"that’s good"

Zhou Jia’s eyes, a condensate source force, roared along some mysterious path, and low drinking at the exit stimulated the nature of the heavens.
very short time
the earth shakes and mountains move
A flash of light rose from the ground to the sky.
Lingguang went straight to the nine caves, and layers of clouds rippled in the void, and the ripples also happened somewhere inexplicably.
Creation altar?
Zhou Jia’s eyes are micro-moving, and the method in his hand is changed to light drink again.
"Wow …"
The swaying of light and shadow in the virtual space is like another world emerging, which attracts some strong people far away from Wan Li to spy frequently.
The aura disappears into light and shadow, and the scene of another world becomes clearer and clearer.
This single-handedly connecting the two’ worlds’ means also makes Zhou Jia show a little trance knowledge.
Not good!
The warning signs in my heart are steep, and before he can move, the terrorist pressure has fallen on my body, and it is even more crazy to leak.
"Ha ha …"
The black cliff smiles at the right time, and the apparent time distance approaches.
A flash of light
Two people have disappeared in situ.
Colorful glow shines on the square ground like glass decorated with gold, and the collapsed hall of Baoyu can be vaguely argued that it was once brilliant.
Roar mixed with vast source force surging like tide.
All the secrets of heaven and earth come into view.
Creation altar!
Hidden in the secrets of the early days of creation, even the breath seems to be swallowing and diluting the divinity without the complete legal constraints.
Even a mortal who has lived here for a long time can become a strong silver man if he needs to practice!
"Finally …"
"Here we are!"
Cross-legged, I don’t know how many years have passed, and the black cliff is slowly moving, stretching its bones and muscles, and making a long sigh in this place full of rich source power and divinity.
With scratching, a crack in his body was repaired at a speed visible to the naked eye.
for a long time
He turned to look at Zhou Jia, who was out of breath.
"Little Friends"
Black cliff folded eleven laughs
"I forgot to say that it is not easy to beat Tianmen, not only it consumes a lot of essence, but also it has to bear the self-attack caused by forcibly breaking the boundary."
"Surprisingly …"



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