Mad dog dragon has been tossing for half an hour, and 12 players who came to sell goods have been driven to town by him.

Of course, in the end, there are people who are not afraid of death.
The 13 th person has to be a person who looks at the costume but not life. The player should be a bowman with an arrow barrel hanging from his waist and a hardwood longbow slung over his back.
As soon as the archer comes, he puts something on the big scale to see that the goods should be special wood, because the wood color is light blue.
"This brother, please pay back the money!" Mad dog dragon is very straightforward.
"get out!" The archer spoke coldly.
The mad dog is happy. "Hey, do you owe money?"
The archer obviously knew that the person in front of him had encountered his roots, so he didn’t argue with the mad dog dragon, "Will you roll?"
"I won’t roll, just see what you can do?" Mad dog dragon laughed.
The archer ignored him and continued to put wood on the scale.
"If you don’t give me a statement, then I’ll give you a statement." Mad Dog Dragon walked straight towards him.
The archer was alert and immediately stepped back and took off his longbow. "What do you want?"
"Don’t pay back the money if you give a happy sentence?" Mad dog dragon coldly stretched out his hand.
The archer sneered, "What can you do if I don’t pay it back today?"
"Very good!" Mad dog dragon laughed
As soon as the good word was exported, he disappeared and didn’t want to know that it was the assassin’s flash.
The archer’s skill is still very good. He rolls forward decisively on the spot for about three or four meters, and then squats down with a hunch and shoots with a bow.
Mad dog dragon is there, let him shoot his armor, and Mars will take a "jingling" burst of soup.
After shooting five or six arrows, the archer stopped decisively, because the visual field showed the damage value of most arrows. Occasionally, the word "miss" appeared in one of them, which proved that the opponent’s defense was not only bizarre, but also the probability of evasion with him was quite high.
Mad dog dragon smiled and gestured "Please continue!"
The archer’s face is a little pale. He hasn’t met such a great person yet, but he can’t help but have a brainwave when he thinks of what happened to those people in front. "Eldest brother, I’m sorry, I’ll pay back the money, but I don’t have enough money. I’ll go back to the warehouse in town to get the money. Wait a minute …"
After that, he didn’t care if the mad dog dragon reacted and ran away to the town gate.
Mad dog dragon laughed. "You’re a little inside story or you’ll be here today."
As soon as this archer ran for a while, no one dared to sell any more. Those players in Gangshan were still going to sell things as usual without knowing it, and they were quietly caught by their peers.
"Brother, don’t go over there. There’s a madman in this town today!"
"I rely on this guy to be fierce and dare to make trouble in the Arctic Shenguang site!"
"Four eyes, sell me those magic crystals in your hand!"
"With what? * * Do you have money? "
A large group of life players are watching the mad dog dragon all around, but regardless of sitting at the edge of the big scale and eating two steamed buns, it is not normal to feel that he is playing at home.
But the big felt hat, they saw that this little thing was deliberately looking for trouble
Finally the bag came along with three or four soldiers.
"Friend, we are doing business here, and it will affect our business if you go looking for trouble like this," Bao said patiently
"Can’t you see that I am collecting debts?" The mad dog gave him a white look. "Besides, what do you care if you do business?"
This is exactly the same as the spiral raincoat reprimanding Kong Laoer, which makes him want to vomit blood, but considering that it is always affecting his business to fight and kill, he still endured "friend, can you go somewhere else to collect debts?" Your quarrel here really affects our business. Is everyone out to make a living? "
This is very reasonable. The problem is that the mad dog dragon needs nothing more than the fallacy, "Is this place you?"
Bao shook his head. "Of course not!"
Mad dog dragon plausibly "since not, why do you want me to go somewhere else? If you dislike this place, you can go somewhere else! I don’t believe you can’t do business elsewhere? Don’t blame others for anything, find the reason from yourself first! "
You!’ Bao was speechless. Of course, they couldn’t move, not to mention how many pairs of eyes are watching the Arctic divine light now. They can’t afford to lose this face.
"Friend, are you sure you don’t want to go?" Bao eyes finally radiant with yoshimitsu.
"ok, I’m leaving!" Mad dog dragon, a so-called sample, walked to the grass next to it, and then sat down to drink water and chew steamed bread. It should be guilty according to the situation.
Bao secretly breathed a sigh of relief. In Lonely Smoke Town, you can still fight without fighting. How many life players have targeted the Arctic Shenguang to maintain the safety of Lonely Smoke Town at a high level. Generally, no one fights.
Take another look at the mad dog dragon over there and touch out a khaki thing. Carefully and patiently wipe the bag on the surface and see that it should be a gun, but he doesn’t care. Why don’t you try shooting me?
At the moment, someone finally dares to sell something. This life player is still a woman dressed as a miner with a toolbox in his hand.
As a result, just a few steps after going out, several shots fired on the grass "Bangbangbang" and several blood arrows were blown up on the shoulders of the female miners in full view. Then the whole person quickly fell to the ground, and the deep red blood dyed the dry sand red.
"This ….." Around the player qi qi took a drag on the air conditioning, which openly shot people.
In "The Ninth Continent", it is generally not difficult for professional players to live in combat. In the final analysis, there are no rules in Jianghu, but there are always some unwritten rules for walking in Jianghu, such as killing life players indiscriminately. Although there is no rule that you are not allowed to kill them, you are a fighting professional to bully others, just like a top player to kill a novice. You have no sense of accomplishment. Even if you don’t say it, even your companions will despise your behavior from the heart for a long time, and your name will be damaged, which is very unfavorable for future development.
Killing life players and fighting players indiscriminately is not two kinds, one is because of bitter hatred and the other is the devil incarnate.
But watching mad dog dragon is not like either.
You!’ Bao finally felt a trace of anger. "You actually killed life players?"
"The gun went off accidentally!" Mad dog dragon wryly explained that in fact, he didn’t want to hand it, especially the other party was a woman who worked hard to mine, but this time there was no way out. There were always some people who wanted money and didn’t want people to come out and kill a few Liwei, so the Kong Laoer team would be detained all the time.
In the fire … Only the ghost will believe that it was a fire!
Bao "shua" drew a long sword and slowly approached with a cold face.
There’s nothing he can do to stop it, so they can’t do the Arctic divine business.
However, as soon as he flashed his weapon, Mad Dog Dragon got up with a smile and stretched his limbs very much. "Forget it, I didn’t recover any debts today. I have to go ahead and wish you a good time!"
"You live for me!" Bao suddenly accelerated and rushed, and the whole person pulled out a phantom and floated to the mad dog dragon. It is easy for a charge soldier to keep his opponent.
But he was wrong. He faced a monster instead of an opponent this time.
In his field of vision, the figure of mad dog dragon suddenly went from far to near, but in the blink of an eye, the other person seemed to drift away, that is, 1 meter away, and instantly crossed the muddy path.
Bao was shocked that the charging soldier of the old hall of Nima was not as fast as the assassin?
He again stupidly mad dog dragon has reached a forest 3 meters away.
"Friends goodbye! Bye! " Mad dog dragon waved his hand and then disappeared into the lush forest.
Bao couldn’t help spitting, "Fuck! Don’t let me meet you again! Don’t run if you have the guts! "
Mad dog dragon, the players around this slip away are ready to move again. After two or three minutes, someone finally walks towards the center again.
Another shot, but this gun is much louder than before. It’s like rolling over the sky. The mountains are echoing with this sound, and even the echoes are rumbling.



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