"That’s what you mean. Han Tianyin is dead," Charlie Purnot said matter-of-factly.

"The nangongshan ice embalm you bastard" Xuan son great anger.
"Xuan son Charlie Purnot promised me to help him join the royal family. He will not only save Lian, but also let you go. Tianyin also hopes you can live. If Tianyin were me, you would choose the same thing," Xiao Xun said with a little pleading.
"You give me shut up! From today on, when you meet Han Zhixuan at any time, I will kill you. "There was a burst of hatred in Xuan’s eyes and he strode away.
After Xuaner left, Xiao Xun broke free from Charlie Purnot’s arms and looked at him coldly and sarcastically, "Come to the theatre?"
Charlie Purnot smiled apologetically, "I don’t trust you."
Xiaoxun didn’t look at him again, but left by herself. She hasn’t forgotten to save Bai Mulian.
Charlie Purnot looked at Xiao Xun’s back and hooked her mouth. It seems that she really lost her mind and wanted Bai Mulian to wake up. This is a good thing. No19
Charlie Purnot looked at Xiao Xun’s back and hooked her mouth. It seems that she really lost her mind and wanted Bai Mulian to wake up. This is a good thing …
After arriving at the holy mountain, Xiao Xun looked at the distant scenery and saw the whole royal family from here.
This river surrounds the royal family. If this thing is really thrown into the river, not only will the trees wither, but even people who drink the water will die. She has no choice …
Xiao Xun poured the liquid in his hand into the river, and the horse was dyed black. In a short time, the whole royal family was surrounded by black river, and Xiao Xun’s eyes also revealed a little bit of remorse.
By the time of dinner, Xuan’s eyes were red and she returned to everyone.
Nangong Muze looked at Xuaner and asked anxiously, "Xuaner, what’s wrong with you?"
Xuan son didn’t answer with his head down.
After half a ring, Xuan’s voice sounded sullenly, "Xiao Xun has changed …"
After hearing Xuan’s words, everyone was confused and asked softly, "What do you mean?"
"….." Xuan son will know outside today, including what Xiao Xun said, to the ears of all.
After listening, everyone stammered in disbelief, "This, this is impossible!"
"I really hope this is not true," Xuan said with her head down.
"Why don’t we go out and have a look?" Guan Yi suggested.
"It’s better not to." Hao took a look at Guan Yi and said, "Xiao Xun has her own reasons for doing this. If we go out rashly, she may bring unnecessary trouble."
"This is also" Xiaoyu feels very reasonable.
"What should we do now?" The nangongshan muze asked
"Wait, there are still a few days before the succession ceremony. On that day, everything will have a result." Hao wanted to mean to say.
"It’s all right." They nodded frequently.
After dinner, Huangfu Nuohan walked alone outside the villa, and his heart was in a mess. Anyway, he didn’t believe Xiao Xun was the kind of person Xuan said.
Huangfu Nuohan lies in the lavender field and looks up at the stars, which is very quiet and isolated from the outside world. The stars are also beautiful.
"Shall we talk?" Suddenly see a boy HuangFuNuo cold ear rings.



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