They didn’t throw smoke bombs or flash bombs, so they rushed at each other directly. The other side didn’t make the double-card tactics stand out. Moreover, the foundation wouldn’t make the double-card tactics easily broken by the flash bombs of the other side because he thought it was so meaningless. He took the defense by arranging cross-fire nets, where each firepower point can support each other and at the same time attack the common enemy, so that the enemy couldn’t care less.

Ye Qing also likes to decorate the defense station in this way. He knows where those shelters will be arranged. Now all he has to do is to remove them one by one, but to prevent other shelters from being supported by others. First of all, of course, the shelters in the pit must be removed. Generally speaking, the defense point A will set up a wretched shelter in the pit, which can not only attack the path balcony but also radiate the whole A point. The field of vision is very wide and there are boxes and bunkers.
Ye Qing let Cold-blooded and Affection enter the vip room and then drill a dog hole into the path. Let these two people go to the path, which means to prevent the other side from having shelters on the path. Even if the other side is stronger, their numbers have an advantage. After capturing the path, Cold-blooded and Affection can directly jump into the pit and pull out the shelters. Even if someone comes at the entrance of the greenhouse and the small pit, they will not be killed, because it takes them very short time to jump off the balcony.
Cold-blooded and affectionate once they occupy the pit, their advantages will be obvious. They can constantly harass each other outside the greenhouse and small cheat people through the pit. If the other party still has people at the blasting point, the firepower can also take care of the scope. At this time, Ye Qing can lead others to directly kill the other side of the greenhouse and hit each other unprepared.
To achieve this effect, two people, cold-blooded and affectionate, can successfully capture the trail and pull out the fire point of the pit. Otherwise, everything is all about talking. After they entered the trail from the dog hole, they still threw a flash bomb forward very cautiously, and then they stepped forward and rushed over.
There is no one at the corner of the trail. If someone defends the trail, it will be at the corner and not on the balcony. If there is no one at the corner, it means that the other side is undefended in the trail. They take a deep breath and then rush out in tandem and jump directly towards the pit.
"bang!" The sniper rifle rang, and sure enough, a sniper at the door of the greenhouse jumped out of the balcony in cold blood and was killed by being sniped in the middle of the road! This surprised him greatly. What kind of sniper rifle can do this! He had heard that some powerful snipers could directly kill vague ghosts in the middle when playing ghost mode. He didn’t believe it at that time, but now he has been killed in the middle!
Behind the situation is successfully jumped into the pit of the other side in the pit also does have a machine gunner, but the machine gunner is none other than the team marksmanship in the first week, Wei this rosa multiflora can not be irritating, almost as soon as she landed, she was directly swept to death by Zhou Wei and even had no chance to strike back.
"Ah! Tactics failed each other’s strength can disintegrate one of our tactics. "Ye Qing was very depressed. Dong Laoer and Meteor both seemed a little shaken in confidence, especially Meteor. His sniper was bound to confront each other with bare hands, but he was known as the top sniper of Being Saint. He couldn’t help shaking his hands at the thought of confronting Being Saint.
"Forget it, let’s let it go. Anyway, it’s a lose-lose game. Let’s do whatever it takes to listen to destiny!" Ye Qing sighed that it was obviously hopeless to win the game.
Three people together from the left side of the blunt past bare, flash out at the gate of the greenhouse just to see the three of them, he quickly being shot and then flashed back, this shot being shot off Dong Laoer half blood is obviously not hit the key parts, but Dong Laoer was still surprised out in a cold sweat, you know the other party is in a hurry being shot if Dong Laoer is fully prepared, even ten lives are not enough to die.
"Flash bomb!" Ye Qing immediately shouted that Dong Laoer quickly switched to the flash bomb and threw it directly into the greenhouse, so as to prevent the other sniper from flashing out again. The three men took the opportunity to rush into the pit at point B without anyone defending the meteor and directly switched to a pistol and rushed into the greenhouse. He was going to occupy this place, and Ye Qing and Dong Laoer rushed directly into the blasting point.
Ye Qing has been paying attention to the situation of the pit. Just as both of them were about to rush into the blasting point, Zhou Wei suddenly flashed out from behind the box towards Ye Qing, that is, Ye Qing had been on guard against her. She was discovered by him as soon as she stirred up. He immediately showed his posture and retreated into the blasting point while fighting back.
Yuzryha was very surprised that there were two people defending the blasting point at point A. Just as they were about to rush out of the blasting point, "Bang!" Sniper rifle rang again. Ye Qing consciously looked at the right side of a screen, and sure enough, he brushed out a line of death information. Death is a meteor …
It turned out that the meteor switched to the sand eagle and rushed into the greenhouse for a circle without seeing anyone, so he went back to the door to prepare for Ye Qing. They just prepared to be killed by Zhou Wei with a mirror, but bare came out from the arch of the defender base and took him away directly with an instantaneous mirror.
The rest of the Tiger Brotherhood also received support from point B. Three machine gunners split into two roads to help Mulei go to Zhou Wei’s side, while Fat and Monkey came to bare’s side to protect him personally. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer’s position suddenly became extremely embarrassing. When the other side directly surrounded them, they would definitely be screened. This is really shooting fish in a jar.
"Eldest brother? Is it thunder or going out to die? I personally think that Zilei is more ethical! " Dong Laoer is very depressed to bite the lip of Ye Qing Dao Ye Qing. "I also feel that Zilei has a lot of integrity, but I don’t have grenades! Do you have any more? "
"I have!" Dong Lao Er immediately switched to the Grenade and then prepared to throw the leaves to the ground. "Wait, you are bloodless and should be blown to death, but I am still full of blood. What if I can’t die?" That’s embarrassing. You became a martyr and I became cannon fodder … "
"Don’t worry, boss blown to death! I’ll die if I touch a little next to your foot. "Dong Laoer was very sure that the tunnel Ye Qing heard the news and nodded to indicate that Dong Laoer could lose it, so Dong Laoer threw a Grenade at Ye Qing’s foot and played a" boom! " Dong Laoer was directly blown up and Ye Qing froze in place. He still had a little more blood!
"Second, your sister! Didn’t you say it was blown to death? What now? " Ye Qing said to Dong Laoer very politely, Dong Laoer touched his head awkwardly and said, "Nothing, just jump into the box and see if you can fall to death!"
"Fuck off! I don’t trust you anymore!" Ye Qing refused Dong Laoer’s proposal. At this moment, another Grenade flew to his feet. He was directly blown up before he could react. Then he saw the other side of the screen typing a line, "Brother, let me help you. Don’t thank me!"
Typing is bare. Just now, he saw Dong Laoer die from thunder and another machine gunner was still alive. He judged that the other party must not have been killed, so he directly threw a Grenade into it and then dumped the residual blood leaves to kill it.
Ye Qing was depressed when he saw the words typed out by Xiao Ran. He hurriedly typed, "Brother’s suicide doesn’t need help, or he will be legally responsible for killing you!"
"Fortunately, this is a game!" Bare typing way Ye Qing suddenly language.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Finals III
At the half-time finals of the F project of Bashu Competitive Game Competition, the Tiger Brothers led by Xiao Ran beat the I club almost to despair, and Ye Qing tried his best to stop the decline. They won that point in the second round and never won again. The score ended with six to one.
Ye Qing kept drinking heavily at halftime, as if he had just finished playing the basketball court. In fact, he said before the game that he would limit the opponent’s sniper, although he could not win, but he would not lose too badly. As a result, they could not limit the opponent’s sniper at halftime and fell behind by a full five points, which was quite ugly.
"Eldest brother, what do you say we are training every day? The gap with them is still so big? Is it because of talent? " Dong Laoer looked at Ye Qing and was very depressed. Ye Qing had already drunk two-thirds of mineral water in his tunnel, and then shook his head. "We are not the same. The five main players are teachers, snipers and disciples, and we are self-taught grassroots. A comparison between our two teams is like Diaosi meeting Gao Fushuai. There is no way to bridge the gap at present."
"That we half? If we don’t do something about it, we will completely collapse. I have no confidence now. Before Mom was really wronged, I felt that I was still quite powerful, but now it’s white. It’s a short-lived expert who met a real awesome expert, so I’m not an opponent. "Dong Laoer was annoyed and tunnel.
Ye Qing picked up the mineral water bottle and took a sip of the waterway. "It is necessary to do something. I can lose, but I can’t lose so badly. I don’t want others to be regarded as the fishing team, and at least we made it to the finals. The team lost too badly."
"Boss, I knew you had a way to play at half-time. I’ll listen to you. I’ll give you the greatest help." Dong Laoer cheered up and nodded to the rest of the humanity. "Brothers, our opponents are so strong this time that we will not think about the result. We must always lose. We should let the game go, not as a game, as a normal training or as a field game. My tactic is to let everyone play freely at half-time. I think you can give full play to your advantages without restraint. Maybe you will play better than half-time and work miracles easily!"
"I depend! This is also a tactic! ?” Dong Laoer was dumbfounded at once, and the others looked at each other, but cold-blooded quickly reacted. He felt that Ye Qing made a lot of sense, and they might play better without restraint. The team members had no tactical restraint in normal training, and all of them were killing machines like Tiger Mountain, but they stopped eating as soon as they played the official game.
"I agree with the leaf-tilting tactics. We can try it. Anyway, we all lose. Each of us can fight in our own way, take our own familiar route and defend in our familiar position, especially if the meteor no longer takes cover. You can kill people." Cold-blooded said to everyone very seriously
The captains all supported Ye Qing with fresh flags. Of course, the rest of them had no complaints. So at half-time, they took tactical defense. In F, every player has his own good style of play. Some people often get ae in melee, but when they are called by the team to fight, they often can’t kill people. This is because tactics limit his play.
Ye Qing adopted tactical defense, on the one hand, he liberated everyone, on the other hand, he also observed what position everyone was suitable for playing and how to play, so that he could adjust and re-formulate tactics during post-training.
In the first round of halftime, the meteor went to the middle of the road and was sniped at the middle of the road. This is his favorite sniper point. When fighting in melee, he often killed many people from The Infiltrator on the slope. When fighting in melee, the two were always good friends. They always went to point B and went straight out to defend.
The two men’s style of play is to limit the offensive flow. Both The Infiltrator and the defenders like to attack and blindly kill Dong Laoer. When he was in college, he liked the obscene style of play. It was his specialty, and his shooting from behind was much better than that from the front. In college, he had a nickname called the back of the head terminator.



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