Yang night was driven out, and she was very sad. She was moved because she knew everything, and she knew best how dangerous it was once Muming came, but she didn’t go. Maybe that’s how she felt.

It’s almost twelve o’clock. Yang Ye is a little anxious. He can’t tell what kind of feeling is worried? Disappointed? Looking forward to it? Logically speaking, if Mu Mingfeng really does something, it’s impossible not to show up so late! But I always had a hunch that he would come, but he didn’t come. Isn’t that torture?
Yang night is annoyed and really wants to yell and vent. After all, it is not so easy to cheer yourself up all day and make a determination to let a person give his life. Generally, it is a long time to accumulate courage, plus impulsive and instantaneous outbreaks. Yang night has saved up his faith for a long time and is ready to wait for Mu Mingfeng to come. But that damn Mu Mingfeng has been slow to appear. Yang Yexian feels that his mood is not so prosperous. He really wants Mu Mingfeng to come quickly and fight it out to the death! It’s just a big deal to die! You know, it’s scary to face death, and waiting to face it can torture people crazy …
Yang Ye’s father hid outside the door for a long time, but he didn’t get up the courage to go in. He didn’t want his father to worry more about these things. He also knew that persuading his father to leave the result must be the same as Nan Rong’s illusion. Yang Zhenkui would not leave, and maybe he would be worried about what was wrong with Yang Jiaan’s crisis.
Forget it, Yang Ye shook his head and let his father have a good sleep. Looking for someone to share the sorrow is equal to becoming two people to be sad together.
Yang night has been turning around in Yangjia Mansion, always paying attention to the unexpected situation and connecting with Nanrong Magic at any time.
Except for the night guards, the housekeepers in Yangjia Mansion have fallen asleep, and it is very quiet all around. The footsteps of Yang Night gently echo every floor and step.
A little over two, a little over three …
Near four o’clock in the morning, Yang Ye and Nan Rong spoke for the last time tonight.
"Is there a situation?"
"No, I feel strange."
"Ha ha, I’m not only surprised, but also a little disappointed. I’m ready to fight hard, but I’m not fighting now."
"There will be desperate opportunities. I don’t know what Mu Mingfeng is going to do!"
"Well, come to me one day, and you may find something about Mu Mingfeng’s witchcraft."
"Well, don’t take it lightly. I’m still trying to unite the Lord and the woman."
Hang up the words Yang night long out of relief, he knew Muming wind wouldn’t come, and there was no situation in Nanrong Magic. Yang night had a big stretch, and I didn’t know if I was completely relieved or very disappointed at the moment, and that force had accumulated for a day and a night, and this moment was instantaneous.
Mu Mingfeng, what does he want to do?
At this time, Yang Ye was tired and dragging his legs and walked to the front of Bai Jingjing’s door. He looked up at the doorman and hesitated to raise his hand. He pressed a set of passwords in the small keyboard and knocked on the door. Yang Ye knew that his mother Bai Jingjing had been in a coma and Bai Jingjing was a key. The most unexpected thing in Yang Ye’s heart was that Mu Mingfeng seemed to really not know about Bai Jingjing. That means there was another person behind Bai Jingjing. This was terrible. Yang Ye was most worried that he was competing with Mu Mingfeng as a crane and clam, but there was a person waiting for the fisherman’s profit.
After the door, Yang night consciously took his legs to the room and looked at the bed through the light outside the window, but the bed was!
Yang night one leng looked up and saw a figure with his back to the door and window, holding his shoulder and looking out of the window, sobbing slightly …
"Brother, am I compared with Xi Shi’s sister?" Zheng Dan’s problem broke the ground.
Yang night is enjoying a fierce listen to these words frighten one leng slightly owed to look at Zheng Dan don’t know if the answer is good at the moment.
A n experienced person knows that this kind of stimulation is absolutely unacceptable at this time! Yang night is no exception. Zheng Dan’s sudden question is like a bolt from the blue, which makes Yang night numb. He knows that this kind of question is bad for women’s self-esteem. Zheng Dan is just as good as Xi Shi. If he doesn’t answer skillfully, he can easily offend two women at the same time.
Because of the stimulation and fright, Yang Yena has been as strong as steel, and the golden hoop is a little weak and has shrunk back to the embroidery needle posture.
This Zheng Danke was frightened. After all, it was in her handshake that she felt that it was just magnificent. Now this thing is suddenly dying! Frightened Zheng Dan panicked and looked at Yang night and asked earnestly, "Brother! What’s going on here? It … It seems to be dying … "
Yang night saw Zheng Dan so nervous that he almost laughed and pretended to be serious, saying, "You can’t talk casually when you are happy, or you will scare him."
Zheng Dan almost brought into tears "really? What should I do? "
Yang Ye finally had an excuse to laugh and let Zheng Dan coax it again. Zheng Dan’s hand and mouth must not let this brother’s chance of getting married be ruined by his stupid mistakes.
The tactics were very effective. Yang Ye’s younger brother quickly rallied and became happy. Zheng Dan also breathed a sigh of relief like a heavy burden, but he was suddenly dragged down by Yang Ye and lay down in Yang Ye’s arms.
Two people kiss each other * * Naked and honest. Large areas of skin embrace each other and cling to each other. The dawdler gives birth to bursts of pleasure.
Yang night watching Zheng Dan slowly points her legs prone body.
Zheng Dan’s eyes are wet and wet.
When Yang Ye entered, Zheng Dan still cried and hugged Yang Ye’s neck and bit his shoulder.
A flush of sheets moistened Zheng Dan and finally got what she wanted and became a Yang Ye woman.
Holding Zheng Danyang at night is not a taste. He has been worried that things will almost become magic in the evening. Will Mu Mingfeng do something?
"Brother, no matter how dangerous it is, I won’t leave you." Zheng Dan snuggled up to Yang Ye’s arms with tears in her eyes and her face was obviously happy.
"No, Zheng Dan, once something happens, you must leave with Qian Bo and them." Yang Ye gently said and stroked Zheng Dan’s bare shoulder outside.



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