"This ….. you know, I said out …"

"LengRuiXi! How could you tell them first! "
"They are eager to have a child … to play for them."
Han Yiqing’s mouth kept twitching about what kind of family it was … Let her give birth to a child for them to play with! Han Yiqing really didn’t expect …
"Yi Qing, you can rest assured that your child and you will be fine with me …" He said with confidence that she and the child will be his center.
So he won’t let anyone have an accident!
And add more. Come and watch it tomorrow ~ ~ ~
Chapter 417 Children’s gift 【 Recommended plus more 】
"Well," she nodded and smiled. It was the first time she had smiled for so many days.
The root of these days is that I can’t eat well and sleep well, and I always think about how I got to him! But now that she is back here, she feels that her heart is quiet.
It turns out that Yin Mengguo is her home.
Seeing that she was a little happy, Leng Ruixi said, "Yi Qing, when you are waiting for me here, you should take good care of yourself and don’t go anywhere. I’ll find you something to eat now."
"No! LengRuiXi really not real I’m not so effeminate … "
Leng Ruixi took a white look, and she said, "This matter is not a delicate thing! It’s that you shouldn’t! Yi Qing, you are not alone now … There is an unborn child in your belly. "
The thought of this child Leng Ruixi’s mouth evoked a satisfied smile. It seems that … he really has too much expectation for this child!
This is his child, not their two children!
Speaking of child Han Yiqing, his hand covered his lower abdomen, and he was too small for her to feel him at all!
In the end, she compromised "okay, I get it"
"You know now! Then just sit back and wait for me to get you something to eat. "
Now all the centers are around her, especially Yue Yuran and Yin Mengze. As soon as they learned that she was back, they couldn’t wait.
"Is Yi Qing all right now?"
Han Yiqing shook his head and said to the moon feather, "Mother is fine … I’m fine."
"Really? Then I’ll definitely ask the physician to help you see the baby in your stomach! "
"Good" she nodded and promised that she would really take good care of the child, and everyone was looking forward to it.
Yin Mengze didn’t say anything and took out a golden bell directly from his pocket. Is this … made of pure gold? !
"This is a gift from grandpa for children’s meeting."
Han Yiqing’s mouth kept twitching. If outsiders knew that Yin Mengze had become a grandfather in his thirties! What a shocking picture this should be …
She can’t imagine it.
She can be very happy to pick up "I thank grandpa for the child"
This inexplicable joy … She really can’t imagine it, but … Everyone is looking forward to this child, and she can’t help but think of what Baixi said that day …
If the children don’t survive because of pain … then they will be sad!
She secretly made up her mind that she would keep the child!
"Yi Qing, we still have one thing to tell you when we come over …" Yue Yu ran his mouth and asked Han Yiqing doubtfully, "What is the mother?"



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