"Let’s go" Ouyang Lin tugged at Ouyang Jun’s sleeve and tried to pull him in, but Ouyang Jun didn’t move at the door.

"Why don’t we go home?" Ouyang Jun said flatly.
"I’ve already arrived, so go in."
"…" He didn’t do it, and he couldn’t get over it.
At this moment, Lan Chengye discovered Ouyang’s two brothers and sisters, and they hurriedly received them before.
"Night brother congratulations!" Ouyang Lin saw Lan Chengye warmly congratulating him.
Lan Chengye gave a wry smile and then looked at Ouyang Jun, a face of doubt, and looked at him with a hint of dissatisfaction.
"Jun" Lan Chengye dare not look him in the eye.
"Congratulations!" Ouyang Jun said without temperature and left his head to one side.
"Elder brother" Ouyang Lin pulled his sleeve but Ouyang Jun ignored it.
"Jun, I know you must be angry, but I hope you have my own difficulties and I have to!"
"You don’t explain it to me, you explain it to ice." It turned out that he was angry for ice.
"By the way, have you seen ice these days?"
"Even you don’t know how I know."
"I I haven’t seen her for several days" said the eyes dim.
"Ice, she won’t be angry, right?" After saying this sentence, Ouyang Lin realized that she was wrong and immediately covered her mouth and looked anxiously at Lan Chengye and Ouyang Jun, both of whom showed a painful look.
"Who’s here?" At this moment, Mu Meixuan came along. "Oh, it turned out to be Jun and Lin." Her eyes were fixed on Ouyang Lin.
But this time, Ouyang Lin didn’t flinch. She resolutely opened her eyes and longed for Meixuan’s eyes without any fear.
Suddenly, a stereo came up. "Welcome to the engagement party between Lan Chengye and Mu Bingxuan. Now let’s clap our hands together and pray that God will forgive the lying bride." The loud sound penetrated the venue.
Everyone looked at her in surprise, especially Zhijian.
LanChengYe they also looked at her and then looked at MuMeiXuan see her face full of anger and sending out the murderous look gnashing her teeth "Fiji jade-like stone? ! !”
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four She is a wang?
"Fei Ying, what are you doing?" Blue mother discontentedly shouted at Taiwan Fiying.
Blue dad looked at Zhijian. "Brother, what do you mean?" Eyes sharp enough to kill people.
"I …" Zhijian doesn’t know how to answer and he doesn’t know what’s going on. Go to Fiji jade-like stone "Fiji jade-like stone what are you doing? To "single-handedly grabbed the Fijian jade-like stone hand want to pull her.
However, I didn’t expect Feiying to shake off Zhijian’s hand and ignore him. "Come on, everyone, let’s pray together and ask God to forgive this lying bride. We should be relieved to accept her and her hatred."
Fei Ying’s words just fell and caused Mu Meixuan to hate her eyes and hate her heart? Does she know anything? Look hard at Zhijian Zhijian and pretend that she doesn’t know anything, but she doesn’t believe it at all. Staring at him seems to warn him to shut her up, or you won’t get away with anything I have.
Chi Jian’s heart is also panic. If this matter is exposed, he will really be finished. "Fei Ying, come quickly. I know you like Lan Gong, but people are getting engaged. You should be dead! Lan Gong won’t like you coming home with me. "Hold on to Fei Ying’s hand.
He has no other way. If he can’t find an interface to block this nonsense, it will be exposed sooner or later.
However, he did succeed.
"Master turned out to be like blue, so she slandered Miss Bingxuan because of jealousy? !” A guest said
"I didn’t expect my daughter to be so jealous," said another guest.
"I really can’t see that Miss Bingxuan is also good-looking. It’s a pity that so many people are jealous and slander her because she is so beautiful."
Everyone is deliberately messing with Fei Ying because she can’t get her beloved heart. Everyone is disgusted with Fei Ying and sympathizes with Mu Meixuan.



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