"What?" Guo Yi was frightened. "She not only wants to kill me, but also kills herself?"

Hua Er Tower looked at the direction of the cemetery of the gods and laughed. "Liu Xian’s mind makes me feel ashamed. It’s not as good as a big chess player. What is she going to do?"
Chapter 6 Liu Yan ran the first thing
Wan Li rushed out of the vast lotus flower dyed red for more than half of the sky, and even the night in the ghost domain could not stop the strong light.
In the lotus flower, a huge dead body is outlined by several rays, and the dead body emits radiant light. The whole land in the west of Nanling Mountain has climbed out of the grave and knelt down shivering.
Sisi’s eyes shot out a golden and a red light, looking out at the sky. "I seem to see a statue of a corpse emperor coming to a cemetery outside 90 Wan Li."
Guo Yi mind giant earthquake and Hua Er building looked at each other with a wry smile.
"There is a younger generation of masters who have been motivated. I didn’t expect that even the older generation of characters like the resin emperor were attracted by her. This ghost domain has not been so lively for a long time." The mahogany coffin alto sounded
On the other side of the horizon, a 1,000-meter-long bloody millstone broke through the clouds and rolled away in the direction of the cemetery of the gods. The huge pressure crushed the ground to the maximum.
"The master of the Magic Island Method has also arrived!"
A huge white bone mountain is like a meteor jumping through the night and disappearing again and again. Every time it disappears, it will move forward by 100 thousand miles, and soon it will jump from the ghost town of feng du and disappear at the end of the canopy.
"Baigu Mountain also has the older generation of masters to go!"
"What the hell is this dead woman doing? So many leaders in the cultivation of immortals have been attracted, not to mention that she is a dharma master. Even if Yamaraja is reborn, the ghost king will be killed by these people together. "
Every respected dharma master has completed the Xuanzang, and it is even more difficult to see one on weekdays, but tonight there are several people in succession. It is estimated that some senior celebrities will come tonight. If these people really fight, the whole western Nanling will be turned upside down.
"No, I have to get there immediately."
Guo Yi doesn’t recognize that there are several catties and two ounces in front of these bosses. He naturally wants to drag Sisi. This is a corpse. Although the head development of the emperor is not finished, the combat power can definitely make those older generation masters have a headache.
Simon Wolf and Nangong Sheep saw such a big scene, and their teeth trembled with fear. "Our brothers will not accompany Guo Brothers to join in the fun. We have something important …"
Guo Yi laughed. "If you two don’t go, if I die, there will be no one to accompany you. You holy titles are estimated to abdicate and make way."
Simon Wolf and Nangong Sheep, like making a big decision, finally bite their teeth and follow Guo Yi to the cemetery of the gods.
"If mom dies, she dies."
Hua Er Loulai wants to play dead dog, and has packed his bags and planned to cross the virtual door to escape, but the man in the mahogany coffin told him that the world in the coffin is another world. If you are lucky, you can still get a big opportunity.
"Opportunity is dangerous and" Hua Er Building suddenly looks scared and sits in a mahogany coffin to rush.
Once out of the city at night, this ghost land in the west of Nanling is full of dangers and dangers, and no one dares to fly high unless he is a senior.
Guo Yi and others are also like this. They only graze at a low speed of tens of meters from the ground, but the speed is not slow at all. In two hours, they will travel out of Wan Li, the ghost town of feng du.
Guo Yi’s hands and eyes looked into the distance and saw a ghost lamp shining brightly in the night.
There will be a ghost lamp lit here when the ghosts are scattered around by the cold wind.
"This is a wild grave. How can there be a ghost lamp? There must be something strange." Hua Er’s heart is weak
Simon Wolf looked at the sky and said, "It will be dawn in another hour. I heard that some spectres like to come out for food at this time. Let’s go."
I can’t see my fingers in the dark, even if others set traps, it’s hard to find this ghost lamp. It’s so weird that everyone wants to leave here as soon as possible.
"Let’s bypass the ghost lamp and move on."
At this moment, the direction of the ghost lamp suddenly rises, and a harp is ethereal, and hundreds of miles away in the clever night, the harp rings in total, and each one is like a heavenly sound, just like playing nine music at the same time in an instant.
The ghost lamp also fluttered with the piano and rang nine times, and the flame of the ghost lamp also rose nine times. After nine times, the flame of the ghost lamp doubled.
"This piano is really mysterious. Is it Liu Xian?" Simon Wolf exclaimed
"No" Guo Yi and Hua Er Lou both rejected "This is Liu Erqin".
"Who is Liu Er?" Nangong sheep didn’t expect that besides Liu Yan ran, someone else in this world could play the piano so beautifully.
Guo Yi frowned. "She is Liu Yan ran’s handmaid and half her apprentice."
"How did she come here?"
Guo Yi ordered, "Everybody be careful. Let’s dive in and see what she’s doing here."
Everyone is curious about a woman who lights a ghost lamp in the middle of nowhere and plays a beautiful piano. What’s her purpose?
The nangongshan sheep laughed "is not dating a lover! Will we disturb others? "
"How do I think she is deliberately lead someone to? It won’t be waiting for us, will it? " Hua Er building, all the people in the most thoughtful saw some clues.
A few people walked ten miles away from the ghost lamp only to find that it was actually a ghost village where people lived, and the light of the ghost lamp came from a dilapidated restaurant in the village.



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