Just when these people were angry, Yamen was kicked and Emma broke in.

The fairy was furious. "Can’t you knock?"
In fact, Emma has a good personality. She’s not such a rude person, but you still expect her to knock on your door when you hear that Mad Dog Dragon was once angry? That is, don’t even think about it
"You deserve me to knock at the door? What identity? Vice President of Dream Love? Has it reached this level? " Emma glanced at her. "It’s just a little mixed soldier. I don’t know why you always take yourself seriously."
You!’ The fairy was so angry that she was shaking all over. She pointed to Emma and said, "Who are you?"
Emma smiled. "I won’t tell you who I am. If I want to piss you off."
If this is not a restaurant, it is estimated that Fairy Horse will start work.
Emma threw the "Romantic Date" wedding ring on the table in front of Qiushui Yiren and said coldly, "I’ll give it back to you."
Colchicine Iraqis surprised way "cucumber elder brother he …"
"He has something for me to tell you!" Emma interrupted her with a look on her face. "He said you had a bad eye for people and you were unlucky. This guild can’t do it."
Mad dog Longgen didn’t ask her to tell her anything. She came up with these by herself because she was really angry.
Before Qiushui Yiren came to answer Xiaoyan, she got up. "Does he dare to say that our dream love is bad?"
Emma sneered, "You will even ask a bitch like a fairy to say it’s not bad?"
Xiaoyan immediately looked at the fairy, which betrayed him deeply. It was obvious that he didn’t know what had happened to Mu Zixing’s eyes.
Fairy long took a deep breath every word, "you! Very good! "
Emma is too lazy to ignore her looking at Xiaoyan. "Don’t you know? Then ask someone to find out what wicked things she has done in Mu Zixing’s eyes? "
With that, she turned and walked out of the door and slammed the door with a bang.
This room is so popular that my lungs are blown up. This woman is so arrogant.
After this episode, the lunch was not very enjoyable.
After everyone’s appetite was not very delicious, Xia Xiaoqing returned to Mu Zixing’s eyes headquarters. Man Han Xi insisted on going fishing by the river, saying that he wanted to cook braised fish for dinner. Because he was only a 6-level bachelor, she was very willing to accompany her crazy boyfriend.
Mad dog dragon went out of the city directly to the south gate. The magic bottle has been borrowed. This is another long-distance expedition.
Emma stuck him again. "Where are you going? Are you going somewhere fun? I will follow! "
"Oh dear Xiao Jia!" Mad dog Long Li "you don’t have too much energy for a day, ok? How nice it is for you to sell your mine. I’m going out to do business. "
"I’ll go with you!" Emma winked and smiled. "I have to go with you this time!" "
Mad dog dragon can raise his hand and surrender. "It’s even more dangerous this time. It’s convenient to act with me before you get up and practice hard."
Emma coquetry "I’m not doing it, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going!"
The mad dog Longnai can throw a big killer. "This time, there are many experts in the three super guilds of Bloody Elite, New Century and Shenyu. Are you sure you want to follow me?"
Emma turned pale and swallowed hard. "I remember, I have to go to bloody castle to collect money."
Mad dog dragon smiled. "That’s right. Listen and work hard to make money and make a fortune. I’ll come to your house to make a living."
Seeing Emma returning to Mad Dog Dragon in the direction of Hoefeld, she turned around and shook her head and murmured, "Sister-in-law, I’m really afraid of you. You dare to go anywhere." To be continued.
Chapter five hundred and forty-six Who did it?
Mad dog dragon stopped in a woodland less than half an hour after he went out. He couldn’t help laughing. "Are you looking for trouble, little guy?"
A large group of people emerged from the forest, and Xiao Yan was the first one.
Xiaoyan said coldly, "Don’t worry, I’m not here to fight with you."
Mad dog dragon ring picked up his arms and looked at him with great meaning. "Then what do you want to see me for?"
Xiaoyan looked at the mad dog dragon before she left. "I just want to ask you a few questions?"
Mad dog dragon laughed. "Well, everyone is young. Ask!"
Xiao Yan said in a low voice, "I know you had a fake marriage with my fiancee to protect her. It’s not difficult for me to see you today."
Mad dog dragon laughed even harder. He looked at him and then at the group of soldiers and assassins behind him. "Do you think you can make it difficult for me with a dozen people?"
Xiaoyan stared at him. "You don’t want how great the Eastern Dynasty is. Before our dream love, the ranking of the Eastern Dynasty is still behind."
Mad dog dragon laughed. "Then you should consider me not from the Eastern Dynasty."
Xiaoyan angered, "Don’t make the hard way. I’ve been polite enough to you and I’ve been polite several times."
Mad dog dragon also put away his smile. "If you have something to say and fart, let me go. It’s precious when you don’t want to wave on a person like you."
Xiaoyan gritted her teeth. "I just want to ask you, have you done anything to my fiancee?"


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