Laner smell speech also nodded. At this moment, Ye Han sighed and looked at the north in an instant. Then he said, "It seems that we have to hurry up this ice forest trip. Don’t delay any more, otherwise we won’t be able to get back to Yejia before the Singapore Festival!"

With that, he turned to Laner and said to her, "Laner, several of them have practiced the flying tactic against the wind, and now I’ll give it to you. I want you to understand it well and believe that you can master it as soon as we do."
Blue son smell speech first one leng, but then also nodded Ye Han saw that this palm has already formed a seal of the practice of flying tactic on the wind and will enter the blue son’s eyebrows.
India definitely entered the eyebrows. Laner was busy closing his eyes and feeling a little bit about the essentials of flying against the wind. Then he nodded and said, "Thank you, brother Han. Laner will practice hard and never live up to your expectations!"
Ye Han nodded and sighed again. "It seems that we should also go to the ice forest. Let’s go. Let’s learn how to fly against the wind as before. Everyone should take one. We must go to the ice forest as soon as possible to find the ice saliva grass and get back to Ye’s house as soon as possible!"
"Brother Han, do you mean that you can’t look at the far north ice eye for ten thousand years for the time being?" Inflammation hin smell speech busy puzzled asked
Smell speech Ye Han immediately wry smile way "I silly hin son didn’t you listen to me? We have to go back to Xingyuan City before the Singapore dollar festival. I also want to find Wannian Ice Beads as soon as possible, but the problem is that we don’t have enough time now. We have to take a long-term view to find Wannian Ice Beads! "
After that, he turned to the other people and said, "Let’s go!"
Daughters nodded Ye Han had already pulled Laner Teng and quickly fled to Lengling in the direction of the northern ice forest, and others did not hesitate to follow him.
The ice sheet has just tried its best to make some amazing changes, but it has recovered in the blink of an eye. It is calm, but it has already indicated that everything will be different in the future.
Ye Han led the crowd to the ice forest not far from the southern tip. When the iceberg fell to the ground, Ye Han couldn’t help but sigh, "I didn’t expect to return to this place for more than half a year!"
Yan Xin and others naturally have no feelings for this place. After all, they have never been here, but it is a thing of the past for Ye Lengling. For example, after listening to Ye Han’s sigh yesterday, Lengling can’t help but sigh, "Yes, how time flies! I didn’t expect us to come back here!"
The place worth remembering is often full of good memories. Although Ye Lengling and his wife did not leave any particularly good memories here, it is not a little emotional to think about comparing themselves at the beginning.
Perhaps sometimes even the most painful thing is the most unforgettable thing, such as Ye Lengling’s wedding night, but now this iceberg has obviously left no scars on them, which is naturally difficult to miss.
But these times are often not as deep as the deep pain or the deep beauty. After all, the former is the extreme and the most unforgettable thing, and this time.
It is precisely because of this that Ye Han stayed here for a while and then took everyone away from the iceberg and continued to fly in the direction of the ice forest …
[55] 【 ice forest for medicine 】 a.
The ice forest is located in the northern part of the Yuanqi mainland, where it is cold all the year round. Now it is even colder when winter comes, and it has become the residence of the cold head of state because of the cold climate. It has become one of the few dangerous places in the Yuanqi mainland.
Ye Han a line of people from the iceberg will soon have come to the periphery of the ice forest. He naturally feels very cordial about everything around this periphery. He thought that he was practicing here before he entered the realm of Yuan Dan.
But now that he is here again, he is only sighing. He really didn’t stay. After all, he was bent on cultivating as soon as possible, not to mention being familiar with the surrounding area. He never even had a real horizontal view.
Ye Han, the ice surface outside the falling ice forest, asked Lan Er around him, "Lan Er, although you have resumed the repair now, after all, you have just resumed this ice forest, but it is extremely cold. I wonder if you can endure it?"
Laner suddenly nodded and smiled when he heard this. "Don’t worry, Laner has just resumed repairing, but after all, it has already been repaired by the Yuan soul community. It’s nothing to be a little patient!"
Said the blue son paused again and then said, "There is one thing that I have never understood. I don’t seem to have recovered this time. I always feel that my repair is still showing signs of improvement because I just got it before I recovered. Otherwise …"
"Otherwise, you will definitely rise a lot. I have long known that nine planets Lingyu is not a common thing. Now that you have merged it, the repair will naturally be enhanced!" Ye Han smell speech busy said with a smile
"Ah?" After listening to Ye Hanyan Laner, he immediately asked, "Do you mean that I haven’t reached the proper level? Then what do I have to do now to stabilize the repair? "
Smell Ye Han suddenly leng leng immediately nai shook his head with a wry smile. "I don’t know about this either. It is estimated that you will have to wait until you can recover, or wait. Maybe you will be able to reach the proper level this time!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Laner nodded his head and didn’t entangle the matter, but he thought to himself that he would stabilize the repair as soon as possible and come to nine planets to fix it himself. He must never lag behind others.
At this time, Ye Han had already turned to Lengling and others who followed him and said, "Ma, we are about to enter this ice forest danger. Everyone should be very energetic and be careful!"
All the women nodded and answered when Xiaoli jumped out of Yan Xin’s arms and looked at the ice forest not far away. "This is the periphery. If we really get to the ice forest, the situation will be different. If we don’t meet the Yuan beast, we can still resist the cold by ourselves. If we really meet the Yuan beast, I’m afraid we will admit that we are unlucky!"
"oh? From what you say, have you been here before? It seems that you are still familiar with this place? " Heard Xiaoli this Ye Han immediately asked one leng busy.
Xiaoli smiled but didn’t talk. He stared at the entrance of the ice forest and nodded his head. "Well, I have indeed been to the ice forest and been to the depths of the ice forest, but that was a long time ago. Today, the ice forest is changing ten thousand times. I’m afraid it is not the original ice forest!"
After listening to Xiaoli’s words, Ye Han felt right. Even though Xiaoli once entered this ice forest, it was a long time ago after all. Now I’m afraid the ice forest has already changed a lot compared with that time!
Ye Han nodded with a smile. Since people can be familiar with this ice forest, we can’t take it one step at a time, but we dare not go in. This is not only a matter of whether we can find ice saliva grass, but also a matter of face. Naturally, this face is negligible, but finding ice saliva grass is a key!
Ye Han finally decided to take a risk after thinking about it, but it’s just to think about his own adventure. He can’t let the girls take risks with him. He had to turn around and say to the girls, "Well, I’ll take care of the search for ice saliva grass. Just wait for me for safety!"
"no!" Ye Han just said this, and all the women spoke out against it together. Then she listened to Lengling shake her head and said with a wry smile, "Cold son, it is natural for you and me to share weal and woe together. If we wait here and watch you take risks alone, will you make us bear it?"
"This ….." After listening to the cold lingyan Ye Han suddenly felt speechless for a long time before saying, "Well, since you don’t trust me, I’ll let Xiaoli take me with you. Although the ice forest is extremely dangerous, I believe that Xiaoli can keep me safe!"
After listening to Ye Han’s decision, the daughters immediately hesitated here. It is best for Xiaoli to fix the highest level and let him accompany Ye Han to nature. But it is unprecedented for Ye Han to face the women around him. How can they sit back and watch?
Ye Han seemed to see what was on their minds and smiled. "I know what you mean, but now we don’t have to fight side by side. Besides, some of you may protect yourself, but if you really go, it won’t help. So you’d better stay here!"
Then he came to Lengling first, stretched out his hand and grabbed her jade hand and smiled. "Linger, you are the most sensible here. I’ll give you protection now. Can you promise me?"



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