He simply picked a way: "Are you infatuated with Xiangu now?"

"This ….." Pangolin dumb speech is stole a look at the nun 1.
Lingqing said, "This is asking if you are not asking Xiangu. What do you think she can give you?"
"So what?" Pangolin words have been exported and throwing caution to the wind.
Summon up the courage to look at Xiangu and say, "Xiangu, I don’t know when I have been fascinated by your kindness and your beauty."
I am willing to bow down at the tomb of my mother in the long room this time because I want to be by your side.
Even if it is just looking at you. "
The nun’s face changed. "It turned out that everything was fake. You didn’t really learn from me?"
"Not nun 1, I really want to learn from you.
I want to be immortal like you, so I can be with you. "Pangolin saw her angry and quickly explained," I just want to stay by your side. "
"The previous way is not already told you? Fairy can’t have an affair, "said Xiangu, looking at her seriously." Now I’ll tell you again.
Fairy and fairy fairy and fairy and demon can’t have an affair. "
When pangolin got emotional, she pointed to Lingqing and asked her, "Do you dare to say that you have no feelings with this Lv Daoqing?"
"He and I have feelings," said the nun 1. Seeing Lingqing smiling, she didn’t feel happy or afraid.
When I smiled, I said to Pangolin, "But our relationship is not what you think."
"What’s not what I want?" Pangolin looked at the two people and smiled at each other, and felt a twinge of tingling in my heart, feeling that they would fool themselves as a fool.
"The point is that you think I am a demon and look down on me."
Sister-in-law hasn’t gone as far as Han Zhong’s face sank. "Pangolin, pay attention to your attitude."
Is this how you repay Xian Gu for being so kind to you? "
"What’s my attitude?" Pangolin top his sentence and looked at the nun 1, "I am so good to you and obedient to you."
You are still flirting with this Lv Daoqing and you are not looking at me. "
Sister-in-law’s eyebrows are wrinkly. "I repeat that Dao Qing and I are not what you think."
Besides, it is impossible for us to have an affair with a fairy. "
Watching the two quarreled, Tie Guai Li and others looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.
"Are you still laughing?" Tie Guai Li see LingQing still a face of smile watching two people noisy can’t help but took him.
"Don’t watch the fun here, don’t you persuade me quickly?"
"Ha, ha, ha ~" Ling Qing laughed and covered the squama and nun 1′ s quarrel.
Two people see noisy don’t go, turned to see Lingqing this attitude anger again.
"Are you still laughing? If it weren’t for you, Sister-in-law wouldn’t do this to me?"
"It’s all you. I’ll let you teach pangolin for a while. Is that how you teach it?
Where is full of love and love like a monk? "
Lingqing doesn’t mean to stretch out his hand and point a little pangolin with a smile and point to Xiangu’s way, "an idiot is a mistake."
If you two don’t have a doom, can anyone else be involved?
Infatuation is crazy, but it is natural to hate because of love in the future.
And arrogance can’t see yourself clearly, and others can’t see clearly. They are doing what they think is right for themselves.
How can you see infatuated people? "
Sister-in-law has experienced it once. At this time, she suddenly woke up after listening to Lingqing’s remarks.
After thinking about it, what I really want others to do according to what I want.
If something goes wrong, you will blame others.
Isn’t this a false heart?
But pangolin doesn’t have such a mind to see Lingqing, saying that he is infatuated and hates him because of love is mocking himself.
Immediately evil way "you who are you? Pointing here
It’s all because of your fairy that you are angry with me.
If I kill you, you will be good to me again. "
Said with a jerk to lingqing.
Seeing this, Xiangu quickly shouted, "Pangolin, stop!"
He also shouted to Ling Qing, "Be careful!"
Pangolin came to listen to Xiangu and told him to stop. She cared about herself, but when she heard that Lingqing should be careful, his heart suddenly burned with anger.
Not only did he not stop, but he was three points faster.
Lingqing smiled indifferently "Don’t worry"
Said a palm stretched out a clear light in his palm blossom into an ofuda.
Congenital charm!
He took back his past life and cultivated an avatar, and naturally he came back.
As soon as this innate god Fu Fu appeared, several symbols were derived and turned into a world composed of symbols to cover the pangolin.
Pangolin’s striking back was covered and fell in front of Lingqing to turn into a pangolin.


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