaning, because whoever buys an arrow will pay a high price if you compete for it at a high price again.
Jiu Ge triumphant way "force now know what I said is true? Why don’t you get out of here? "
However, he and Zhong Er obviously underestimated the power of Mad Dog Dragon, and without looking at others, Mad Dog Dragon stared straight at Vivian, saying, "I paid five holy coins to buy no money for labor and capital to climb!"
Huh? Fuck!
Zhong Er and Jiu Ge were dumbfounded at the same time.
"Mr. melon, is this a must?" Zhong er earnestly urged
This bitch! Jiu Ge is so angry that he can’t come from the same place!
Mad dog dragon’s bid is also in line with the red market regulations, and this double price directly pokes the other side’s key.
Aren’t you arrogant? Dude, crush you with the price!
If this is changed in normal times, Jiu Ge will turn around without saying anything, but not now. Mad dog dragon stared at Weiwei and looked at Jiu Ge with a puzzled look.
Jiu Ge was blinded by Vivian’s eyes. Damn it, this bastard is forcing him to make a fool of himself in front of the goddess. It’s really cruel.
Finally, he grimaced and gnashed his teeth. "I’ll give you six holy coins!"
As soon as this was said, the mad dog dragon horse smiled and spread his hand. "Hahahaha, I won’t buy it for you!" "
You!’ Jiu Ge almost fainted when his eyes were black, and he should be a fucking fool.
And Vivian suddenly smiled. "Hehe, thank you, Jiu Ge! Thank you!"
"You’re welcome!" Jiu Ge responded with a smile, but the smile is not natural. Everyone can see it.
Watching Jiu Ge pay mad dog Long Hao scruples a burst of crazy laughter "Big sb big Kay hahaha!"



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