Everyone doesn’t feel terrible about death. Many people think that even if they die, they feel enough and don’t complain.

When bowls of medicine were delivered to these Han people, many people drank the medicine with tears in their eyes and drank all the bowls.
However, Su Wan was in a coma because of excessive bleeding. Many people in the camp knew the news and gave Su Wan the highest respect in their hearts.
The second day early in the morning finally have good news to poison chapter 178 reward beauty.
The next day, the soldiers in the camp poisoned the whole camp and cheered.
Su Wanlai was sleeping and was awakened by the cheers outside the camp. He was so happy when he heard that the soldiers had been poisoned.
She breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help laughing at the same time
Someone leaned over to her side and kissed her gently on the cheek to thank her.
"Ladies, ladies, thank you for your hard work."
Su Wan smiled and shook his head. "You and I are one. What do you mean by hard work? Am I the kind of person who can share weal and woe?"
Xiao Huang immediately smiled gently and said, "I was wrong to play."
The two men talked and laughed. Yu Ge sounded outside the camp and reported that "Master Shi, everyone has solved the poison. It’s okay. It’s okay."
Xiao Huang nodded. "Yeah, I know."
He turned around and looked at his side. Su Wan asked her to sleep for a while and dressed himself and went out.
Outside the camp, besides Yu Ge, Zhou Sheng Zhou Sheng looked at Xiao Huang happily and said respectfully, "Master Ye, the soldiers asked me to say thank you to Master Fei."
Xiao Huang motioning with his hand, "It’s okay. You immediately arrange for everyone to leave for Beijing. If you don’t leave for Beijing, I’m afraid he’ll think of something to deal with you."
When it comes to this Zhou Sheng, he is full of anger. I didn’t expect that it would be so hateful to treat human life as human life.
However, with so many people, they really shouldn’t play hardball with it.
"Okay, I’ll arrange for everyone to leave for Beijing immediately."
"Will the world come back to Beijing with us?"
Zhou Sheng asked Xiao Huang but shook his head. "No, I still have some things to deal with. You must take people back to Beijing first. By the way, you must pay attention to Ann and don’t be trapped by others."
"It’s Master Shi"
Zhou Sheng was ordered to arrange these things, while Xiao Huang and Su Wan stayed because they had work to do. It was too great to give them such a big gift, so how could they not return it?
Soon rumors spread outside Dengzhou.
The bandits who have been in Honghu Lake have been so rampant because the Taidian secretly helped too much, but because he wanted to deal with Xiao Shi.
Because Xiao Shi took away his wife, he was too bitter to cloth this tight encirclement
This rumor, together with the whole Dengzhou people, is going crazy. Everyone scolds too Xiao Ye, who is heartless and heartless, and destroys humanity. He has turned his back on his selfish desires and ignored the people. Such people are not worthy.
Don’t deserve too much
Because of this rumor, everyone thought that the golden dragon jumped up in the Honghu Lake, and the golden dragon jade statue turned out to be like the Nine Emperors Hall, which said that the Nine Emperors were the real dragon day.
How can a person who is so dehumanizing be the real dragon day?
At that time, the whole people in Dengzhou said that the Nine Emperors’ Hall is the real dragon, and the Emperor should establish the Nine Emperors’ Hall of the West Chu.
Too Xiao Ye tried to suppress these rumors that disturbed people’s hearts when he received the news, but because the news flowed too fast, he couldn’t suppress so many people even if he wanted to suppress it.
The rumor was followed by another news.
The fact that Xiao Shi’s 30,000 soldiers were caught in the plague was that they were poisoned, and the root of the poison was to kill 30,000 soldiers.
Because of the previous rumor, even though the news didn’t say who poisoned 30 thousand soldiers, those people quickly thought of Tai Xiaoye.
At that time, everyone in Dengzhou denounced Xiao Ye. Xiao Ye couldn’t cover the matter and couldn’t say how much he hated Xiao Huang. Unfortunately, Xiao Huang had already gone to Beijing with the jade statue he had fished from Sihong Lake.
Xiao Ye received the news and dared not stay any longer. Hurry back to Beijing because there are things waiting for him in Beijing.
He doesn’t believe what is true. dragon day said that it was Xiao Huang who made it out.
I want to borrow nine emperors’ hands to fight him. He dreams.
Xiao Ye also wanted to send someone to kill Xiao Huang and Su Wan, but in the end, he thought that Su Wan was not cruel to confuse him. He knew that even if he sent someone to kill him, he might not be able to kill Xiao Huang now. Maybe tight encirclement was waiting for him. If he sent someone to kill him, he would be afraid of more trouble.
In the end, Xiao Ye didn’t send anyone to assassinate Su Wan and Xiao Huang, and they went to Beijing one after another.
It was the end of July when I arrived in Beijing.
Sue has been pregnant for more than two months, but it doesn’t show at all.
It was after returning to Jing Wangfu that Xiao Huang told her father and princess that it made Jing Wang Ye and Jing Princess happy, and the whole Jing Wangfu people were very happy.
Xiao Huang placed Su Wan in Canglan Hospital to rest and took people into the palace to see the emperor.
The palace Qinzheng Hall was full of people at this time. Besides the old emperor, many ministers also sat there.
The flood bandits in Dengzhou have been removed, and everyone is relieved, but the old emperor doesn’t look very good.
He hoped to get rid of Xiao Huang too much, but not only did he not get rid of Xiao Huang, but he also made himself notorious. Now the people in Dengzhou have scolded him to death.
The more the old emperor thinks about it, the worse his face gets. Others in the hall dare not speak.


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