At noon, I finally got my parents to go through the formalities of medical insurance and endowment insurance.

Other unimportant things can be handled slowly through the network directly.
At 12: 30, Xu retired an xiaoxue’s repulsive flying car and returned to his parents’ rented room.
When I got to the gate, I found a large group of people gathered in front of the rented house, and it was quite lively.
"Why is it so lively today?" Haven’t recovered from Xu’s surprise of repelling flying car. Mother Zhang Xiuli leaned out and suddenly exclaimed.
"Look, it’s another repulsive flying car. It looks quite new! My son bought one, so don’t say that we have another one in the rental housing community? "
Is car Xu back smell speech in the heart a horse to react.
An Xiaoxue ‘an is here.
Hover the repulsion flying car directly to the residential trail, and then you will see your repulsion flying car.
Hundreds of people are pointing around this repulsive flying car.
Some people who live in this rental house have never seen the repulsion flying car at close range.
Of course, there is another reason: An Xiaoxue!
Wearing light blue denim trousers, a loose sweater and a ponytail, An Xiaoxue is simply top-notch even wearing her big mask.
Nature is a high-energy magnetic field that attracts many people’s attention.
Even if it’s better than an xiaoxue’s eyes staring at so many people, even if he is looking down at personal communication equipment, he is still a little cramped.
"Teacher An did something and came back late."
I was relieved to see Xu tuian Xiaoxue.
If Xu tui doesn’t come back, she probably wants to drive away from here first.
"What is progress?"
"An Xiaoxue, my teacher, asked her to come and do me a favor." Dad said hello before Xu Jianguo, and Mom Zhang Xiuli looked at An Xiaoxue constantly, but her eyes were flashing.
"Go back to the house first and say"
It’s the rental room that will pack things, and the reason is also messy. Xu Jianguo and Zhang Xiuli look embarrassed
"Look, we didn’t know you were coming. If we had known you were coming, we would have packed our things first and had to cook you a delicious meal at noon."
"Aunt didn’t move, so I moved before."
This let Xu back some surprise.
He has always been an xiaoxue, a little cold and temperament, a little like a fairy daughter who doesn’t touch fireworks.
I am afraid that my parents who have always been enthusiastic are not used to it.


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