"Since the Qurani Kingdom is in the north, what ship will go south?" Ink Lin strange to ask

Rowling a pie mouth "why do you have so many questions"
Ink Lin saw that Rowling’s face was different, so it was inconvenient to ask him more. Anyway, he had already asked him clearly, and he was going to start looking for Mulongzhu.
"I have one last question." Looking for Mulongzhu Molin had to talk to Rowling again.
"Ask" Rowling pouted and said that she looks very beautiful, with blonde hair, supple and elegant complexion, fair complexion and profound facial features, which is completely different from the beauty of Chixian mainland China.
The only fly in the ointment is that Rowling’s personality is really unlikable, otherwise Molin would be happy to talk to her more.
"We have a red dragon in Chixian mainland China. I wonder if there is a dragon here?" Molin avenue
"Dragon?" Rowling slightly raised her head and thought for a moment and shook her head. "I have heard of dragons in fairy tales, but I have never heard of anyone seeing real dragons."
"No dragons?" Ink Lin Zheng aside Linghu Zi and Yue Yao are also nervous.
Isn’t there a dragon in every continent, and the dragon ball is hidden in the black soil? Where did the magic dragon go?
Mo Lin was afraid that Rowling was talking nonsense and beating around the bush several times and got the same answer. She had never heard that anyone had seen a dragon.
"Don’t dragons and red dragons here have different habits and are very low-key?" Mo Lin thought to himself.
Although Rowling categorically said that there was no dragon, Molin decided to visit the Black Soil Magic State in person, and he would not leave until he could find the dragon ball.
Chapter 164 Runaway Princess
Chapter 164 Runaway Princess
"When will this ship reach the shore? We want to have a look at the land," Molin finally said.
Rowling, on the other hand, pouted, "I wish I would never land."
I don’t know where Molin offended the princess, and she was too delicate to ignore her. She rushed Linghuzi and Yueyao and winked and slipped out.
"This woman is really boring," said Linghu’s purple face.
"Yes, it’s rude," said Yue Yao.
I don’t know whether it was because of sharing weal and woe or facing Rowling’s common danger. Molin was surprised to find that she was slightly jealous of each other before and that two women had reached a United front. I don’t know whether it was joy or sorrow.
The two women finally had a common topic, chattering and chattering, while Mo Lin went straight to the deck and saw at a glance that the former captain, Mr. Bruxer, was licking the deck with his big ass and leaving blood.
The new captain, John, is directing the sailors to repair the damaged ship. The sails have been hoisted and the helmsman has repaired the route. The ship is adjusting its direction and seems to be heading for its original destination.
"John, where are we going?" Ink Lin came to John while he sometimes asked
John took out a nautical chart to spread Molin and pointed out, "We started from York Port in the Kingdom of Kuranyi, and now we have deviated from the 45-degree route from north to south. I am correcting the route to the treasure port in the Principality of Varo."
"What’s going to Treasure Harbor?" Merlin wondered why Rowling had to go to the Principality of Varo since she was the princess of the Kingdom of Kuranyi.
"Well, you are a traveler, so don’t ask about these things." John looked a little embarrassed. It seems that there must be something in it.
Molin is not a curious person, and he doesn’t intend to ask again. Anyway, if he goes to land, he won’t be the Kingdom of Kuranyi or the Principality of Varo. However, he will ask again about the dragon. Rowling is a spoiled princess hiding in a deep palace and doesn’t know what happened to the people.
Unfortunately, no matter how Mo Lin asked John and his sailors, they all said that they had heard the story of the dragon from fairy tales, but they had never heard that anyone had seen the real dragon.
This time, Molin was completely puzzled. Isn’t there a dragon in the black soil magic state?
The front was full of fog. First, I was separated from Xiaobai and inexplicably came to the black soil magic state. Now I can’t find the trace of the dragon. Molin watched the distance with the bow of the boat and had already flown to Wan Li.
Night soon came, and the sea was windy and a little cool.
"Mo Lin’s brother John arranged the bottom cabin for us. Sister A Zi cooked food. She asked you to eat." Yue Yao went to Mo Lin’s side on the deck.
Mo Lin’s mouth "well" did not move. He looked at the stars and found that the stars here were completely different from Chixian Shenzhou, and many stars he had never seen before.
"Brother Molin, are you worried about the Dragon Ball?" Yue Yao asked
Molin nodded. "They all said they didn’t hear of dragons. Are we mistaken? Is there never a dragon here?"
Yue Yao cocked his head and thought, "If there were no dragons before, how could there be dragons in their fairy tales?"
God wants us to meet a few wrong people wake up in a word. Mo Lin stared at Yue Yao and suddenly laughed. He patted his head and knew he was in a corner.
"You’re right. If there had never been a dragon, there wouldn’t be those fairy tales. Maybe the dragon died here a long time ago. We just need to find the dragon’s remains." Once we knew Molin, we immediately had an idea.
"Now you can go to dinner. Sister A Zi cooks and smells delicious." Yue Yao smiled and said that she was very proud that she could help Mo Lin solve the problems in her heart.
"Sister A Zi …" Mo Lin looked at what she saw. She was fifteen or sixteen years old, but the fact is that Yao decided to shut up and not get involved in the muddy water of women’s age.
Yue Yao said there was nothing wrong with Linghu Zi’s cooking. The ingredients on the boat are abundant. There are several kinds of fruits and vegetables that are Mo Lin. I have never seen Linghu Zi. I simply asked the boat chef to cook a table full of good dishes without seasoning.
"It’s much smaller than the fierce mirror." Molin took a mouthful of praise.
Linghuzi pouted. "Can’t I do better than him?"
"Uh …" Molin knew she had put my foot in my mouth. "Well, you have your own merits."
"Come on, your face turns red when you lie." Linghu Zi snickered.
Mo Lin didn’t feel that being teased by Linghu Zi was really red-faced, but he still said angrily, "The small mirror has no advantages, but if you settle down after you are very good at cooking, I want to partner with him in a restaurant. He will be the chef and I will serve the dishes."
Linghu Zi didn’t make fun of it this time, but leaning on Ba seemed to fantasize about Mo Lin’s description in her mind.
Yue Yao also clapped his hands and laughed. "I also want to end the plate."


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