Everyone felt surprised. I didn’t expect cold to have such a naughty side, but I thought it was cold. I actually said that ice was him. Although everyone knew it, I didn’t expect it to be admitted in front of so many people. Maybe he didn’t even know it.

Cold to see everyone surprised by his sudden move just now, immediately returned to the usual cold sample, but his face slightly showed a blush, handsome and so cute, everyone snickered and provoked the surrounding anthomaniac to look up.
At this time, it was replaced by snow and turned into a sinister sample close to the cold; "Cold you bad! I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You look so serious at ordinary times. I didn’t expect … "Snow deliberately lengthened the word" unexpectedly "
And the cooling was confused. What did he do? He called him "bad"
"Snow, what do you mean?" Cold tone asked to the snow.
"What did you say just now?" Snow insidious smile caught cold and suddenly felt a bad feeling.
"Me? What did I say? "
"You said …" Snow stretched the sound again, and the cold next to it was impatient. Snow went on to say, "You just said’ Ice is you’"
"What?" Cold after listening to let out a cry.
The anthomaniac around me took this opportunity to look at the cold and made some boyfriends jealous. Some boyfriends dragged their girlfriends away directly, but they deliberately pretended to be very angry. At the same time, they pulled their girlfriends away and looked at the ice and snow from time to time, while the uninformed girl was really angry with her boyfriend, so she was still touched in her heart!
Snow gloated at the sound of cold.
Cooling is getting nervous. Did I say that? What? I don’t remember. Bing, what would she think? Will she be angry … Leng secretly aimed at the ice.
But the ice still looked like nothing, and then turned away.
"Ice ….." Cold injury got scared and ice was really angry.
"Hungry" said the ice without a trace of temperature.
"Wait for me, ice." Snow saw the ice go and was about to chase it, but when she turned around, she bumped into it. Two people looked at each other and their faces were disappointing, but they got red with tacit understanding, which was another embarrassment.
"I’m sorry," Xue hurriedly apologized and ran away, but the cold one froze for a while and then went away from chasing snow and ice together.
In this way, two people left the playground with their own worries. It was a "sultry" morning!
Chapter 29 Meet rival in love?
Chapter 29 Meet rival in love? chapter
In a fancy restaurant
"What do you want to eat, ice?" Asked Bing coldly and gently, he never remembered what happened in the playground just now because he was really scared. He was afraid that Bing would be unhappy and angry with him, and he would never pay attention to him again, so he would be very painful and uncomfortable, even worse than death!
"These" ice fingers circled the menu, and one of them scared the clerk next to her. She couldn’t believe that this delicate girl could eat so well and keep so well.
While Leng smiled. He was not surprised that the ice was used to it, but he was glad that the ice didn’t ignore him because of what happened just now, which made Leng feel a little relieved.
However, in the snowy weather, they didn’t talk all the time. They just looked at the menu and were still embarrassed. When the clerk asked them what they wanted, they were ignored and could leave.
When all the food was brought, the people around you were also shocked, but Bing ignored the strange eyes of the people around you and ate it. The people around you were stared back with cold and hard eyes. Two people never left the ice.
"Do you mind setting the table?" LanChengYe like "polite" to ask and then sat down independently.
Ice threw a contemptuous look at Lan Chengye, who had already taken the initiative to sit down without authorization, and even deliberately asked people if they had not become overbearing at all.
And cooling warning eyes staring at Lan Chengye seems to declare that ice is his warning to Lan Chengye not to be wishful thinking; Lan Chengye also "retaliated" with a cold look. Two people kept staring at each other, and Ouyang Jun felt a little embarrassed. He waited until the ice asked him to sit down, and he was happy to sit down.
The atmosphere suddenly became very strange. Bing never spoke, but quietly enjoyed the delicious food on the table. Leng and Lan Chengye don’t talk or eat at present, and when the west still stares at each other, they are not to be outdone; But Xuelie still didn’t speak, just sat there and seemed to think about something.
Ouyang Jun felt a little embarrassed to break this embarrassing scene. "By the way, do you have any programs today?" Ouyang Jun asked softly.
The "playground" ice responded while eating.
"Do you want to go?" Ouyang Jun asked with a hint of hope and expectation
"Go" ice words disappointed Ouyang Junyi and gave Ouyang Jun a heavy blow. He wanted to ask ice to go just now!



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