Aaron looked at the enemy in front of him and thought for a long time. His eyes gradually dimmed and he finally recovered his former listlessness. At the same time, a string of hoarse and harsh sounds came out of his mouth. "That’s nice, top hero."

His voice sounds strange and harsh. It doesn’t sound like a person should pronounce it. At the same time, the tone is ups and downs, messy, hoarse and harsh. This is not a dyslexia-the root is that I haven’t spoken for too long! !
The pressure is still a "person", who lives in this mysterious place. No one has spoken, and he himself estimates that it is also boring. People have never sung until now, and even their ability to speak is almost lost.
His first sentence is really good. The "good" is to sigh and express his thoughts. What is the "top" behind him? Judging from his performance just now, it’s probably Lilina
Think about it. Lilina is indeed a humanoid weapon made by the abyss. This level can’t even be copied on the human side. Speaking of it, it’s no problem to be called "top outstanding".
"What does’ Top Jay’ say?" A thought into a magic turned to ask Yang Ye.
Yang Ye pointed back to "her artificial man is not an ordinary np". The Abyss people went deeper and said that Lilina was an artificial man.
"So much? At this level, I really haven’t found that the game is a game. It’s too much to say that this np is a player. "I looked at Lilina with a smile.
On the other hand, Aaron fantasized for a while about his expression, first happy and then sad. He mumbled what he was saying, and he really couldn’t hear clearly. It was a long time before he suddenly raised his head and stared at Yang Ye’s pupil and gave off a hot light. "Give her to me!"
She means that Lilina Yang Ye knows.
I don’t know what Aaron’s plans are, but the first bilateral dialogue between the two sides, you, Aaron, directly want to grab something …
This is a little bad, isn’t it? to be continued
Chapter 351 Unless …
Yang Ye Lilina cuddled his hands behind him and tightened his arms. The strength can strangle the soldier Yang Ye! It is obvious that Lilina seems to be worried that Yang Ye will "send" her out. In that case … in that case …
"Give him Lilina Lilina will not live! !”
The little face was buried in Yang Ye’s back, and the crisp sound suddenly came over, which made Yang Ye slightly stunned. Then he laughed again, and his head was biased. "How could I give him Lilina?" Then he raised his head and looked straight ahead, staring at Aaron. The two eyes crossed, and Yang Ye came out again.
"What do you think he is dreaming …! !”
It’s obvious to whom this statement is made. Even if Aaron is stupid, he can come here for nothing. He is not stupid at all.
"You and her what?" Aaron seems to have gradually adapted to speaking. After all, he was born alone at first, and his "skills" are unlikely to be lost …
Shake the sword slightly. Yang Ye’s eyes are sharp. "What are you doing?"
The northern wind gently blows in Aaron’s face with a trace of moisture, but he even seems to be an insoluble iron plate and let the breeze blow up his messy, dirty hair without wetting and drying his cheeks. There is a trace of cruelty hidden in his eyes. Aaron did not directly answer the question of Yang Ye, but said-
"I’m Aaron." He introduced himself.
Suddenly, the self-introduction made Yang Ye and his obsession slightly stunned. The latter directly gave an expression to indicate that Yang Ye continued to talk to Aaron. Yang Yelai didn’t want to talk to this guy. Just now, his words just wanted Aaron to directly start work, but his temper suddenly turned and the tension gradually subsided. Nai Yangye continued-
"We know that the reason for this trip is that you come."
Aaron’s expression didn’t change over there. His face seemed to be a carved face. There were some twisted expression roots. There was no so-called expression change. When he heard Yang Ye’s words, he was silent for a moment and then said, "Is it mainly the queen flower?"
Aaron is a reasonable man. He is not stupid, but he is quite clever. "Is it the main thing or the queen’s flower? You just don’t want to fight." Yang Ye said
"The Queen Flower was cultivated by me. Although I can’t control her now, I know how powerful it is …" Aaron focused on Yang Ye’s provocative roots and said, "You will probably ruin yourself if you don’t win."
On the contrary, a boss persuaded the players to come. What exactly is this game? Even if you are obsessed with it, there is no way for countless players to figure it out.
"Whether we win or not is our business." Yang Ye laughed. "So … will you fight or not?" Of course, Yang Ye knew that Aaron would fight, but he didn’t know when it was not a good temper or a bad temper.
"Really?" Aaron said, "You are really a young man. You don’t listen to her. In this case, don’t wave. Leave her for me. I want to do experiments on her." He was talking about an extremely horrible thing, but Aaron said it with ease and no hesitation or formality.
Experiment with Lilina?
Even if Yang Ye didn’t hear it with his own ears, he wouldn’t easily bypass the person who said it, and this Aaron dared to blurt out this crazy talk directly in front of him …
I’m sorry.
A light ring Yang Ye directly out Xia Ge? Eddie’s sword-shaped sword shines brightly in the sun, and the wind flows on the blade, outlining a faint blade trajectory and hiding a stream of killing breath.
Ruthlessly put the sword on Yang Ye’s wrist and bend it in the distance. It looks like Yang Ye is pointing at Aaron in a half-closed fist, but in fact, it is clear whether Aaron is obsessed with magic or not-there is a sword that I don’t know how many people have been beheaded in his hand.
The provocative taste of the sword is obvious.
Aaron’s eyes dimmed slightly in his eyes, but he was not nervous or worried. He was a little disappointed-it was impossible that the other party had answered his question.
Aaron shook his head gently and marched a few steps to one side. He came to a cauldron in the middle of the flat ground. He looked down at the purple spark, then frowned slightly and drew his fingers lightly. A purple spark with purple petals appeared in his hand and was directly thrown into the cauldron by him …
The original fading purple flame suddenly burst into flames with the addition of new flowers, and its boiling white gas became more intense.
Add "firewood" and Aaron moved over a thigh-high wooden step from one side and then leaned against the side of the cauldron. He slowly climbed up.
Boiling cauldron is a pink liquid, and it can’t stop erupting from the inside with a pungent smell of white gas, but Aaron doesn’t seem to smell it at all. He picked up a huge spoon in the cauldron and struggled to stir it up. Yang Ye and Yi Nian looked at him with swords around him …
It’s the first time I’ve been treated like this.
Yang Ye and a mind into a magic glances from each other’s eyes are all saw nai.
"What’s the matter?" A thought into a magic asked with a wry smile.
"Wait, there’s nothing to do but wait," Yang Ye said.



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