When the style changes suddenly …

Relying on their own understanding of Qionghua’s swordsmanship, they turned to Liu Leichong.
Liu Lei hasn’t met yet, but he drifted back first … Never give him a chance to fight in close quarters.
The two men fought fiercely
The stars are also amazed. During this period, they have a deep understanding of the world and naturally understand the uniqueness of this world.
But at the beginning, it was more of a scratch, and now I really witnessed the Qionghua Sect’s superb sword tricks.
Jiu Chen said to the Ministry, "It’s the best opportunity to know the enemy’s strength. Knowing the enemy and knowing the enemy will be a great help to the post-war."
Ministries should look at each other intently in succession.
The fighting between the two sides soon ended.
In the end, Liu Lei won the victory with a slight advantage.
"Give me ten minutes to recover my true spirit, and then you can send your opponents."
Liu Lei closed his eyes and sat cross-legged
Although I was badly injured, my heart was quite comfortable … Sure enough, it was a good job to keep the BOSS.
This battle has gained a lot.
He soon recovered.
Get up and hold the sword and say "the second one."
Jiuchen sank, "Xuanqing you!"
Behind Jiuchen, a man in his early forties was composed, bald and respectful.
Turned to look at Liu Lei.
I hesitated for a moment, but I didn’t seem to adapt to this gentle way of learning.
He opened his mouth and said, "Please advise!"
Liu Lei held the sword this time, but he didn’t use Qionghua Jianfa again. Instead, he used a fairy to show the way … which has changed the former Xiandao method into budo Jianfa.
And his Huashan swordsmanship is obviously extremely profound.
Reiki transforms qi.
In the past, the moves were also elegant and natural and unrestrained, and they were very sharp … At that time, this dark blue was defeated.
"Limited" OL old players
Liu Lei’s strength is naturally extraordinary, even among players, it has always been in the front line.
Although Liu Xing’s martial arts players briefly fell off the team when they poured into the "Limited" OL.
But after joining Qionghua School, he made up for the defect of shallow foundation, and now his strength has risen extremely rapidly, not only to return to the front line, but also to the super front line like Snow Chihiro.



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