Zhou Yi took the donkey cart and frowned.

"So soon?"
Now it should be the yellow ant army outpost outside the city, but it is also said that the army will not be long.
"There are still times when I am out of the city."
Before Zhou Yi made a decision, dozens of horses suddenly galloped in the oblique ground, and the dust was everywhere, which caused constant alarm.
The rider was surrounded by a man who was flustered and waved a whip to drive the crowd.
Passers-by have dodged and dodged, and they are not directly taken out. The killers have no regard for the lives of passers-by
In the blink of an eye, the street gave way to these dozens of riders, and the gate guards also made a gap and let them out of the city.
"It’s the overseer’s history show!"
There was a stereo in the crowd.
"He is one of the three commanders in the city. Where is he going?"
"Why not abandon the city and flee?"
"It’s impossible for us to have Wan Shoujun in Kunshan City and the old fairy in the mountain forest who has never had an accident for so many years, and this time it’s the same."
"Maybe Shi Dujun has something urgent?"
"It’s just like we can’t get out of town today. Let’s find a place to rest."
"This is the reason!"
Zhou Yi, who was mixed in the crowd, showed his face and felt his sparse beard, pulling the reins of the donkey cart and heading for his residence.
next day
The gate is still empty.
Two days later
People have been impatient near the gate, etc. Zhou Yi is sullen and moves and unloads the goods after returning to his residence.
The situation is not right. It seems that it is impossible to leave the city in a short time.
In that case …
Just hide in the city!
Anyway, the goal of the Yellow Ant Army is that the Lins want Kunshan City to be unbroken. Hiding in the mountains is no different from hiding in the city.
But just in case, you still need to make some preparations.
First, he dug wildly in the corner of the courtyard, first dug a few feet of straight holes, and then expanded several square stakes to support him.
Dig out the soil or push the canal at night or spread it evenly over the yard.
And some grass seeds were sprinkled on the ground.
This kind of grass grows very fast for half a month, and it can spread all over the earth to create a desolate scene for a long time.
Or mixed with several kinds of wild mushrooms, I believe that even experienced Jianghu people are not easy to find anomalies.
Then I moved the necessary things into the ground and made several vents to prevent gas occlusion.
Wood boards are placed at the entrance of the cave and covered with a thick layer of thin soil.
Finally, I bought a worn stone mill covered with moss from the market, and it took a lot of effort to carry it to the mouth of the cave and press it on the surface.
Even he has to ship the pure sun iron cloth shirt before he can move it.
Others even refining pulp practitioners can move the stone mill, and there are only a few who don’t have to worry about being found in the darkroom.
But …
Just in case Zhou Yi has prepared a second hidden exit and is found at this entrance, the situation is good and there is a way out.
Flapped a palm to shake off the dust and looked at the faint candlelight in the underground darkroom, full of materials, and my heart was full of security.
"Although the high probability is not only prepared"
He was in the city, and the Liu family was almost cut off. He didn’t know what was going on outside and could prepare for the worst.
A few days later
Panic comes from the outside.
Some people say that the city is broken and the bandit troops have entered the city. Some people say that it is impossible. In fact, the court has won a big victory outside.
There are always rumors, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
At this time, it is necessary to be in a high position. If you know several people, you can’t be confused.
Most people are so adrift that they can’t adapt to the changing situation.
Take it one step at a time.
And this
Often have the worst ending.
On Monday night, I went out of the underground darkroom to explore the situation in a city. Although I don’t know the specific situation, I have noticed that the situation is getting worse.
Yellow ant army …



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