Zhouyi and Cao Fang embraced each other, enjoying the winter sunshine and each other’s tenderness. It means that ICY is somewhat sad in his heart, because Zhouyi will go to the sea in two days, and this trip is quite dangerous, which worries him.

It was not until noon that Zhouyi and Cao Fangcai were ready to go back to dinner side by side.
Back to Cao Fang’s home, Cao Fang’s mother had already prepared the food, so all four of them had dinner at the living room table.
Cao Fang’s parents came back to Cao Fang and Zhouyi like a young couple, and they were all very happy that they were all old. The only worry in this generation was that Cao Fang couldn’t find a suitable boyfriend before Cao Fang’s return home, and Liu Youcheng didn’t feel worried about growing up together. However, after Zhouyi appeared, the parents didn’t worry about this problem. Zhouyi was good in all aspects, which was very pleasing to the parents. What’s more, Zhouyi also knew acupuncture to make Cao Fang’s father’s leg recover slowly, so the family was slowly filled with laughter.
When eating, Cao Fang’s mother kept picking up dishes for Zhouyi, and her cooking was really good. Seven dishes were quite delicious, which made Zhouyi eat with relish.
Zhouyi strongly praised Cao Fang’s mother for cooking well, which made Cao Fang’s mother happy. Cao Fang was secretly worried that Zhouyi’s trip to the sea would be more dangerous, but she was a sensible girl and didn’t tell her parents that Zhouyi was going to the sea.
Cao Fang’s family took a short rest for a week and said goodbye to Cao Fang’s parents and prepared to go home.
Cao Fang sent Zhouyi to the building and told Zhouyi to pay attention to Ann. If there is anything, he should immediately inform him. After they hugged for a long time, Zhoujia drove home.
Back home, behind closed doors in Zhouyi room.
Guo Yunfeng, a brain wizard, sent Zhou Yi some information about Hai Gang and Pei Liu Zhang Yibing, and Zhou Yi carefully studied it because these things may be when he went to the sea.
By Monday, Zhouyi didn’t go to school, but called to ask Ye Qingcheng for leave.
This time, Zhouyi didn’t say that he went to the sea to help Zhou Jun save his father Zhou Qingdi because he was afraid of Ye Qingcheng’s fear of opposing him to go to the sea to help Zhou Jun save his father. In that case, things would become very troublesome.
In Zhouyi’s words, Ye Qingcheng said that this time he went to the sea to accompany his father to attend an important business gathering, which would take about ten days.
Zhou Yi said that Ye Qingcheng did not doubt that she habitually told Zhou Yi that the final exam was coming, so remember to review your lessons and then nodded and agreed to ask for leave from Zhou Yi.
The three-day period agreed by Zhouyi and Zhou Jun will arrive soon.
On Wednesday, it was a little cold in the early morning, and when it was still dawn, a Ferrari and Bentley sped to Xiaoshan Airport.
At the entrance of Xiaoshan airport, the two cars stopped and four people came out.
Two men and two women wear sunglasses.
Both men are teenagers.
A little taller, about 16 or 17 years old, and about 1.75 meters tall, he was dressed in a black Versace. His casual face was delicate, thin and full of vitality, but he did not lack composure and looked elegant and confident.
The other person is a little younger, probably about fifteen years old. He is also dressed in black, not very tall, about one meter six. He is thin and pale. It seems that he is recovering from a serious illness or has lost a lot of blood.
The two girls are older, both of them are ten years old, and they all have a beautiful appearance. Even if they are beautiful, Hangzhou is definitely one in a million.
A girl dressed in a white trench coat and a white scarf, she was naturally charming and attracted a lot of men’s attention with one car, belonging to the super beauty of the femme fatale level
The other girl looks a little sexier, but her skin is very white and her temperament is outstanding. What’s more, she has a cool feeling that makes men feel tempted immediately.
Not to mention that these four people are Zhouyi Zhou Jun Mu Hongdou and Luo Qingxue. Zhouyi and Zhou Jun are about to fly to the sea, while Luo Qing Xue and Mu Hongdou are coming to see off the plane. Chapter 36 Dangerous trip to the sea.
This time Zhouyi went to the sea without telling his father or Kexin Yu that he knew about it. Besides Luo Qing Xue and Mu Hongdou Cao Fang, there were people from Tianlong Martial Arts School.
"You must be careful about Zhouyi []"
After arriving at the airport, Mu Hongdou took Zhouyi’s arm and said softly that her eyes were wet at the moment. When Zhouyi went to the sea, she would face the only danger. She told herself not to cry, but she cried.
Luo Qingxue didn’t cry, but she was also reluctant to go to Zhouyi. She really wanted to go to Tianlong Martial Arts School without Zhouyi, and Zhouyi wouldn’t meet Zhou Jun, and there wouldn’t be today’s difference.
"Why are you crying? I can’t die."



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