Chen Yue couldn’t help but sit down and smile bitterly. "Yes, you have a girlfriend. What should I do? I can make you remember me. I don’t want to give up Ye Qing. I will always note that if you don’t get married one day, I won’t give up. If there is something wrong with your relationship one day, I hope you will think of me for the first time and I will wait for you."

Leaves to listen to the back of that sentence immediately excited he is very firm tunnel "impossible! ! My relationship with her will never go wrong! Well, I really should go. I hope we will be friends again. Call me if you need my help. I will try my best to help you, but don’t do emotional things again. "
With that, Ye Qing did not hesitate to pull Yamen out. Chen Yue prevented himself from falling down on the table with tears once again unwillingly. I didn’t think that I dressed up carefully today, got up the courage to take the initiative to confess and kissed him boldly. The result still touched him.
Ye Qing took a deep breath, then went to the counter to buy a bill and walked out of the restaurant. He took a taxi on the side of the road and went home directly. Ye Qing found that Dong Laoer had not come back yet. Obviously, he probably won’t come back tonight. They are probably still watching movies in the cinema at this time.
Ye Qing was lying on the sofa thinking of Chen Yue’s crazy behavior before, but he couldn’t help feeling uneasy. Chen Yue was really attractive, that is to say, if he were Dong Lao Er, it is estimated that he would have pushed her down at that time. Dong Lao Er, a person like this, would not consider the consequences and could be cruel afterwards, but Ye Qing couldn’t. If he really had an affair with Chen Yue, then he could not ignore Chen Yue. He would definitely be responsible.
Chen Yue’s appearance and figure can be critical. Dressing up is even more touching. She is a little more feminine than that pure girl in those days. She is really charming. If Ye Qing didn’t meet Su Yanbing, she would probably be fascinated by her.
Ye Qing made a comparison between Su Yanbing and Chen Yue in his heart, and the result was that Su Yanbing won Chen Yue Su Yanbing’s appearance was slightly better than that of Chen Yue, and Chen Yue’s temperament could not be compared with Su Yanbing’s otherworldly temperament, which made people feel that her mind was purified and generally could not produce a trace of evil thoughts, just like a floating fairy.
Ye Qing, who has a girlfriend like Su Yanbing, once dreamed of it himself, but he really felt that she was here in Yuzryha, as if she could not cherish this fate. When he thought about Su Yanbing, he felt that everything was beautiful.
When Ye Qing woke up the next morning, he saw that the sunshine outside the window was very warm and not sunny. He felt very comfortable. After stretching, he lifted the bed and grabbed the table. He took a look in the mirror and cut his hair. He was very narcissistic. "Boy, you are always the first handsome guy in the F world! Congratulations! "
"Boss didn’t have breakfast when he got up!" Dong Laoer’s tone leaves outside the door are stunned. Did this little guy come back last night? He pushed the door and saw Dong Laoer in high spirits at the door. "When will you come back?"
"I just got home early. I’m afraid you didn’t have breakfast and brought you a copy." Dong Laoer pointed to a plastic pocket on the tea table and Ye Qing was very moved and patted him on the shoulder. "Good brothers! Where is Zhao Junzhu? "
"She went to work first, and we didn’t go back to the club and went directly to the gym. Anyway, I have a car and can’t wait for the big boss!" Dong Lao er is very heroic tunnel Ye Qing nodded and then ran to the health wash.
After washing, I grabbed the coffee table and ate breakfast. While eating, I went downstairs with Dong Laoer. They took the ladder directly to the underground garage. Dong Laoer rented a parking space for 300 yuan a month.
Ye Qing is the first time to come to the garage in this community. He doesn’t have a front root. He can’t come to the garage. He sees that the garage is full of cars, many of which are private parking spaces, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other luxury cars and stylish sports cars. He can’t help secretly swearing in his heart that he must buy a car!
Dong Laoer drove out of the garage and said to Dong Laoer while eating, "Do you think you can help me sign up for a driving school?"
"Of course there is music! I asked you about the school for 3,500. I said I’ll give you 3,000 if it exceeds 3,000. Give me your ID card and an inch photo. I’ll help you sign up for the driving school. If you are busy, it’s easy not to go to the car. I’ll just teach you. You can take my car to practice and take the exam directly! " Dong Laoer’s car is very easy to tunnel. This small car is really helpful. His car is also more than one million BMW 5. He is not afraid of being knocked into scrap iron when he shows it to Ye Qing, a novice.
"Well, that’s really troublesome for you." Ye Qing sincerely waved his hand to Dong Laoer. "What’s the trouble, boss? You’re welcome to me!"
Chapter 147 Same goal
The stadium is bursting with popularity today, because today is the finals of the Winter Challenge, and the excitement is definitely higher than the previous competition. The S female team members also came to the scene early. Pearl Krabs has been watching the entrance and waiting for the arrival of the I club. Although she has always hoped that the I club will lose, the I club has entered the finals all the way. Today, this game is likely to win the championship. She will personally come to the scene to curse and hope that the I club will lose, and then she will taunt Ye Qing again.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer arrived at the scene earlier than the rest of the team. Ye Qing also gave a message to Da Mi on the road. They went directly to the gym and asked Da Mi to wait for them. After they arrived, they waited at the door for a while and waited until Da Mi arrived before they entered the gym together.
When they appeared, all eyes were focused on them. Strictly speaking, they were the real dark horses. At first, no one paid attention to them. No one would have thought that this humble team could last until the end.
Ye Qing was very excited when he enjoyed this kind of high-profile treatment for the first time. He felt that he should put on a little superstar, so he smiled and waved to the audience, which immediately attracted boo.
"Who is that little self? If you don’t win the championship, you will be the same! "
"I think they will lose the game soon!"
"Put a big name on it!" The audience mocked Ye Qing awkwardly and then walked to the first row of rest area with a straight face. Dong Laoer and others couldn’t help laughing.
"Boss, can you say hello before you put on a big brand so that we can stay away from you? Otherwise, throwing mineral water bottles in the audience will hurt us by accident!" Dong Laoer quipped that Ye Qing bowed his head and said, "Those bastards don’t know what to do. Elder brother will become a superstar sooner or later! I will not sign it when I find my signature! "
"It is estimated that no one can understand your general method of ghost painting!" Dong Laoer laughed, and Ye Qing pricked his middle finger at him. "You know what Mao is called the highest realm of grass method! Form grass and God is not grass! "
With a serious expression and a calm tone, Dami said to Ye Qing, "They mocked you for not waiting to win the game and win the championship, which is the most powerful counterattack against them. Then you will see what those guys have to say!"
Ye Qing looked up and looked at Da Mi with a knowing smile. "You said I wanted to talk. I think we have the same thinking!"
Big honey couldn’t help burning her face when she heard the words, and then whispered, "I hope we can all be consistent, not only in thinking but also in goals, okay?"
"good! Our goal is to win one championship after another and make the club a top club in the F world! Is that so? " Ye Qing looked at Da Mi and smiled. Da Mi nodded. "That’s right, but one more thing is to make you a world-famous competitive superstar and a sniper!"
Ye Qing smell speech suddenly have a boiling passion like being a sniper. How inspiring it is here! Dong Laoer and others are suddenly unwilling. One by one, they all said that big honey is too eccentric, thinking about turning Ye Qing into a competitive superstar and never considering them.
Big honey was very embarrassed at once, and Ye Qing hurried to help her out. "You guys have no superstar potential at first glance, and talents like me who are full of superstar demeanor are worth cultivating. This shows that the big boss has great vision!"
"How can you be a superstar? You often pick your nose, spit and pee in public. You can’t pee in the wind for three feet. If you don’t wash your hands, you forget to zip up when you eat. You don’t wipe your mouth, sleep, snore and shoot guns. You are talking in your sleep and swearing in your sleep. This is a lack of quality!" Meteor and others immediately spit up Ye Qing immediately blushed and simply giggled from refuting Big Honey.
"Don’t be wrong about others. I prove that Ye Qing is fine except that he snores a little too much. He doesn’t have those bad habits you said!" Big honey smiled and said that Ye Qing quickly chimed in, "It’s still the big boss’s justice! You guys have to put your bad habits and shortcomings in my place, but the goods are not right. Have you ever seen a person with so many bad habits still live in this world? "
"Don’t you live well?" At this time, the host talked about a white game, and Ye Qing and others were ready for the game immediately. Their opponent was a strong hs club. This team easily defeated its opponent in the semi-final, and they were determined to win the championship. They used to be brilliant and had profound competitive cultural heritage. Their strength is no small matter.
According to the analysis of Ye Qing and Da Mi, the biggest loophole of hs team is that the two new players Da Mi originally thought it was enough to limit the sniper of the other side, but Ye Qing thought it was necessary to attack its weak point, that is, the two new players finally reached an agreement.
The host announced the admission of two teams, and then they went to the stage. The hs team members were listed on both sides of the host. The host introduced the members of the two teams one by one. Generally, in the final, two teams with strength to compete for the championship were highlighted. The id of Ye Qing was very bright, and after the big screen was typed, the audience was in a burst of spit.
Pearl Krabs heard the host introduce Ye Qing, saying that he was the captain and commander of the team and praised him for his sharp ak marksmanship, which performed very well in the previous games. She couldn’t help but say, "He is also called good performance? Short and high! "
"Captain, there you go again. Why do you always call us short?" S female team members are not happy. Pearl Krabs Nai tunnel "slip of the tongue … I want to express that guy’s strength is just average!"



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