The highway leading to the urban area is built along the bank of the river, and the moonlight is reflected by the river in the same direction on the north bank of the river, and the sparkling waves come into Ye Han’s eyes from time to time.

Everyone in the carriage was silent. zhou yun’s left arm was swollen and extended to his arm. His consciousness was blurred
The female military doctor’s expression is getting tighter and tighter. zhou yun has injected several drugs continuously, and the swollen arm has not improved at all, but it has become more and more serious.
She called three times in a row and kept urging the team to speed up, but the speed was not much higher.
In critical condition, Gao Qiang, a team leader in zhou yun, also wants to get to the city as soon as possible, but the actual driving speed of the team has reached the night limit!
The team leader should not only consider the safety of the wounded but also ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers!
Emotionally speaking, the motorcade should do its best to send the wounded to the city as soon as possible; However, from a rational point of view, we must first ensure that the motorcade can’t treat the wounded and ignore the lives of the drivers and passengers, even if the lives of the wounded are dissipating with time.
It’s cruel, but this is the reality.
Soon after, a village shrouded in darkness appeared on the north side of the highway two kilometers away from the dam.
Perhaps the evacuation order was received, or the direction of the dam kept shooting and exploding. There was no light in the small village, as if there were lights and moonlight in the dead zone, barely illuminating several houses on the roadside.
As the motorcade sped by, the lights flashed out of sight for a moment, and there were shriveled bodies everywhere in the roadbed, behind the corner and in the alley.
The armored car turned a sharp bend and suddenly a figure jumped out of the road, holding his arms high and waving "help-"
Gao Qiang consciously shouted "stop-"when the engine roared in the armored vehicle. He didn’t catch what the man shouted.
The driver stepped on the brakes and the speed of the heavy wheeled armored vehicle dropped sharply. Then the vehicle kept a safe distance and braked immediately when he saw it.
Yip hon took the ambulance and just turned half a corner. In front of the ambulance, the driver suddenly braked, and the driver stepped on the brakes. Yip hon, the tail of the car, was on guard and suddenly fell forward. Bai Xiaoting’s body smelled of sweat mixed with fragrance and got into his nostrils.
After a day of tossing, Bai Xiaoting didn’t smell good, but Yip hon took a deep breath consciously.
"What are you doing!" Bai Xiaoting gnashed her teeth.
Yip hon hurriedly got up and apologized awkwardly.
He was embarrassed not to throw himself at Bai Xiaoting, but to smell the bag being caught.
Well, this time, I didn’t meet any sensitive position, and I was in a bad mood. Bai Xiaoting didn’t have the heart to be difficult. He gave him a hard look and squeezed Professor Qin.
Yip hon corners of the mouth a slight smoke simply directly back to the rear of the car to the window to look forward curiously.
At this time, the man who jumped on the highway has rushed to the leader’s armored car light and cried out in horror, "Help-"
This time, Gao Qiang heard clearly. He immediately ordered, "Help the door …"
"Ah," the man a scream.
When Gao Qiang looked out again, the man had already thrown himself back with a huge giant mosquito exhibition slender mouthparts and severely pierced the man’s back
"Is the captain returning the door?" The driver swallowed hard and his face lost color.
Gao Qiang stared at the front of the car, and the face of the giant mosquito trembled rapidly.
People’s soldiers have steel discipline, but they can’t be saved!
He was about to order two giant mosquitoes to fall on the door and stab the slender mouthparts into the man’s body, but the man didn’t respond at all.
Gao Qiang suddenly closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened his eyes. "I can’t come." Then he manipulated the turret to turn to the side-by-side machine gun and fired a string of hot bombs to smash the three giant mosquitoes that were sucking blood into a ball of flesh and blood.
Guns spread all over the fields, and all the people who heard the guns looked ahead in surprise at the same time.
The car stopped at the station and immediately asked, "What is the situation of the high team?"
Gao Jiangchang one breath "nothing to move on …" Say that finish motioned for the driver.
In shock, the driver quickly started the armored vehicle fleet and set off again.
High-strength TV changed the frequency band and pressed the communication key to shout, "Two moves, two (22), two moves, two cranks (27) call!"
There was a noise in the station, and then the sound quickly became clear. "Go ahead!"
"Two moves and two turns encounter giant mosquitoes. Giant mosquitoes have spread outside the lake area. Repeat, giant mosquitoes have spread outside the lake area!"
"What? Two cranks report the position! "



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