Yuan Lan turned around and her cold eyes were the same as Lin Yu’s little girl master. "What else?"

Lin Yu didn’t know what to say for a moment, but it was purple and clear. "Little sister and sister will take you to buy beautiful clothes?"
"Naive" Yuan Lan looks like a little girl but pretends to be very old and "not interested"
Yuan Lan stamped her feet gently. Lin Yu and Zi Qingyun suddenly blew a bottomless crack in front of them!
"I know you want me to go with you. Give me a reason," Yuan Lan said coldly. "Give you another chance. If I’m not satisfied, you two can bury yourself in the pit in front of you."
Lin Yu really wants to cry for her master. What job did she find for herself? How can this little girl be as overbearing and violent as her master?
"Ah-"Lin Yu’s head seemed to explode, and he kept rolling with his hands over his head. "Master, stop!"
"If you dare to disrespect me again, even if it is an idea, I will make your life worse than death!" The little girl gave Lin Yu a hard lesson. "Of course, if you can’t figure out a way to let Yuan Lan go with you, you can bury it in that pit."
Lin Yu got up from the ground with a cold sweat and hurried to think about letting Yuan Lan go with her excuse. At this moment, Zi Qingyun suddenly smiled at Yuan Lan. "How about my little sister and my sister go with us to hunt the monster beast?"
Lin Yu heart andao little bitch, you are an idiot. Yuan Lan is so powerful. Is it worthwhile to hunt monsters with us?
Nazhi Yuanlan is very satisfied and nodded. "Well, after that, you hunt the monster beast and I am responsible for eating the monster nucleus. It shows that you are sincere in taking out all your monster nuclei."
Lin Yu wanted to cry, but he didn’t expect to make such a broken thing halfway, which made him lose his demon core.
But there was no way for the little girl’s master to explain things. He had to do everything. He gave Yuan Lan all the demon cores.
Lin Yu and purple rhyme were dumbfounded. Yuan Lan swallowed all the hundreds of demon cores that Lin Yu had taken out one by one.
"Well, the level is too low to eat enough!" Yuan Lan took a meaningful look at Xiao Zi, who was so scared that Xiao Zi was confused on the spot and held her breath to play dead.
It means a lot. I’m dead and stale. You always let me go.
Yuan Lan looked straight at Lin Yu from a small purple body. "You still have two demon cores left."
Lin Yu first one leng and then thought of Yuan Lan referring to his own magic gun. The two demon cores can’t help but feel distressed. That’s two fourth-order monster beast demon cores!
The thought of the little girl’s master confessed that Yuan Lan was tough and Lin Yuxin was cruel, so he took out the magic gun and took the two demon cores from it.
Yuan Lan swallowed two demon cores very rudely and then stretched himself. "Well, I’m full today, but I haven’t eaten for a year. Well, now you can go to me and you for whatever you want."
Lin Yu and Zi Qingyun cast a glance at each other. Lin Yu’s face was sad. Zi Qingyun was very small, but he spit out two words very decisively: "What a suck!"
The combination of Lin Yu and Ziqingyun has now become a trio, but the extra Yuan Lan is an aunt.
If you want her to contribute, Lin Yu will probably find it difficult.
Violet is very active in leading the way to find a hunting target.
He thought to himself, if he didn’t work hard, what would that terrible little woman do if she was hungry and wanted to eat her demon core?
Violet led Lin Yu and they found a place where the fourth-order monster beast lived.
But this fourth-order monster beast has surrounded more than two hundred people outside the cave and is carving up the body of a monster.
"Little sister, let’s go. Others beat us to it." Lin Yu shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave.
But some of those people found them, and they all gathered around to surround Lin Yu.
These guys are neatly dressed, all shiny and well maintained. Lin Yu estimates that a brother of a big family came to Yunduan Mountain to experience.
The strength of these guys is also quite good, almost all of them are yuan spirit realm, and several of them are yuan soul realm.
Lin Yu, although he has a great strength, is very powerful in hell, and he can clearly identify the strength of the division.
These people surrounded Lin Yu three to see their yin evil eyes and knew that they were playing purple rhyme and Yuan Lan’s idea.
"Is Luo Jia Luo Qi urging two girls to visit my Luo family?" A young man in his twenties came out and assumed a personable appearance.
"Luo Jia?" Lin Yu remembered that Luo Tao and took out the card that Luo Tao gave him. "I am a friend of Luo Tao and I hope you will make way."
To Luo Tao Luo Qi obviously hesitated, but when his eyes saw the purple rhyme and Yuan Lan again, he didn’t care so much.
Kill this kid here. Who knew he was a friend of Lotao’s?


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