Sir, I will worship you whenever I can! Don’t take such a trick!

She seduced Huang Yinchen. Don’t be so funny!
Xia Xiaoxue saw Su Ling’s unpredictable look on her cheek, and immediately understood the strange things. Before gathering together again, her expression became more positive. Many urged Su Ling to say, "Then you are quick to say what’s going on." If it’s not true, then the handmaiden in the house is wrong. How bold are they in this matter and are not afraid of being beheaded! "
Shinohara Snow’s secret words immediately attracted Su Ling’s attention, and this did wake her up. A group of handmaids dared to discuss right and wrong in the palace. Who gave courage?
What’s worse, someone will know about what happened in the dust room last night? ! And embellished her by saying she was naked? Damn it, uncle can’t stand it!
"Have you ever heard the saying that money makes the mare go?"
Su Ling’s face is full of frost. She was full of anger last night. Will she hear such exciting news again? Look, if Shinohara snow hadn’t come, she wouldn’t have been able to know so much!
In this case, let’s play!
"You help me out for a walk!" Su Ling struggled to get up from the soft couch, and Xiao Xue said to her in a slightly stunned way, "What’s your hurry now? You always have to tell me what happened so that I can find a way to help you!"
"Don’t help! There is a tiger and a chicken in the house. If the tiger doesn’t leave the mountain, the chick will be a phoenix! " Su Ling eyes light flow with cool color curled his mouth and sneered.
Talk also rushed to put the leg veil to cover the injury!
"The tiger is a cousin who is that chick? You don’t mean yourself? " Xia Xiao snow didn’t respond at the moment and immediately looked at Su Ling gaping. She really loves jokes!
Su Ling heard that she almost threw herself off the soft couch and stared at Xia Xiaoxue with a bloody white expression. "The tiger is of course my chick!"
Xia Xiaoxue "…"
Tiger? She’s the only one who’s shaking like a chicken!
Hmm? Helian Jinse?
Xia Xiaoxue immediately remembered Su Ling’s speech after spitting in her heart. "What do you mean by Hector even Jinse?"
"Otherwise! If this chick wants the chicken to occupy the nest, you have to ask me if this tiger agrees! " Su Ling said that she had walked slowly and carefully to the door.
She now strongly suspects that doctor Wu was sent by Huang Yin Dust to fix her! This leg doesn’t hurt much when walking. Why do you say it’s as serious as amputation? It’s a quack!
And in Zhengtai Hospital, Dr. Wu, who smells the medicine at the end, sneezes several times in succession and directly sprays the medicine at the end of his eyes!
Stay Su Ling out of the wing Xia Xiaoxue also got up and looked at Su Ling during the wait for a while. She just said she was a tiger? Is she mad?
"Are you well injured? Look at you trembling!" Shinohara snow chased from behind and couldn’t help but hold Su Ling’s arm and keep chanting in her ear.
Good friends are hard to be these days!
Su Ling looked askance at Shinohara Snow, even if the sun was blazing again, it wouldn’t melt the frost on her face. "A tiger is a tiger even if it is injured! Come on, I’ll take you to a play! I’ll take your name if I don’t pull her out today! "
Xia Xiao Xue Nai pouted, "Come on, why don’t you take my last name and I won’t marry you!" "
Su Ling "…"
The backyard of Wangfu is quiet and quiet. Wang Huangyin has married Su Ling as a princess so far. It can also be said that the whole backyard of Wangfu is Su Ling alone.
Of course, this fact was broken by an uninvited guest who was injured last night!
Hector even Jinse was injured after being hit by Su Ling’s teacup and was carried into the backyard guest room by her maid. This is the first time that she was able to stay in Wangfu all night.
At that time, Hector even Jinse’s head was bandaged like a kind of white gauze with a head and a flower roll. The room was light and happy to drink tea and eat cakes!
"Congratulations, Princess!"



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