"Let me help you!"

Just then, Lin Tianxiao came behind him, and the demon sound was sitting there. It was a dark thunder unicorn. Seeing the demon flying all the way, it cast a fire wall. If a monster walks through his fire wall, tens of thousands of injuries will float out from the top of his head.
Not only the goblins rushed over with unicorns, but also the men with the dragon’s secret bow. The dragon’s secret bow in their hands was constantly full, and the arrows were fired to attack the Hulk.
Maybe it’s luck. Hulk’s siege hammers are all made of giant wood, and hundreds of siege hammers have ignited a raging fire with the help of goblins and perfunctory efforts.
Ow! ow!
The Hulk found himself pushing the siege hammer and caught fire. One by one, he made an angry roar, and he didn’t know where to conjure up stones. His hands were like slingshots, and he frantically smashed them toward Tianlin Tianxie and others.
The whoosh sound is endless. Lin Tianxie and others quickly evaded and rode on the mount to rise wildly at the same time. Fortunately, when the Hulk roared, they had evaded and no stone attacked them.
Chapter 331 magic dragon evil eye with magic dragon archers.
An hour later, the Hulk Department of magic dragon Armored Forces was overwhelmed. However, none of them exploded. Although many experienced players also raised the level of guarding city players, Lin Tian’s evil intentions always felt that something was missing
Magic dragon armor-piercing soldiers are not strong. They stormed into the wall of fire around magic dragon. Although the speed was not fast, they rushed to the edge of the wall with abundant blood support, but they died in the hands of many far-away players, resulting in nearly five hours of siege and three waves of monsters. Except for the more than 200,000 people who died before, no one died.
"It is wrong to find that the enemy situation is a large number of magic dragon blood frogs …"
The man said that the general face immediately showed a look of horror. Lin Tianxiao and others immediately became alert and cast their eyes on the past, and suddenly their faces showed an ugly look.
See from Donglin resort and Xilin resort, there are several magic dragon blood frogs, which are said to be blood frogs, but not because they don’t have a big mouth and four strong limbs like magic dragon blood frogs, but their front legs are long and their rear legs are short and their bodies are covered with spikes.
Magic dragon thorn frog (fairy-level common monster)
Grade 76
Blood volume 300 million
Magic dragon thorn frog is definitely a major professional nightmare. Although they don’t have nearly crazy melee ability like magic dragon blood frog, they have strong long-range attack ability, especially when they cooperate with magic dragon archers.
Fortunately, I didn’t attack with magic dragon archers!
Magic dragon spiny frog soon covered the whole earth, but it’s not over yet. Behind magic dragon spiny frog, there are magic dragon archers with giant bows.
No, at this time, I just breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Lin Tianxiao’s eyes were set and his face was frightened. Seeing that Donglin resort and Xilin resort appeared, magic dragon archers were not simply magic dragon archers, and there was a monster on their shoulders.
It’s an eyeball. A huge eyeball is the size of an archer’s head in magic dragon. They have no limbs. They are all round and black and white. They don’t know how to fix them on the shoulders of an archer in magic dragon.
Magic dragon’s evil eye (immortal common monster)
Grade 6
Blood volume 50 thousand
Magic dragon’s evil eye has no attack power, so it is fragile, but because it gives magic dragon archers a comparable attack power, it will add the accuracy of magic dragon archers’ attack range.
See magic dragon evil eye explanation Lin Tianxie horror than immediately turned around and exclaimed "everyone be careful of magic dragon archers attack distance and accuracy is very high".
Before his voice fell to the ground, Lin Tianxiao drove the ghost dragon small four straight to the archers in magic dragon, and at the same time raised his height to meters. If he didn’t remember correctly, he met huge eyes in the magic dragon shanzhai and cooperated with the archers in magic dragon. The range was 6 meters and the spare capacity was still sufficient. It should be about the same.
Living in Migaolin, the evil spirits directly threw out a group of poisons, and just gave magic dragon archers and magic dragon evil eyes a red and green poison, and immediately came to the arrow to break the sound.
Whoosh whoosh!
Dozens of arrows went straight to themselves and came to see Lin Tianxie. Lin Tianxie’s face was greatly alarmed, and he immediately appeared in a hurry. Fortunately, the ghost dragon small four reacted quickly, and the wings appeared in a strong wind. The ghost dragon small four took Lin Tianxie and rushed for more than 2 meters before stopping.
However, the speed of the arrow did not decrease, and it was not until more than 11 meters that it stopped exhaustion and turned its head and fell to the ground.
Lin Tian evil heart frightened immediately sent a message to Liu Heng and goblins to inform magic dragon archers of the attack distance, which made them feel at ease and rushed toward the surface. The speed of Ghost Dragon Small Four was faster than that of magic dragon archers shooting arrows.
Just when Lin Tianxiao was going to poison again, his face actually showed a look of indecision. Because those arrows fell before, they actually shot at magic dragon archers and magic dragon evil eyes from high backwardness, and they also floated out of the harm!
Can they hurt themselves by attacking themselves?
Lin Tianxiao’s heart was amazed. If that’s the case, it can definitely minimize the loss of guild members. Verify your thoughts. Lin Tianxiao decisively followed the sky.
Sure enough, magic dragon archers shot dozens of arrows again, and then fell to the ground again after exhaustion, and directly penetrated into those magic dragon archers’ bodies, and dozens of injuries floated out of their heads again.
Without saying anything, he immediately told Liu Heng and the goblin what he thought, and at the same time, he rushed to Xiaoyao Fan again and poisoned hundreds of magic dragon archers with a wave of his hand.
There is no doubt that Lin Tianxiao thought that the result was correct. When Liu Heng and the goblin sent someone over, Lin Tianxiao had poisoned millions of magic dragon archers, so that the blood volume of magic dragon archers and magic dragon’s evil eyes dropped by 10 million.
A wretched battle ended here, but only a few people’s pets were faster than those of the dragon clan, and half of the 300 thousand people sent an hour later died.
However, the effect is still remarkable. Although the number of dead magic dragon archers and magic dragon’s evil eyes is small and there are tens of millions, most magic dragon archers and magic dragon’s evil eyes have become residual blood, which has brought great benefits to the later battles.
At this time, the sky over magic dragon City is full of spikes and arrows. From time to time, players turn into white light and go to the resurrection point. This wave of attacks in magic dragon City is too powerful. The magic dragon thorn frog attacks are very dense. Although there are hundreds of millions, every attack will shoot more than a dozen spikes, which will force the defenders to cope.
Fortunately, Lin Tianxiao came back, and the large-scale poisoning reduced the defense of magic dragon spiny frogs a lot. Although their attacks made their own side very difficult, they killed a lot faster.
Guild members suddenly feel lucky to have Lin Tianxiao, and they are absolutely wise to choose to join Lin Tianxiao’s team.
Fire wall, meteor fire rain, ice roaring wizard has become the main force of this battle. magic dragon thorn frog was killed and gave off a burst of barbecue fragrance
Multiple arrows guide the arrow elements. Archers have become indispensable in this battle. Who says that if you want to play games, you must choose soldiers? Professional archers will also become blood.



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