Chen Ping said, "But my brother hasn’t met one of our managers, Mr. Huang."

The waves thought for a moment and said "yes"
So they set out for Zhuhai port in the east of the city.
Car Chen Ping told the waves about some of the gangs.
The waves probably know that they are going to meet a person named Huangpu Sheng, who is a real estate company and a freighter company, but the boss is actually a branch of the "Star Gang". Chen Ping, the owner of the "White Tiger Hall", is also the third-ranking person in this branch, only Huangpu Sheng and Liu Yunyun, the vice president.
There are five halls in the Star Gang, namely Qinglong Hall, Baihu Hall, Suzaku Hall, Xuanwu Hall and Tianxing Hall.
The four halls of Qinglong White Tiger Suzaku Xuanwu are managed by four hall owners, including Huangpu Sheng. However, the four halls and the "Star Hall" are directly managed by the "Star Gang" leader. It is very subtle that they can go their own way and echo each other. Similar to the current board of directors, the "Star Gang" leader of Huangpu Sheng is the chairman and general manager, and the four hall owners are similar directors and shareholders.
The "Star Gang" is absolutely powerful in this city. It is not only the first big gang in the underworld, but also extends into real estate, transportation, stock market and other fields. Although it is hard to cover the sky, few people dare to provoke it. Even the city police station dare not easily provoke the "Star Gang".
The only rival of "Star Gang" in this city is "Fulong Gang"
Although the influence of "Fulong Gang" is not as big as that of "Star Gang" or diversified development of "Star Gang", it is the oldest gang sphere of influence in the city, which almost monopolized the protection of restaurants and places.
In less than ten years, the "Star Gang" surpassed the "Fulong Gang" which had developed for more than 30 years. The "Fulong Gang" was unwilling to secretly recruit and prepare to give the "Star Gang" some color to see see.
When the "Star Gang" got the news, it secretly arranged a pre-counterattack.
Although the two sides haven’t officially started fighting, the whole city has already got wind, and both sides are helping the public to prepare in secret.
The current situation is that the tension between the two sides is on the verge of breaking out, and the atmosphere in the whole city is full of events!
The waves turned the street once, and in less than twelve o’clock, more than 100,000 "filial piety money" was put on my body.
He was ready to go home, and he walked around the street with pride and watched the neon lights on the street.
Suddenly, a beggar followed, reaching out and begging from the waves.
The waves glared at the beggar fiercely, showing impatience and trying to move his fist.
The beggar winked at him when the waves stared. "The knife borrower wants to meet you, but it’s inconvenient for kun yang to know …"
The waves went on warily, reaching into their arms and drawing out money.
Listen to the beggar behind him and say, "There’s a restaurant in front. If you go out through the back door, someone will lead the way …"
Xu Shaolong drew a hundred-dollar bill and threw it away.
Sure enough, after a long walk, there was a restaurant with a noisy knife and a fragrant smell.
The waves walked to the restaurant, and the guests were so crowded that everyone noticed him.
The waves go directly into the back kitchen and leave from the back door.
The back door is an alley. A 30-year-old Han met and asked, "Is that Mr. Hai?"
The waves nodded their heads.
The Han immediately led him through many lanes to a store, pushed the door and walked straight into the store.
Behind the shop is a small courtyard. The lights are on in the main hall, and a middle-aged man with a fine appearance is greeted by the main entrance.
When the middle-aged man met, he reported his name as Chen Ping.
After observing the waves secretly and making sure that there was no one else in this hospital, he said, "Did you lend me the knife just now?"
Chen Ping said, "Yes, it’s me."
The waves are not polite at all and say, "What?"
Chen Ping smiled and said, "Hai Brothers is a straightforward person, but I don’t know if this sentence is answered. Perhaps it was because Yang Kun was bullied by many people that I couldn’t look at it that I helped you."
The waves say, "Oh! Brother Chen is also a Taoist. I wonder which line of friends he is? "
Chen Ping said with a smile, "You should have guessed my knife mark when you saw it."
The waves laughed and said, "It turns out that the way is really a’ star gang’ master. My younger brother has lost his respect. Here is 100,000 yuan, just as my younger brother thanked the way for giving me a knife."



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