At the moment when I came into contact with Wu Di Te Ying, the image came alive and actually fluctuated like a water pattern, and then gradually solidified and was slowly pulled up by Andrew!

Shadow hunters can touch illusory shadows, which is a gift from God!
At this moment, the Taishi family members enlarge their roar and look sad but capable!
"Break his enchantment! Everyone is going to break his enchantment! " Bran may be the first time to panic like this.
Bang, bang, bang!
Although the impact is getting bigger and bigger, the black barrier is slightly rippling, and they still can’t break the shadow barrier released by the shadow hunters.
"no! Just watch his shadow be cut by me! To the ha ha ha "
Andrew laughed wildly in the moonlight. The revenge of 300 years ago can finally be reported today!
Sniff! His right hand suddenly twisted the shadow into a wrinkled line and wrapped it around his wrist, and then he shouted "Disengage!"
Losing his left hand, he had to pull the shadow away from the human body with brute force!
As soon as he reached the strength of five dieters, he made a hoarse roar, and the pulling image was expressed by the painful words of pulling his soul.
After a while, the sound of cloth tearing came to everyone’s attention, and a crack appeared in the shadow of Wudite’s legs, which was spreading with Andrew’s force!
"Grandpa!" Bran and Tiny were frightened, and their breathing became more and more rapid.
"Who can save my Taishi family? Who can save it? " Brent heart is face upwards roar loud.
Sammul He frowned tightly. He tried to make moves several times, but he knew that even if he made moves now, it would not help the other ward. Even if he did not break the slightest gap, it would always be a gap!
The sound of the shadow being torn continues to be so harsh, although it is small, like a muffled thunder that scares everyone in the Taishi family.
Real Sammul He has always wondered whether the Taishi family can stand for so long. Is it just an exile in the family?
"Tiny, where are your father and the elders?" He finally asked the question.
"They’ve gone out to do things and will be back at the latest." Tiny’s eyes are already red.
Sammul He, it suddenly seems that Andrew has found out everything before he came.
"Ha ha Wu Di Te, you are my shadow!"
If the shadow of the same body is completely divided, it will never be restored unless Andrew dies, and Dieter will never be able to bathe in the sun again.
It seems to be still at this moment, everyone is nervous and desperate. Who can save Wudite at this time?
At this moment, the faint fragrance in Brady’s kitchen lingers like a wisp of spring breeze, and he leaves the soup thousands of miles away. The last few steps are about to be completely completed.
His movements are still so gorgeous and beautiful, and there is still a pot and a pot of soup in his eyes. At this moment, he has entered a wonderful state. With the knowledge of the silvery white pan, he found that he is more and more familiar with it, and he heard its breath and its longing.
It seems that he has established a different kind of induction with the pan, just as an artifact recognizes the master, and he has a feeling of blood connection with the pan
Yes, this pot, which has been forgotten for thousands of years, is finally sent again today to burn with the flame. It is really slowly resurrected!
Pan is for cooking! This is its destiny in life! Otherwise it will be dim!
"I feel your call, your desire, your ambition! Then please accompany me for the rest of my life and let the whole shadow continent look up! "
Brady’s heart is full of pride.
I don’t know if his cry was heard by the pan for a moment, and the whole pan really released a terrible light. The silver light flashed through the ceiling and went straight to the sky, like capturing Tianzhu and connecting heaven and earth!
"What is this!"
This sudden rise of white light attracted everyone’s attention, including Andrew, who was preparing to tear the shadow completely.
"What’s going on? Are there any masters in the Taishi family? However, this white light is not a sword fight and even if there are masters, it is already late! " Andrew sneered that even if there is a master, unless the other side flies, it will not catch up!
"This light seems to come from the big brother’s room!" Tiny is full of doubts.



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