Speaking of this, Xu suddenly said, "Teacher An, I have to do another biochemical test on these two clones to determine which gene transcription solution to choose."

AnXiaoXue nodded again obviously satisfied with xu back performance.
However, it may be blood loss or the cause of injury. An Xiaoxue’s spirit is getting weaker and weaker.
Xu back hurriedly moved a swivel chair to make AnXiaoXue sit a little easier.
"Teacher An, do you want to have a rest?"
"You have to finish the genetic information solution of the black-crowned queen bee in a coherent way, and you have to process it after that to keep it tight for a long time," An Xiaoxue said.
Fifteen minutes later, Xu returned with another new biochemical test report, pointing to two clones and said
"From the data, Teacher An can see that both types of gene transcripts can be more stable and smaller on the 3rd.
But the increase is a little smaller than that on the 29th.
Transcription fluid of No.29 gene can increase brain waves a little more and a little more.
However, after an hour and a half, all biochemical and vital signs of these two clones returned to normal.
I think I can, "Xu said.
AnXiaoXue nodded "that you choose one"
"Can I choose the 29th?"
With that, An Xiaoxue suddenly monitored the top of his head and said, "A Huang recorded the key information. The second cloning experiment with the transcription liquid of the 29 th gene of the black crowned queen is also the last experiment before human injection."
Your process will take over and analyze and compare the entity data to give a safe conclusion. "
"Good light snow"
The synthetic sound looks stupid and forced.
He has been studying all of them on the 14th. He and An Xiaoxue didn’t expect a third one, although it looks more like artificial intelligence.
But he never found out.
Xu tui has bought many speakers, bracelets, game consoles and skateboards with primary artificial intelligence, but they are all artificial ZZ.
"Huang is our exclusive supercomputer with advanced artificial intelligence in No.14 Institute.
It’s the same level as our supercomputer’ Shennong’ of Huaxia University of Gene Evolution.
Moreover, A Lutein, her core data center, is not in Blue Star.
You didn’t know it was because Huang likes diving a little, you know? "
"I … understand"
Fortunately, I haven’t done anything out of line in Institute 14 these days, otherwise it would be really embarrassing.
Huang, this fellow is quiet and not a good man.
"hurry up"
An xiaoxue urged Xu tui to re-allocate the transcript of gene 29 and inject it into the last clone.
Brain waves fluctuated violently but didn’t explode.
Vital signs are stable.
Blood and cerebrospinal fluid are pumped every 15 minutes for six rounds.
Very cumbersome
But Xu tui is not annoying at all.
Xu tui felt Ann from this.
Whether this is the regulation of No.14 Institute, the consistent manner of genetic miracle, or the requirement of An Xiaoxue makes Xu tui feel a deep sense of security.
This is really in his responsibility and consideration.
Instead of experimenting on him
Very reassuring
An hour and a half later, the supercomputer Huang’s synthetic sound came on.
"Two experimental observations of gene transcription fluid No.29 are close to 100% of the change limit of image brain region, and the abnormality is temporarily found.



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