The soldier’s consciousness swept towards the mad dog dragon hand, and it was true that there was a wedding ring, so it was not fake.

After entering the gate, there is a garden square full of gardens. Jin Ju is so dazzling that the mad dog dragon has spent his eyes. He has never seen so many chrysanthemums.
Gu Xiaoyue took his arm. "Today is Mr. Zheng’s birthday. All the guild departments will come to congratulate them. Generally, no outsiders are invited."
Mad dog dragon didn’t ask much. He knew he should know, and he would know sooner or later.
Going into the garden is a villa. The lobby on the first floor is finished, just like the ancient mansion, which shows that the villa owner is very keen on Chinese culture.
There aren’t many people in the hall, but there are definitely many. Everyone is not wearing a battle dress, and they can’t see their occupation.
However, many people are staring at Mad Dog Dragon and Gu Xiaoyue. Mad Dog Dragon is calm, but Gu Xiaoyue’s face is glowing as if it were written in seven big characters: "I’ll show you enough!"
A female player in a long white dress came and offered her hand. "Sister xiao yue welcomes you to the headquarters!"
The girl is thin and fragile, and her face is very pale, but she doesn’t look sick, but she is delicate and touching and lovable.
Gu Xiaoyue Ma introduced, "Husband, this is Miss Zheng!"
Mad dog dragon reached out and said, "Hello!"
Miss Zheng’s eyes lit up. "Sister xiao yue, is your husband …"
"A section of hard cucumber, the former Eastern Dynasty, now works for Xiaogujin Rose Company. It was him who killed the heavenly king a few days ago!" It makes people feel particularly comfortable to listen to the sound next to them.
He is wearing the most orthodox suit, but he is handsome, graceful, friendly, and handsome … which makes people picky.
Mad dog dragon has never seen such an attractive man. He is not tall. You will never have the pressure to look up when talking to him. He is not the kind of man around the age of 20, because a 20-year-old man will not have such mature charm; His face is handsome, and the second key is him. When you talk, you always keep smiling. Not only the corners of your mouth are smiling, but your face is smiling. Even your eyes reveal a smile, which is a knowing, friendly and gentle smile.
No one will ever hate such a man, who is already reaching out. "I take the liberty to introduce myself."
Gu Xiaoyue laughed. "Husband, this is Miss Zheng’s husband!"
Mad dog dragon immediately shook hands. "Please take more photos when we meet for the first time!"
Liu Chongyun smiled at Gu Xiaoyue. "Xiao Gu congratulates you on finally finding the right day. I just know that there will be a gift for this news later."
Gu Xiaoyue laughed. "It’s very kind of you, Brother Yun."
Lu Chongyun said, "The master is still upstairs discussing things with Fan. Please feel free."
Gu Xiaoyue seems to be familiar with chatting with people everywhere, and the mad dog dragon is also very casual. He walked towards a remote corner of the hall, where a man was slowly drinking tea.
Mad dog dragon never dreamed that this man would be the core figure in this organization.
Boss Yan put the teacup and looked at Mad Dog Dragon and smiled, "Welcome to join the new century!"
It turns out that this guild is actually the second super-congress in mainland China in the new century.
The mad dog dragon was horrified, but his face remained motionless. "Don’t get sick?"
Boss Yan smiled and said, "Thank you for your kindness."
Mad dog dragon said, "but you are drinking tea here alone, and it’s so lively there."
Boss Yan smiled. "But you are willing to accompany me to stay away from the center."
Mad Dog Dragon was silent for a moment. He immediately understood that Boss Yan is a marginal figure in the core area of the new century. It is easy to think how many storms people can afford to play in exile in the past year. to be continued
Chapter six hundred and twenty-five Mr. Zheng
Mad dog dragon sighed. "I didn’t expect you and I to meet here!" "
"But I’m not surprised!" Boss Yan said seriously, "Because this is where you should come, the little Eastern Dynasty is doomed to be unable to keep a big man like you and a big man like Mr. Zheng is destined to be your helm."
Mad dog dragon wanted to ask who Mr. Zheng really was, but he held back a commotion in the hall at this time. "Master is coming. Master is coming …"
More than a dozen people in the hall were quiet, and the original seated person immediately got up and his back was straight.
I saw a line of three people walking on the wooden ladder on the second floor. It should be said that he was an old man. He was dressed in a tailored gray suit, and his face was a little old and wrinkled.
It must be the wrinkles of pain and joy in the long years that make him look not only kind but also full of majesty. The mad dog dragon has an illusion. The old man looks very rich in expression. You think he is kind. He seems to be a kind expression. If you think he is terrible, the more you look at it, the more terrible it is … Anyway, no matter what you think in your heart, he seems to be that image.
Mad dog dragon has never seen a person who can give others such a strange feeling, and the old man has a pair of eyes that look young. The light inside is not only full of vitality, but also full of sharpness. It is because of these eyes that he looks energetic and unlike a real old man.
On Mr. Zheng’s right is an amazingly beautiful woman. Mad Dog Dragon has seen a beautiful woman, and she can’t be compared with this one.
Some people say that a woman’s best years are around the age of twenty. In fact, a man with real vision will not think so.
What really belongs to a woman is that she is around 30 years old because she is superficial in her twenties, but after years of precipitation, she is mature and quiet at the age of 30, full of wisdom and tranquility, and she is considerate and gentle, which has been honed over the years. That is the root that attracts the eyes of the strong, not those girls in their teens and twenties who imitate it.
At present, this woman meets all the above conditions. Her amorous feelings, her manners and temperament are many beautiful women present, but who can compare with her? Gu Xiaoyue compared with her is simply a kid!
Many people present glanced over her face, even breathing was sluggish!
The man on Mr. Zheng’s left is an old pedant. He is dressed in a Tang suit and walks steadily. He looks like a talented hanger-on Yashi. He has a breath of unspeakable Tsinghua.
As soon as Mr. Zheng came, Lu Chongyun greeted him respectfully and said, "Master, everyone came back on time."
Mr. Zheng smiled and waved, "Are you all back? Sit and sit. Everyone is usually at work. It’s rare to relax once a year. Today, we don’t talk about work, have a good time and have a chat. I see that all of you are really heartbroken. "
He sat on the sofa while talking, and others dared to sit when he sat.
Mr. Zheng set his eyes on a middle-aged man. "You are the busiest among you. I think you are still single. Have you no plans this year?"
He asked casually, as if he were chatting at home, but he got up respectfully and replied, "No time, Mr. Zheng. Our business has increased greatly this year, and it is really difficult for me to get out."
Mr. Zheng turned his head and smiled at the stunning beauty next to him. "He’s just a crazy worker. It’s better for you women to advise him."
Beauty a captivating smile "wind eldest brother I the day before yesterday after practitioners mainland SHEN WOO city Wang Jie new female secret is crazy or you take a day off in the past to meet? You can all relax. "
She couldn’t say anything nice. "Oh, thank you for your kindness!"
As he spoke, he took out a box from his bag and sent it. "I came too soon for Mr. Zheng’s birthday today. This is a little token of my hope that Mr. Zheng will lead us all to create brilliance in the future."
The box was quickly beaten and contained a golden pen.
This gift may not be very good, but Mr. Zheng is very interested in holding it in his hand and watching it again and again
He said while watching, "Lao Yan, why do you always hide alone?" As if afraid of all of us? "
Boss Yan got up and walked over, and the expression was really respectful … Anyway, Mad Dog Dragon has never seen Boss Yan so respectful to a person. Strictly speaking, it is either respectful or awe.
Boss Yan smiled and said, "Brother Cheng, mixing this bad old man with young people has ruined their interest."
Mr. Zheng laughed. "You’re not afraid of being disappointed. You treat yourself as an outsider."
He still smiled so gently, but boss Yan was shocked and quickly said, "I’m not me …"


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